PandaHall Idea on Leaf Earrings with Pearls

Are you interested in leaf-shaped jewelry? This tutorial shows you a pair of leaf earrings, we made jewelry wire into leaf shape, hope you like it!

Materials Needed:

3mm Imitated Pearl Acrylic Beads

0.3mm Gold Copper Jewelry Wire

0.8mm Gold Aluminum Wire

Iron Jump Rings

Golden Brass Earring Hooks

Using jewelry pliers and aluminum wire to make the main part of the leaf. Roughly like a waterdrop shape. Use copper wire and pearls to make the leaf vein. White beads add more beauty to the leaf, and make this leaf earrings more special. What a easy project! Have a try! And it’s easy to customize with your favorite colors and beads. You can also try other shapes, like flower or other animals. If you are interested, you can visit Inspiration Projects at PandaHall, there are plenty of crafts ideas. As for these wire jewelry, we think they are extremely unique and at the same time, are fun projects for beginners or people with some experience to try. If you have any ideas, welcome to share with us.

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Collection of Cool Jewelry from Pandahall Customers

Hello, guys. I am happy to tell you that I am going to share you some cool jewelry. They all come from our Pandahall smart customers. I believe that you will love them if you know how beautiful they are. You can try to make your own different style accessories. Cool designs can be also from your hands. Ok, let’s enjoy them now~
Rhinestone bead bracelet
Rhinestone Bead Bracelets
Designer: Keisha Adams
Materials: rhinestone ball beads, glass beads, agate beads, alloy rhinestone beads
The shape of this alloy rhinestone bead is beautiful and I like it so much. The rhinestone ball beads in heart are cute and make me feel warm. You just need to slide these beads according to your desired colors, then it is done. But I think the colors of this bracelet match well.
Beaded chandelier earrings and memory wire bracelet set
beaded Chandelier earrings and memory wire bracelet set
Designer: Альвина Внукова
Materials: glass beads strands, Tibetan style flat round chandelier components, earring hooks, headpins, Tibetan style bead caps, glass seed beads, memory wire
Wow, this color of glass beads make me bright. This pair of earrings should be outstanding if it is put together with other ones. So I bet it can help you attract more attention in public. The memory wire bracelet is also special with seed beads, glass beads and bead caps.
Beaded floating jewelry set
beaded floating jewelry set
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: glass beads strands, coral beads strands, gemstone beads, agate beads, Czech glass beads, tiger tail wire, twist chain, jump rings, Tibetan style barrel beads
I am just thinking that a girl with skirt wears this necklace in summer and walks in beach. It is really a pretty scene. Actually, the necklace is made by so many kinds of beads, but it is made easily. And I decide that I will make other jewelry with this kind of red tiger wire, because I think accessory made by this wire can make me more energetic. Love it!
Purple bracelet
Purple Bracelet
Designer: sydni canada
Materials: jump rings, transparent acrylic pendants, twist chain, brass lobster claw clasps
This bracelet is suitable for girls to wear in summer, because it can make us cooler. Although this bracelet is simple in design, it is so pretty that I fell in love with it at the first sight.
Easy bead and thread bracelet
Easy bead and thread bracelet
Designer: Foong AiLee
Materials: glass seed beads, jewelry thread
This bracelet is simpler in appearance than other accessories we enjoyed before. But I believe many people will like this one best, because it is suitable to match with many outfits. If you really like, just make one.
Ok, it is done! Do you have found your favorite one? So why don’t you try to make your own accessory? Trust me, you can finish it well. Look forward your great designs!

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Wire Wrapped Accessories Roundup

Hello lovely friends! Today I’m going to share you some of our customers’ wire wrapped accessories. We all know that wire wrapped jewelry can be very pretty, but it do require for wire wrapping skills to finish a masterpiece. So, if you want to make a delicate wire accessory, arm yourself with excellent wire wrapping techniques first.

