DIY Handmade Wooden Beaded Dangling Earrings

Hi, dear readers! Love wooden beads earrings? Here I’m so happy to share you all with a pair of beaded dangling earrings. The wooden beads are colorful and cute, so I think you will like the DIY beads earrings after seeing them. Now, just follow me to have a look!
Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings
Supplies you’ll need in making the handmade beads earrings:
Wooden Beads
Eye Pins
Cross Chain
Earring Hooks
Jump Rings
Now, let’s see the detailed steps in making the wooden beads earrings!
Step 1: Thread several colorful wooden beads to 5 eye pins. Here I make one with 5 beads, 2 with 4 beads and 2 with 3 beads. Make a loop at the other end of the eye pins one by one.
Step 2: Attach the 5 bead patterns to another eye pin, and make a loop at the other end of it (Making sure the longest bead pattern is on the middle and the shortest is on the besides). Cut 6 pieces of cross chains, and attach the chains to the eye pin with jump rings.
Step 3: Attach the other ends of the chains to a jump ring and add an earring hook with it. Repeat above steps to make the other one earring.
Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings
Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings
Hey, this pair of beaded dangling earrings is done now! How do you think of them? I always love wooden beads jewelry crafts, and they are often retro and fashion, so if you also like, just follow this detailed instruction to make your own handmade beads earrings.

Tutorial from our co-blogger Rachel Nielsen:

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