3 Types of Beautiful Spiral Jewelry Ready to Inspire You

spiral jewelry designs

Sometimes, jewelry designs with special shapes or details can seriously draw people’s attention; and you’ll be even more impressed and admired by others if you feature the pattern with some perfect colors of beads. So today, I’m sharing with you 3 types of commonly-seen beautiful spiral jewelry designs: beaded spiral jewelry, wire spiral jewelry, and macramé spiral jewelry. Apparently, jewelry making supplies like beads, wires, and threads will be needed for making these types of spiral jewelry. If you are already into bead weaving, wire wrapping, or macramé knotting, I bet you won’t have any problem in trying them out; however, if you are new to jewelry making, there’s no need to worry about at all, since we have detailed video and tutorial instructions for you.

Let’s begin with the spiral stitch jewelry. They look a little complicated, but really great to wear! And what’s more, any new jewelry beginners can learn it without a problem once you get the hang of beading skills. Check the below beaded spiral rope jewelry and see how the pattern goes. Normally, small seed beads and crystal bicone glass beads are often first considered to use in such spiral designs. You can replace it with any other beads you love.

Now, if you already learnt how to make beaded spiral jewelry above, here’s another version of the similar technique with a little variation: flat spiral stitch jewelry. It’s also as interesting as the first beaded spiral jewelry. Just see the video below:

Not only beads can do the spirals we want, but jewelry wire can help us make the effect as well. Such wire spirals only requires the jewelry pliers by bending the wires into little coils or links. They are lots of variations and combined with different beads, you can finish a masterpiece! Hope these below spiral jewelry can inspire you. Don’t blame us if you really show off your sparkles among others.

Wire Spiral Jewelry Design 1

Wire Spiral Jewelry Design 2

Wire Spiral Jewelry Design 3

Wire Spiral Jewelry Design 4

Wire Spiral Jewelry Design 5

Wire Spiral Jewelry Design 6

Wire Spiral Jewelry Design 7

Wire Spiral Jewelry Design 8

Spiral Necklace with Green&Red Glass Beads

Wave Spiral Pendant Necklace

Wire Spiral Connected Beaded Necklace

Spiral Pendant Necklace with Wood Carving Pattern

Elegant Spiral Necklace with Pink Pearls

Black&Pink Spiral Bracelet

Dangling Wire Spiral Earrings

Spiral Zen Earrings

The last spiral jewelry is macramé knotted projects made by threads. If you have tried Kumihimo round disk before, you’ll find it’s creditably easy to do the first macramé spiral friendship bracelet. And for the rest 3 spiral jewelry projects, they are made without the kumihimo tool, but hand braided with so beautiful colored threads. Check more details if you also love them!

Macramé Spiral Rope Jewelry Design 2


Macramé Spiral Rope Jewelry Design 1

Macramé Spiral Rope Jewelry Design 3

Macramé Spiral Rope Jewelry Design 4

Kumihimo Spiral Macrame Bracelet

Spiral Paracord Friendship Bracelet

Yellow Macramé Spiral Earrings

Black Macrame Spiral Earrings

Wanna learn more? Feel free to check jewelry making ideas page out! Happy making~~

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