Glass Beads Have Been Used for a Long Period in Jewelry Making

The glass beads have origins in Egypt and they were used by the court attendants and Pharaohs. They have beautiful and smooth quality and this is why bead workers like to use them. You can choose quality glass beads to make any bead projects. You have to visit a bead store and see all the types of the beads they have in order to choose the one you like most. The glass beads are found in different types and you can find manmade beads in different size from small to large sizes and you may choose anyone that can fit into any project you want. The beads are also found in different colors so you are the one to choose the color you like.  The glass beads can also be gotten in many   shapes like bugle, hex cuts, cubes, triangular, cylinder, animal shaped, heart shaped, oval, hole, donut shaped and round.  You have also to consider the weight of the beads and the design of the beads you want to make.

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Two Tone Spray Painted Crackle Glass Beads Strands


In case you are interested in making the jewelry using glass beads for your earrings, necklaces or bracelet, you need to ensure that you are using the best beads according to the design you want to get. When you start to make the beading, you have to ensure that you have enough time to make them and that you have picked the right design with the right beads.

You have to choosing the jewelry that you are looking to make. You have to make the beading choices based on the design you have decided on. For example, you can create necklace and the bracelet that match one another.  When you buy the glass beads, you have to look for the beads that look the same. If the beads are made in glass, all the beads you want to use should be made in the glass. If you wish to have a focal bead, it has to match the theme of other beads.  This is the same thing if you are using other type of beads such as wood or metal.

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Handmade Glass Beads


If you are going to use the beaded pattern with different types of glass beads, you have to do a research of how you have to achieve this be it offline or online.  You have to choose the pattern which repeats itself and it may allow a focal bead so that it can be used.  If you want to use a certain pattern, you are going to use the same pattern for other items to go with it such as the bracelet.

If you want to make a special project, you should check in the lampwork glass bead.  The lampwork is in category of its own and each one is unique and it is handmade. Such uniqueness can be reflected into its price.   Before you buy glass beads, you should ensure that they are annealed. This means that the beads are heated and also cooled within the kiln. In case the process was not followed, the glass bead may shatter or break easily.

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Many Uses Of Wooden Beads For The Purpose Of Jewelry Making

If you are interested in jewelry making and you wish to try something different and up market, wooden beads are just that one thing you need. Available in rustic and earthy colors, wood beads are always powerful elements to be added to any piece of jewelry to make it appear chic and cooler. Not only for the purpose of bohemian jewelry but wooden beads are also used to create contemporary designs and stylish items. So, the next time you plan to create something unique, consider wood as a part of the finest collection of bead materials to be used.

Beads are available in different shapes, sizes and types. If you are making jewelry for the first time, you could be totally stunned by the number of choices in front of you. Beads, for instance, could be made from wood, bones, shells, seeds, glass and acrylic. Ultimately, your choice of beads will surely reflect the kind of quality and finish you want to come up with. If you can pick up the finest selection of beads, you will surely be able to achieve what it takes to create some of the finest pieces of jewelry.

Regardless of how these beads look and feel, they are not as good as they might seem to be initially. For instance, plastic beads are usually considered a good and cheaper alternative but it doesn’t last long. If you are planning to start your jewelry business and you have chosen plastic, you could go absolutely wrong. Wood, on the contrary, is always a safer and better choice. Wooden beads may not offer a lot of variety, but they last long and the color of these beads gel well with everything you wear.

When shape of wooden beads is concerned, you will find many options too. There are tube shaped and disc shaped beads hat look unusual. If you are creative, you can also create different types of shapes with wood beads. There is a lot of scope to create some unique design each time. You can even add in various colors to add unique variations to a theme.

Wood can also be used to create bespoke beads. However, to make that, you would require some tools, such as wood lathe. This will ensure that your jewelry beads get a unique look. You will also have proper control over these tools used to give them proper shape and size – something unique about wooden beads. If you want, you can also take orders for customized beads – you can create unique beads, in different shapes or sizes, for extra charge. That will give your clients a window to explore their own unique fantasies and ideas about jewelry making.

When it is about purchasing beads in bulk, wooden beads don’t really cost much. Unlike common belief, wood beads can also be less expensive when purchased from the wholesale market. Although it may not be as cheap as acrylic or plastic, you will surely get the best deal. Because wood is considered to the ultimate choice for trendy jewelry, you can take a chance to create some of the finest accessories.

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Examples of Woods Used to Make Wooden Beads

The wooden beads are becoming popular because they are lightweight. Even the largest beads can be lighter compared to the gemstones bead of same size. The wood bead is the easy way that you can add visual weight to any jewelry piece you want but without adding extra weight on it. The beads are found in different colors and they look like many types of metals. They are paired with natural materials, bones, shell, and semiprecious stones in order to enhance their organic appeal. Many wooden beads can have larger holes and they make them to be perfect for crocheting, macramé or wrap bracelet projects.

The wooden beads are made in different types of wood and the following are the most common ones. Bayong is a hardwood. It is durable and it is suitable for the jewelry. It has a natural color that it is warm and red brown with the lovely wood grain which can be seen easily. When the beads are rolled into the light, they pick a soft sheen. Ebony is the descriptive term that it is used for many types of hardwood that are black, dark and dense. Ebony has a tight and fine wood grain and it takes a nice polish. There are some ebony beads which have a mix of the black or brown shades which form the banded pattern which is known as Tiger ebony.

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Lead Free Wood Beads

Wood Beads
Graywood has a smoky, gray and subtle sheen. A term of graywood can be used for a particular species of the wood and it is applied on different variety of gray and woods. The graywood bead is very smooth and it is lightweight.

