Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!!!!

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Hey guys, yesterday Cristina shared a personalized paracord keychains tutorial for dad and do you get the hang of easy square knot? If yes, here’s another beaded dad keychain for you to try! It’s another great idea of a custom keychain with wooden beads, that you can craft really fast and easy, as father’s day gift or any other holiday.
materials for Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Materials needed for personalized dad keychain:

Wooden Beads
Key Holder Ring and key chain
Jewelry findings (Jump Rings, eyepin, end for cord)
Plier Set
wooden large beads

Steps for making dad keychain:

Step 1:  This is a really easy craft to make and you only need less than 5 min. So first choose the beads you wish to use ( I used three large wooden beads in blue and white shades) and cut a piece of the cord.

white tiny tassel

Pass the  tassel in the cord

semi chochet bead key holder

and then use your first bead. Pass the two ends of the cord via the bead in opposite directions

bead and tassel

and draw.

white blue key holder

continue with two more beads ( or more if you wish) and strech each time the cord. Please do not over do it, because if you stretch it enough it will become crooked.

fathers day gift idea

cut the two ends of the cord

tutorial of Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

and use a protection end to unify the the cord’s ends.

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Step 2: Pass the key holder ring to the beaded part and the personalized keychain for dad is perfectly done!

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Isn’t easy? and if you use your imagination you can use more color or different type of beads or even replace the tassel with any charm and you will create amazing keychain for dad! And we have other great posts about father’s Day theme like:

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Never miss them and happy crafting!

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Wood Beads for Bracelets Making

Wood beads is a kind of lightweight beads; it can be made into many designs. Many people like it because it’s easy to use and can be made in different ways; it can be made with jump rings,hooks and other jewelry findings; or you can  just use threads to sting the wooden bead and make earrings, bracelets and so on.

Today we will show many wood beads bracelets designs from our customers, hope it can inspire your own creativity and to make your own design with the wooden beads.

Pandahall customer use their wood beads to create many colorful bracelets, it can be a good gift shows the simplicity and widely mind. Here are the designs from Marcela and Надежда.

Wood beads bracelets

You can match wood beads with letter beads to create your design, to piece them together with the name of the special person or for the festival. Here is the design from Amanda.
Wood beads bracelets

Also you can make the bracelets using the Dyed Round Wood Beads then add the Tibetan Silver Bead Caps to match it.

Wood beads bracelets
Here are some customer design using the wood beads and other jewelry beads. The mix of different kinds of beads or chains, make the collision of different design.

Wood beads braceletsWood beads braceletsWood beads bracelets
Wood beads have differnet shapes, it could be round, oval, square, leaf or heart shape. Here we will share a cute bracelet that made with  heart shapes wood beads, Tibetan Style European Beads, and the leaf shape Tibetan Style Pandants. This is a customer design from Agela.

wood beads

Choosing a gift in heart shapes is a good way to show your ideas or expression to your loved one or to the person who is the closest one to you. Wood beads is not the expensive gift, it’s easy to find and make, but it can show your best wishes, and with our most sincere heart and boundless blessing.

So what is your favorite way to making the wood beads? Please feel free to share your opinions with us by commenting below.

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How to Make and Dye Wooden Beads

In case you use wooden beads for most of your project, you will be happy to know how you can make the beads on your own. You can use the twigs which are found in the yard.   It is possible to make the beads in the size that you like and you can color them, varnish them or paint them so that they can be in the color you like. If you want to make the beads from the woods, you have to start by gathering the twigs in the diameter you want your beads to be. You have to remove the bark, for some types of the wood can be done easily while for others, it can be hard and you may need using a pen knife. You can boil the twigs so that the bark can loosen up if it is too stubborn. While cutting the beads, they have to be somehow longer compared to the length you want. When you have the wooden beads you want, you should drill the holes into them. If you are using a dried wood, you can dye them directly but if the twig where not dry, you should dry them first before you dye them.

wooden beads

Beads made in the woods are common in making the bracelets and necklaces. However, most of the time, its color is not what many people want to get for their jewelry. This is why they choose to die the wooden beads so that they may achieve the perfect color that they are looking out for.

To dye the wood beads, you have to get everything you will need and have them with you. You should put the beads into hot water and let them to soak for 20 minutes. This is to make the beads porous. Add food dye into boiled water and have a bowl for each color you want to make. You can change the level of the colors when you half or you double the amount of the dye you are using. Softer color is the result of less dye and stronger color is when more dye has been used. You should add water softener in the bowels. You can use a strainer or a slotted spoon when you add beads in the colored bowls. Leave the beads to stay for 20 minutes. While using the strainer, lift the dye from the bowl while making sure that you drained the extra dye. You should put the wooden beads on paper towel so that it may dry and you should leave it overnight before you can use it. Your beads are ready and you can use them in any project you wish.

how to dye wood beads

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Many Uses Of Wooden Beads For The Purpose Of Jewelry Making

If you are interested in jewelry making and you wish to try something different and up market, wooden beads are just that one thing you need. Available in rustic and earthy colors, wood beads are always powerful elements to be added to any piece of jewelry to make it appear chic and cooler. Not only for the purpose of bohemian jewelry but wooden beads are also used to create contemporary designs and stylish items. So, the next time you plan to create something unique, consider wood as a part of the finest collection of bead materials to be used.

