10 Lovely Lace Jewelry Ideas

Lace is such a wonderful ethereal and vintage material for craft or jewelry makers to try on any designs. We can use it for decorating our home, clothes, and accessories; or even for some special occasions or holidays like wedding, valentine, etc…

lace jewelry DIY ideas

Many girls all love the classic elegance and charm of the lace projects, especially the DIY lace jewelry, including me. I always love keeping the scraps of fabric or lace trims for future purpose. How can I easily throw out something so charming? What about you? And if you’ve also got other leftovers of some shiny beads, crystals, buttons, you could just embellish them on the lace trim and a stunning lace jewelry piece is ready to shine! So long story short, in today’s post, we’re going to introduce 9 ideas of filigree lace jewelry diy ( lace bracelets, lace earrings, and lace necklaces ) for your inspiration! These lace jewelry ideas can definitely turn your old lace trims into something pretty! Do let us know what you feel after trying them, and remember don’t be too surprised by your own ingenuity in the end!

lace bracelets 1

1, Mix your white lace fabric with some lovely beads like pearl beads, glass beads, crystals and so on, thread the lace and beads on a wire at intervals and tighten them a little to get the ruffles.

lace bracelets 2

2, How charming this leather lace bracelet! Love the rustic leather and feminine lace in this design, mixed by the pretty “loved” charm. You can also choose different charms or phrases to fit with your personality.

lace bracelets 3

3, Being attached with the polymer clay flower and dangling charms, made this lace bracelet so girly and perfect for summer wear!

lace bracelets 4

4, The most traditional way for lace jewelry DIY is embellish the beads and leftovers on the lace pieces and this lace bracelet shows you how exactly it was made.   Quite easy to follow and absolutely awesome to pop up your look!

lace earrings 1

5, This filigree lace earrings are great combination for vintage flower charms & earrings findings with old-world lace!  Super love this idea, and you gotta make a pair NOW!

lace earrings 2

6, The most direct, simple, and time saving lace jewelry DIY among all! Cut your lace scraps into the patterns you love and attach it with earring hooks, perfectly done!

lace earrings 3

7, Feel bored with the normal white lace? Let’s dye it! These are so summery, aren’t they?

lace necklaces 1

8, So here comes the usually look of lace necklace, for bridal, for daily wear as well! 2 pieces of lace patterns with a necklace chain, perfect!

lace necklaces 2

9, Lovely one again! Head to lace fabric store and start trying the black lace jewelry out! This lace necklace can definitely elevate your simple outfits into something special!

lace necklaces 3

10, Roll the lace straps into ruffle flower and add a shiny pearl in the center, simple but elegant!

Have you ever made lace jewelry before? Share with your lovely designs in below comments! And check more other great jewelry making ideas at our blog~


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Vintage Jewelry Gallery – Lina Eidukaite

Hey, I hope you are having great day! Do you guys love vintage jewelry? I love everything vintage! So this week we are featuring customer – Lina Eidukaite’s vintage jewelry! Lina is really good at choosing earthy elements, old metal and dark colored beads to make vintage style jewelry. You can see the common point of most earrings she did are the usage of antique bronzed colored findings with long bead links or glass cabochon dangling.

Vintage flower Dangle Earrings

The first pair of earrings is finished with bead dangles & brass filigree flower base glued on acrylic flower beads. The filigree flower base is an amazing piece that can be applied for making hair clips and brooches, too! It’s just simple thing of gluing, right?!

Vintage Dangle Earrings1

The second type is oval cabochon setting with drop bead as earring dangles, so pretty! I love the flower image under the transparent glass dome. And the other one is that Lina she put the drop glass cabochon as dangle and bead link in the middle. For these two glass cabochon elements, you can use your favorite graphic patterns or even your family snaps. Yeah, it would be perfect to wearing your beloved ones picture wherever you go!

Pendant Earring Design

And for the rest two are just normal cluster earrings with charming dark colored beads gathering. It’s good to make dozens of these cluster earrings to gift for your friends, and meanwhile to hone your skills of using pliers! Therefore, to make vintage jewelry, just remember to purchase earthy old jewelry findings with good quality and pretty luster.

Apart from making vintage jewelry with antique jewelry findings, we can also think of other supplies often used, for example ethereal old-world lace; up-cycling vintage brooch, buttons, or earrings from Grandma & Great-Grandma, and feathers! So what will you consider to make for next vintage project? If you have any cool ideas, leave a comment below to share with us!

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Customer Work Of The Week – Наташа Гринь

From now on, we’ll feature our customers’ work every week. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by Pandahall customers’ striking jewelry ideas and also get to know what beads and findings they specially choose for their unique designs. And here in today’s post, I’m featuring Наташа Гринь’s beautiful projects. Наташа Гринь makes fantastic beaded watches and as well as some delicate vintage necklaces, and the floral girly style headbands are just delighted pieces! Let’s go and have a look!

I absolutely love these gorgeous beaded watches since they are really ideal way of refashioning my old watches, which are now useless accessories with broken watch bands, left at home. The one with fancy beads of royal blue, turquoise, sky blue, light green colors is my favorite! Don’t you think the color combination turns out to be so breathtaking?! So once you get a watch head, silver one, vintage one, or even plastic one, threading whatever beads you love on a string or jewelry wire and hanging little cute bead dangles on, you’ll change the old watch with a new look!

Flowers accessories are always favored by girls, no matter you’re a little girl or already an adult. Наташа made these two lovely headbands with polymer clay flower beads and plastic hair band finding. Little tip is to wrap some comfortable fabric on the hair finding before gluing the flower beads on, in case that the finding will hurt your head.

Aren’t these great pieces of vintage jewelry? Vintage style is something that never goes out of the trend. Every jewelry maker would try them again and again. It’s an eternal fashion to express themselves the way they want to. So integrate your design with some antique metal, or bronze elements of jewelry findings or charms, you’ll end up with unexpected results!

Handmade jewelry is a great and affordable activity that can make a person see beauty and no matter you are rich or poor, sourcing beautiful cheap beads and designing what you want, you’ll be surprised by yourself. Hope you like these great jewelry pieces and welcome to share with your unique designs!

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