Magkuno is also called ironwood. It is a hardwood and it has the reputation of being the hardest wood. It is becoming a favorite of many because it has a chocolate and rich brown color. This type of wooden beads is super smooth and hard with a good wood grain. They have a nice polish color and they make them to look as fine furniture.

Nangka is a wood from a jackfruit tree. It is used for house building and construction of the furniture. It is also used in making musical instruments. It had a warm and yellow brown and golden brown color. It is smooth and hard, and it has a loose wood grain which may be seen within the beads.

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Wood Beads

Palmwood and patikan are also among the wooden beads which are cut among the coconut and palm trees. The wood has natural grain and it is beautiful. They have parallel black grain with some markings which can make the beads to look like they are decorated by the use of paintbrush. The older the tree that darker its beads will be.

Robles wood is a tropical hardwood and it is a tree that grows too tall. It is one of the trees that make the rainforest canopy. It is strong and it has the properties that are similar to the woods. Other types of wooden beads are rosewood and sibucao among others.

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How to Select High Quality Beads from Any Wholesale Beads Store

People have, of late, developed a different taste for everything. Whether it is about clothing or jewelry, everything is associated with status and personality of a person. People are more conscious about fashion and style than they have ever been. Styling to match their looks and attire, jewelry and hair color, and shoes is common these days. Jewelry has always added to the look for a personality, enhancing his/her personality. However, it is very important to carry it off well in accordance with the place and occasion. Homemade jewelry has been quite popular these days, especially the ones made from wholesale beads.

Kashmiri beads, for instance, is one of the most interesting types of wholesale beads available at jewelry stores. The most exciting feature of Kashmiri beads is that you will be able to purchase beads of your choice and make use of them when needed. At present, jewelry is one of the quintessential requirements and accessories considered to be truly fashionable. Women are simply in love with their jewelry while men, too, have an eye for it.

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Natural Fire Agate Beads


Some men and women have taken jewelry making up to another level. It is considered more of a hobby than a business though. There are many men and women who proactively make designer jewelry at home using wholesale beads. As most of the jewelry making supplies and tools are already available these days, it is no longer difficult to make some amazing pieces of jewelry craft at home. While there are so many different types of beads already available these days, Kashmiri beads are amazingly beautiful and interesting. These beads are generally available in different types and colors. One of the few best places from where you can buy wholesale beads is a store which offers quality jewelry making supplies and products. There are some well known internet wholesalers and stores where you will find a good collection of beads too.

If you are actually looking for something precious and unique, you should consider the internet as a good source. Moreover, online shopping opens up more avenues and allows you to learn more about different types of beads already available and the best price you can get. To begin you search, you have to go through Google and start by typing wholesale beads. Instantly, Google will give you a host of options to find some really good quality products online.

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Handmade Matte Porcelain Round Beads


Jewelry is often considered to be a small token or gifts that show feelings and emotions. Sometimes, it is a great choice to express your love and affection for a person too. A piece of necklace or a pair of earrings can brighten up the faces of your loved ones. You will find an astounding variety of products that can be used to create some of the finest range of beaded jewelry.

Online wholesale beads stores usually have a vast and impressive collection of beads, which includes semi-precious beads and gemstones, cat’s eye beads, sterling silver beads along with many others to choose from. You can also locate a costume jewelry store such as Pandahall to pick up the best collection of wholesale beads.

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The Wholesale Jewelry Supplies are Available for People of Different Skills

Buying the wholesale jewelry supplies is easy and they can be bought online. However, the jewelry supplies depend on the beginner level to the advanced. They are found in many components, themes and focuses like organic materials such as leather or beads.   If you want to buy the supplies for the children, you have to buy the supplies that emphasizes on safety and simplicity. If you want to buy the kit for the novice, you have to buy the supplies meant to be used for intended and basic adult beginners or from advanced child jewelry supplies. For a starter person, you have to buy the kit for tools and supplies for the person who wants to begin making the jewelry as a hobby. Instructional kit starts from the beginner and reaches to advanced. It comes with a video or a written guide which teaches the people how to make the jewelry.

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Natural Gemstone Beads

The wholesale jewelry supplies can also be themed. This is when the supplies focus on only one topic such as season, materials or style. Jewelry type is the supplies that focus on the rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Intermediate kit is meant for the people who want to create sophisticated jewelry piece but they do not need to have supplies or sophisticated techniques. Advanced kit is for the people who want to create a complex jewelry items and it may involve swaging, melting and soldering.  Supply oriented wholesale jewelry supplies is used to emphasize the diversity and it is generally intended to offer the crafter a chance to get a certain type of supply like pins, clasps and beads. The tool kit has the tools needed to make the jewelry like tweezers, pliers and scissors.

The wholesale jewelry supplies are found in different types and there are many supplies that are found in the market. Regardless of the supplies you need, there are materials to fit all your needs. The following are type of common materials found in the wholesale jewelry supplies.  Wire and cord are used in most jewelry projects. The beads are strung on them and you may also consider silver or gold chains instead of cord and wire. They are important in making the bracelets and necklaces which helps you to add or to remove the links.

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Alloy Rhinestone Beads

Spacers and beads are important.  When you have the right wire and cords, you can use other embellishment which can be suitable for the project.  You have to think about buying the wholesale jewelry supplies of spacers and beads, in order to get the assortment bead at affordable price.

Clasps and hooks also can be found in the wholesale jewelry supplies. There is no jewelry which is complete with clasps or hooks.  They are used to fasten different ends of the jewelry together.  The use of different clasps and hooks may create different jewelry and styles. They are found in different sizes, styles and shapes.  You can also get the supplies of essential tools like scissors, pliers and cutters. It is always important to have with you the right tool to use such as cutting extra cord and wire.

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