Beads are available in different shapes, sizes and types. If you are making jewelry for the first time, you could be totally stunned by the number of choices in front of you. Beads, for instance, could be made from wood, bones, shells, seeds, glass and acrylic. Ultimately, your choice of beads will surely reflect the kind of quality and finish you want to come up with. If you can pick up the finest selection of beads, you will surely be able to achieve what it takes to create some of the finest pieces of jewelry.

Regardless of how these beads look and feel, they are not as good as they might seem to be initially. For instance, plastic beads are usually considered a good and cheaper alternative but it doesn’t last long. If you are planning to start your jewelry business and you have chosen plastic, you could go absolutely wrong. Wood, on the contrary, is always a safer and better choice. Wooden beads may not offer a lot of variety, but they last long and the color of these beads gel well with everything you wear.

When shape of wooden beads is concerned, you will find many options too. There are tube shaped and disc shaped beads hat look unusual. If you are creative, you can also create different types of shapes with wood beads. There is a lot of scope to create some unique design each time. You can even add in various colors to add unique variations to a theme.

Wood can also be used to create bespoke beads. However, to make that, you would require some tools, such as wood lathe. This will ensure that your jewelry beads get a unique look. You will also have proper control over these tools used to give them proper shape and size – something unique about wooden beads. If you want, you can also take orders for customized beads – you can create unique beads, in different shapes or sizes, for extra charge. That will give your clients a window to explore their own unique fantasies and ideas about jewelry making.

When it is about purchasing beads in bulk, wooden beads don’t really cost much. Unlike common belief, wood beads can also be less expensive when purchased from the wholesale market. Although it may not be as cheap as acrylic or plastic, you will surely get the best deal. Because wood is considered to the ultimate choice for trendy jewelry, you can take a chance to create some of the finest accessories.

Visit Pandahall now to buy your favorite wooden beads at bargain rates.

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Choose the Shape of Beads for Jewelry Making According to the Jewelry You Want to Make

Now you can find beads for jewelry making in many shapes that you are able to imagine. They are oblong, oval, triangular, cube shaped or round. Many crafters choose the shape of the beads they want to buy depending on the type of the jewelry they want to make. Keep in mind that there are some types of the beads or shapes which may be mixed together in order to create the best jewelry.

cabochons, jewelry beads, beads wholesale, jewelry makung supplies

Cubic Zirconia Pointed Back Cabochons

The size of the beads is measured depending on the total diameter. If there is not information about the beads and the size of the beads that have been provided, you have to ask the seller to send a photo of the beads near a quarter or a dime. This is going to show the gauge of the size of the beads. It is always important that the beads for jewelry making of anklet or bracelet be in the same size. The beads are of many sizes and they can add more visual flair on the earrings and the necklaces.

If you want, you can buy the beads for jewelry making according to their shape. Most of the jewelry is made by the use common shapes. The round beads are popular. They are the simple beads and they are used by accent and primary components in the jewelry piece. Oval beads are normally used in primary components in the long necklaces. They look striking if they are used for the earrings. Rondelle beads are multifaceted and disc shaped beads which are used in the upscale costume jewelry. There are many crystal beads which are considered to be Rondelle beads. Flower beads are found in the flower shapes and they work into different surface designs. The beads are good for semi formal jewelry and they can be used for casual jewelry. Square beads are the stunning addition to jewelry pieces. They may be striking and they are used for the accent piece on the bracelets and necklaces which have other shapes such as round or oval shaped beads.

Many crafters like to buy the beads for jewelry making in wholesale. These items are found in bulky and they present significant cost saving on the piecemeal. The shopper may wish to evaluate the wholesale bead pricing and they have to remember that the price is based on two different things. The material used to make the beads is the first consideration when it comes to the price of the beads. Gemstones and crystal tend to be expensive. Handmade glass tends to be expensive compared to other type of glass beads. The acrylic beads are the cheapest among other type of beads for jewelry making.

Another factor which is contributed to the price of the beads is the maker or manufacturer. The items that are made by reputable company are expensive compared to these made by unknown manufacturers. Crafters who make different types of jewelry can choose different types of beads for jewelry making depending on the color, shapes and styles. Some are organized according to the theme, color or style they want to achieve with the jewelry.

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