November Promotion for Christmas!

Hi jewelry making lovers, how’s your day? Busying at shopping gifts for the coming Christmas? I know you would definitely use your creative skills to DIY some fancy jewelry or accessories as presents for your family and friends, instead of purchasing! So here comes our specials in November – UP TO 75% OFF. Still, you’ll be offered with free shipping once order $ exceeds $399. There’re various Christmas themed jewelry making supplies with up to 64% OFF for you to either for jewelry DIYs or as decorations on Christmas trees. And gorgeous finished fashion jewelry pieces, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings are displayed in this promotion too. Just click the below image and find out what you need now!

november promtion

Hot sales for everything you may need in jewelry making, as well as some recommended item categories! Yayyyyyy~~~

hot sale

recommended categories

Remember, the special ends on 18th, November PST. Get your favorite ones right now!

Warmly Notice about the Promotion Products

  • You cant`t enjoy accumulative order discount and single order discount declared in Discount policy at Pandahall.
  • Each item has limited quantity for promotion,and will back to original price whenever sold out.
  • lf you have any question, please Contact us. Thanks for your shopping.
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New Arrival – Charming Pyrite Beads for Jewelry Making

Happy Monday! New arrival again! Today I will introduce new beads for jewelry making to you guys – pyrite beads.
I guess most of you are familiar with glass beads, wooden beads, which are used widely in jewelry making. And you don’t know much about pyrite beads, right? In fact, pyrite is a brilliant gemstone that looks metallic and goes well with antique brass beads and findings. And pyrite beads have been more and more popular among jewelry makers and crafters due to the diversity and plasticity. Today I want to introduce 4 kinds of pyrite beads to you, which are different in shape. Want to know more? Keep on reading!
Pyrite beads – Round

round pyrite beads

There are 42 kind of round pyrite beads in our online store, so you could imagine how versatile pyrite beads are! And round pyrite beads are perfect materials for necklace and bracelet making with the diversity.
Pyrite beads – Drop
drop pyrite beads
Compared to round pyrite beads, drop pyrite beads are much more  cute and lovelier. From the picture we can see that drop pyrite beads are glaring and brilliant. Necklaces made by drop pyrite beads can help us attract more attention due to the glitter.
Pyrite beads – Oval
oval pyrite beads
When mentioned beads for jewelry making, oval shape can never be forgotten. Pyrite beads of this shape are always combined with other beads to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on.
Pyrite beads – Nuggets
nugget pyrite beads
This new nugget pyrite beads are really unique. What makes them different from the above pyrite beads is their irregular shape. Unlike those round and oval pyrite beads, those irregular pyrite beads attract people’s eye for their uniqueness. So it is easy for you to make your personalized pyrite jewelry with those irregularity.
Pyrite beaded jewelry
pyrite beaded necklace
pyrite beaded bracelet
What gorgeous pyrite jewelry designs! Jewelry made by pyrite beads can level us up due to their uniqueness and sparkle. Do you love them? Do you have a crush to make your personalized jewelry with pyrite beads? Don’t hesitate to check our new pyrite beads line out and happy making!
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Using Glass Beads in Jewelry Making

using glass beads in jewelry making

Glass beads with smooth edges and clean surfaces continue to be popular year after year. The huge demand for glass beads means that different shapes, colors and styles are readily available for every craft and design. They will make charming additions to your designs with their sparking appearance, good qualities, soft glow and array of colors. Nothing can beat the popularity of glass beads. In general, glass beads can easily match the other styles or materials of all the other beads, like pearl beads, acrylic beads, seed beads etc.
New arrivals featuring Glass Beads
We will share some new arrivals – flower shaped jewelry findings and finished jewelry available! Here are some of items with glass beads.
Item 1 – Flower Glass Beads Cabochons + Earrings + Rings

Using Glass Beads in Jewelry Making Using Glass Beads in Jewelry Making

Using Glass Beads in Jewelry Making Using Glass Beads in Jewelry Making

Item 2 – Flower Glass Beads Bib Necklaces + Pendants

Using Glass Beads in Jewelry Making Using Glass Beads in Jewelry Making

Using Glass Beads in Jewelry Making Using Glass Beads in Jewelry Making

Customer Reviews featuring Glass Beads
Watch our customer reviews video to get more details about glass beads from Pandahall.

Project Advices and beadworks featuring Glass Beads
Whether you love to wire-wrap, braid, string, bead-weave or something else entirely, you can create a sparkling jewelry with glass beads! You may already be familiar with glass beads. Now we have put together a collection of project advices and beadworks to feature glass beads. See these recommended posts below, and for more ideas about popular materials and techniques.