Easy wire earrings

easy wire earrings

Designer: Joanna Foo
Materials: colored cooper wires, jump rings, earring hooks
Though these earrings are simple in design, their bright colors and well-shaped wires can make them fabulous either. And it’s not so difficult to make them, you can have a try even if you don’t know much about wire wrapping.

Wire wrapped cabochon pendant

wire wrapped cabochon pendant

Designer: Viera Hrabková
Materials: cooper jewelry wire, handmade glass cabochon
I love the mysterious figure in the cabochon, it makes the cabochon much more fantastic. Of course, this pendant is easy to make either. You just need to be patient with the wire.

Wire wrapped bird nest pendant necklace

Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Pendant Necklace

Designer: Susan Gammons
Materials: Tibetan style bead link, antique bronze jewelry wire, gemstone beads, swallow pendant, jump rings, chain
The wire wrapped bird nest is cute, but I love the beautiful beads more, lol~ This necklace is warm, a mother and her children, reminds me of my family.

Wire wrapped watch

wire wrapped watch
Designer: Lydie Touiyar
Materials: watch, 1mm silver cooper wire, 1mm pink cooper wire, 0.3mm silver cooper wire
Well, actually I don’t know whether I should call it a watch or a wire wrapped bangle. It functions better than a bangle, and looks more beautiful than a watch. Do you like to call it a bangle or a watch?

Big wire wrapped pendant necklace

big wire pendant

Designer: Alina Vorobeva
Materials: 0.6mm copper wire, 2mm aluminum wire, turquoise bead, chain
This one is absolutely a delicate one! So many wires have been used, but they are arranged so neatly. And the design is also very creative. I think most of you will like it!

So, after seeing all these five wire wrapped accessories, do you find your favorite one? Do you want to make one by yourself? Well, I’m on my way to take a wire wrapping class now!

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Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Wire wrapping is both one of easiest and most popular way to make wire wrapped jewelry including wire wrapped bracelet, wire wrapped necklace, or else jewelry with wire wrapping technique. There is no doubt that making wire wrapped jewelry needs many kinds of jewelry wire, like copper wire, memory wire, tiger tail, iron wire, aluminum wire and any other beading wire. Making wire jewelry is very easy to learn and you can make you own simple wire wrapped necklace or bracelet with basic wire wrapping techniques. Today we will show you some wire wrapped jewelry designs from our customers, hope it can inspire your own creativity and to DIY your own design.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Wire Wrapped Necklace

The first piece of design below is created by Наталья who used tiger tail wire to make this Tibetan style necklace. Tiger Tail Wires are very strong and flexible because they are made of braided wires. Special cutting or polishing makes this natural red beads strand vary in color and size, which is unique style of beads for jewelry making.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

This pretty wire wrapped necklace is made by our customer Iren, who is very smart and creative. The cornflower blue and white glass pearl beads make this necklace more elegant!

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Apart from using tiger tail wires, you can also choose cooper wires as awesome jewelry wires to design your favorite wire wrapped bracelets. Look at these two charming bracelets, as the candy color bracelet and turquoise bead bracelet are all created by our customer Rafael Catacora.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

charm bracelet

Wire Wrapped Earrings

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Thanks for Claudia Wesch sharing this vintage style wire wrapped earrings, which are consist of copper wires and jade beads with orange and green colors.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

The last wire wrapped jewelry is turquoise wire wrapped earrings, shared by Cristel Djasman.

According to above beadworks shared by our customers, jewelry wires can be created into complex jewelry by making full use of your creative.

Apart from making wire wrapped jewelry with jewelry wires, customers also use wires make some exquisite crafts. Here are some special crafters designed by our customer also. Enjoy!

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Have you ever created wire jewelry yourself? If not, why wouldn’t you make jewelry from wire? If you’re new without basic wrapped technique, here are two quite simple tutorials DIY Pearl Rings with Jewelry Wire and Make a DIY Simple Wire Ring for you to choose from. Have fun!

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