A Collection of Chandelier Earrings from Our Pandahall Customers

Hey, guys. Happy Monday! Do you like chandelier earrings? Have you ever made chandelier earrings for yourself? If no, you can have a try after seeing today’s Pandahall post. I am going to share you four pairs of chandelier earrings made by our Pandahall customers. Hope you will like them. Let’s just start!
Black Earrings
Black earrings
Designer: Jill McFee
Materials: alloy cabochon settings, glass beads
Black is perfectly suitable for the alloy setting, do you agree with me? We need to make some glass beads dangles, then we can add them to the cabochon and you can choose the positions according to your desire.
Retro Chandelier Earrings
Retro chandelier earrings
Designer: Radka Bílková
Materials: chandelier components, Tibetan style pendants, gemstone beads, earring hooks, jump rings
I believe that many guys will love this kind of vintage chandelier earrings. It looks so beautiful, but we also can finish making it with simple steps. We just need to attach the dangles to the components. Do you want to make one pair for yourself?
Tibetan Style earrings
Tibetan style earrings
Designer: Olga Evgenievna Lebed
Materials: gemstone beads, Tibetan style links, Tibetan style beads
It just made me think of some bugs that have wings. The earrings design is really special and fantastic, and hope it can bring you any inspiration. They can make us show cooler in public, so have you any interest in making them?
White Pearl Earrings
White pearl earrings
Designer: Linda Laubach
Materials: pearl beads, jewelry wire, aluminum wire, earring hooks
Pearl wire wrapped earrings, so pretty! Are you confident to make a pair of wire earrings like them? You can just do it with following this picture or create your own jewelry.
Now, we have enjoyed four pairs of earrings, which one do you prefer? Do not hesitate if you like them, so just prepare jewelry findings and do it. Waiting for your great works~

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Nice Beaded Jewelry Made by Pandahall Customers

Happy weekend, dear friends! It is time for our Pandahall customer shows, and then I will share some great designs with you all. Hope you enjoy it!
Amazing Red Bead Bib Necklace
Amazing Red Bead Bib Necklace
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: glass beads in different types and sizes, Tibetan style beads, spacer beads, lobster claw claps, jewelry wire
Red implies passion and love, and I think this amazing red bead necklace is fit for the coming Valentine’s Day, do you think so? All the red beads are sparkling, and there are some flower-shape beads, I think it can be regarded as a gift of Valentine’s Day!
Beaded Brooch
Beaded Brooch
Designer: Eileen McRory
Materials: glass beads, seed beads, spacer beads, tiger tail
Look at this beaded brooch, it looks like a snowflake, right? Blue cuboid glass beads and golden round spacer beads make this brooch so exquisite. Do you love it, then you can also make one for yourself.
Wire Wrapped Earrings
Wire Wrapped Earrings
Designer: Linda Laubach
Materials: earring hooks, jewelry wire, crystal glass beads
As you can see, this pair of wire wrapped earrings is easy yet delicate, and golden appearance makes them noble and bling. Also, these 2 earrings look like trees, do you agree with me. Do you want to own them?
Pearl and Rhinestone Bracelet
Pearl and Rhinestone Bracelet
Designer: Hoi Pang
Materials: pearl beads, brass chains, jewelry wire
I think most girls love pearl jewelry, because they often show one’s elegance and honor. This pearl and rhinestone bracelet is so pretty and shining, and I love it so much. How do you think about it?
As we have appreciated all the jewelry above, then how is yours feeling about them? And which one do you like best? I guess you can hardly make a choice. Anyway, have a nice day, and see you next time!

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Wire Wrapped Accessories Roundup

Hello lovely friends! Today I’m going to share you some of our customers’ wire wrapped accessories. We all know that wire wrapped jewelry can be very pretty, but it do require for wire wrapping skills to finish a masterpiece. So, if you want to make a delicate wire accessory, arm yourself with excellent wire wrapping techniques first.

Easy wire earrings

easy wire earrings

Designer: Joanna Foo
Materials: colored cooper wires, jump rings, earring hooks
Though these earrings are simple in design, their bright colors and well-shaped wires can make them fabulous either. And it’s not so difficult to make them, you can have a try even if you don’t know much about wire wrapping.

Wire wrapped cabochon pendant

wire wrapped cabochon pendant

Designer: Viera Hrabková
Materials: cooper jewelry wire, handmade glass cabochon
I love the mysterious figure in the cabochon, it makes the cabochon much more fantastic. Of course, this pendant is easy to make either. You just need to be patient with the wire.

Wire wrapped bird nest pendant necklace

Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Pendant Necklace

Designer: Susan Gammons
Materials: Tibetan style bead link, antique bronze jewelry wire, gemstone beads, swallow pendant, jump rings, chain
The wire wrapped bird nest is cute, but I love the beautiful beads more, lol~ This necklace is warm, a mother and her children, reminds me of my family.

Wire wrapped watch

wire wrapped watch
Designer: Lydie Touiyar
Materials: watch, 1mm silver cooper wire, 1mm pink cooper wire, 0.3mm silver cooper wire
Well, actually I don’t know whether I should call it a watch or a wire wrapped bangle. It functions better than a bangle, and looks more beautiful than a watch. Do you like to call it a bangle or a watch?

Big wire wrapped pendant necklace

big wire pendant

Designer: Alina Vorobeva
Materials: 0.6mm copper wire, 2mm aluminum wire, turquoise bead, chain
This one is absolutely a delicate one! So many wires have been used, but they are arranged so neatly. And the design is also very creative. I think most of you will like it!

So, after seeing all these five wire wrapped accessories, do you find your favorite one? Do you want to make one by yourself? Well, I’m on my way to take a wire wrapping class now!

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Collection of Butterfly Accessories

Happy Friday guys! Today I’d like to share you something really beautiful – butterfly accessories! I believe everybody has the experience of chasing after butterflies. As a symbol of beauty and freedom, butterfly can always remind us of our innocent and happy childhood. How beautiful those gold old days are! We cannot stay young forever, but we can make something to remember our wonderful days! So now, let’s make some pretty things to souvenir those beautiful days!

Beaded butterfly earrings
Beaded ButterflyDesigner: Daniela Buzziol
Materials used: green jewelry wire, tiny pearl beads, green glass beads, seed beads, alloy flower charms, jump rings, and earring hooks.

Butterfly hair clip
butterfly hair clipDesigner: Silver Flower
Materials used: brass hair clip and resin cabochon

Butterfly link bracelet
Butterfly Link BraceletDesigner: Nancy Baquet
Materials used: alloy butterfly link, blue glass beads, blue cat eye beads, headpins, jump rings, and clasps

Butterfly on leaf earrings
Butterfly on LeafDesigner: Ihor Leskiv
Materials used: earring hooks, silver leaves, acrylic butterflies, and jump rings

Tibetan style butterfly earrings
Tibetan Butterfly EarringsDesigner: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials used: antique bronze earring hooks, Tibetan style butterflies, clear glass beads, Czech glass beads, Tibetan style bead caps, cross chains, and jump rings

So, among all those five fantastic butterfly accessories, which one is your favorite? I love them both, but my favorite is the first one. Because the light colored beads can remind me of beautiful spring days. But for wearing, I think the last two earrings would be better than the first one for autumn days. And the blue colored hair clip and bracelet could be great for every season. Do you agree with me?

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