Check out our new arrivals, customer reviews, project advices and beadworks for some DIY ideas with these popular glass beads. :)Which kinds of beads would you like to choose in this summer?

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Glass Beads Have Been Used for a Long Period in Jewelry Making

The glass beads have origins in Egypt and they were used by the court attendants and Pharaohs. They have beautiful and smooth quality and this is why bead workers like to use them. You can choose quality glass beads to make any bead projects. You have to visit a bead store and see all the types of the beads they have in order to choose the one you like most. The glass beads are found in different types and you can find manmade beads in different size from small to large sizes and you may choose anyone that can fit into any project you want. The beads are also found in different colors so you are the one to choose the color you like.  The glass beads can also be gotten in many   shapes like bugle, hex cuts, cubes, triangular, cylinder, animal shaped, heart shaped, oval, hole, donut shaped and round.  You have also to consider the weight of the beads and the design of the beads you want to make.

jewelry beads, wholesale beads , glass beads, crackle glass beads,

Two Tone Spray Painted Crackle Glass Beads Strands


In case you are interested in making the jewelry using glass beads for your earrings, necklaces or bracelet, you need to ensure that you are using the best beads according to the design you want to get. When you start to make the beading, you have to ensure that you have enough time to make them and that you have picked the right design with the right beads.

You have to choosing the jewelry that you are looking to make. You have to make the beading choices based on the design you have decided on. For example, you can create necklace and the bracelet that match one another.  When you buy the glass beads, you have to look for the beads that look the same. If the beads are made in glass, all the beads you want to use should be made in the glass. If you wish to have a focal bead, it has to match the theme of other beads.  This is the same thing if you are using other type of beads such as wood or metal.

glass beads, beads wholesale , jewelry beads

Handmade Glass Beads


If you are going to use the beaded pattern with different types of glass beads, you have to do a research of how you have to achieve this be it offline or online.  You have to choose the pattern which repeats itself and it may allow a focal bead so that it can be used.  If you want to use a certain pattern, you are going to use the same pattern for other items to go with it such as the bracelet.

If you want to make a special project, you should check in the lampwork glass bead.  The lampwork is in category of its own and each one is unique and it is handmade. Such uniqueness can be reflected into its price.   Before you buy glass beads, you should ensure that they are annealed. This means that the beads are heated and also cooled within the kiln. In case the process was not followed, the glass bead may shatter or break easily.

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How to Make a Single Braided Charm Bracelet out of Suede Cord

Summary: Want to make a single braided bracelet? Well, today’s jewelry making tutorial will totally share you about how to make a single braided bracelet. Hope you will like it!

jewelry making , diy jewelry , diy bracelets, handmade jewelry

How to Make a Single Braided Charm Bracelet out of Suede Cord

This single braided bracelet is made up of suede cords and aluminum wire. We use aluminum wire to form a bangle and braid suede cords around the wire bangle. At last, the silver charms are a wonderful and shiny addition to this single braided bracelet’s beauty. Now, follow me to learn how to make a single braided bracelet step by step!

Materials needed in making a single braided bracelet:

1.5MM Aluminum Wire
Yellow Suede Cords
Green Suede Cords
Pink Suede Cords
Tibetan Style Pendants
Jump rings

Instructions for making a single braided bracelet:

Step 1: Wrap the bangle frame for making a single braided bracelet

1st, cut about 20cm 1.5mm aluminum wire;
2nd, wrap the wire around a cylinder several turns, then take it out of the cylinder; now, you get a circle wire wrapped bangle, you can adjust the size of the circle to fit your wrist.

Step 2: Start to make the single braided bracelet

1st, cut three 40cm different colors of suede cords, thread the three cords through the bangle frame, and fold them in half so that you have the same length of cord on either side;
2nd, divide the six suede cords into three different strands as picture shows;
3rd, make your first braid stroke around the bangle to secure all of the cords, and use 3-strand braid way to make the single braided bracelet, remember every time you braid from right to left, wrap around the wire wrapped bangle;
4th, continue to braid until the entire bangle is covered, back to where the braid started.

Step 3: Finish making a single braided bracelet

1st, take one of the suede cords to tie a side knot around the rest of the cord strands, pull it tight and trim the ends of the each suede cord;
2nd, attach charms with jump rings directly onto the single braided bracelet between the beginning and end of the bracelet.

So far, this tutorial on how to make a single braided bracelet has been finished! For making this single braided bracelet, you can use other materials such as silk instead of suede cords as well. Just have a nice try! We believe you can have a better design!

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