Vintage Earrings Making with Pearl Beads

Hi, guys. Have a nice day. How do you think of vintage jewelry? Do you have one piece of vintage accessory? As we know vintage jewelry is increasingly popular these years. So you can try to make your own vintage earrings if you also like it. And today I am going to share you how to make a pair of vintage earrings with pearls beads. Do you expect that?
Vintage Earrings Making with Pearl Beads1
Supplies needed in making vintage earrings with pearl beads:
Vintage Tibetan pendant cabochon
6mm pearl beads
Crystal flat backs
Scrap lace
Gold wire
Earring hooks
Jump rings
Rhinestone beads
Vintage Earrings Making with Pearl Beads2
Step 1: add the crystal flat backs to the cabochon
Firstly, add the crystal flat backs and rhinestone beads onto the cabochon, and finish it with toothpick and glue. You can decide the position of the beads.
Secondly, cut off the scrap lace with suitable length and wrap it around the top of the cabochon. And tie a simple knot.
Vintage Earrings Making with Pearl Beads3
Step 2: make pearl beaded dangle
Firstly, slide a pearl bead onto an eyepin and make a simple loop at the other end. Then make another same pattern.
Secondly, take out two earring hooks and attach the cabochon, pearl beaded dangle and earring hooks together.
Vintage Earrings Making with Pearl Beads4
Then the vintage earrings with pearl beads have been finished!
Vintage Earrings Making with Pearl Beads5
And now, do you have any interest in vintage jewelry? I thing that it will make you show more elegant if you wear this pair of earrings. You can try to make them, and look at this tutorial, it is really easy to finish, right? Try it, and you will obtain too much. See you next time!
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Collection of Butterfly Accessories

Happy Friday guys! Today I’d like to share you something really beautiful – butterfly accessories! I believe everybody has the experience of chasing after butterflies. As a symbol of beauty and freedom, butterfly can always remind us of our innocent and happy childhood. How beautiful those gold old days are! We cannot stay young forever, but we can make something to remember our wonderful days! So now, let’s make some pretty things to souvenir those beautiful days!

Beaded butterfly earrings
Beaded ButterflyDesigner: Daniela Buzziol
Materials used: green jewelry wire, tiny pearl beads, green glass beads, seed beads, alloy flower charms, jump rings, and earring hooks.

Butterfly hair clip
butterfly hair clipDesigner: Silver Flower
Materials used: brass hair clip and resin cabochon

Butterfly link bracelet
Butterfly Link BraceletDesigner: Nancy Baquet
Materials used: alloy butterfly link, blue glass beads, blue cat eye beads, headpins, jump rings, and clasps

Butterfly on leaf earrings
Butterfly on LeafDesigner: Ihor Leskiv
Materials used: earring hooks, silver leaves, acrylic butterflies, and jump rings

Tibetan style butterfly earrings
Tibetan Butterfly EarringsDesigner: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials used: antique bronze earring hooks, Tibetan style butterflies, clear glass beads, Czech glass beads, Tibetan style bead caps, cross chains, and jump rings

So, among all those five fantastic butterfly accessories, which one is your favorite? I love them both, but my favorite is the first one. Because the light colored beads can remind me of beautiful spring days. But for wearing, I think the last two earrings would be better than the first one for autumn days. And the blue colored hair clip and bracelet could be great for every season. Do you agree with me?

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Vintage Chandelier Earrings Made by Our Customers

Hello there! Last Sunday we’ve shared many beautiful vintage necklaces designed by our customers, do you like them? I have to say our customers are so creative and their designs are really great! I’m a fan of vintage jewelry, so after viewing all that lovely necklaces, I’ve collected more vintage accessories made by our customers, and now I’d like to share you some vintage chandelier earrings, I bet you’ll like them!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 1

The first one is my favorite one! Designed by Julie Kirichenko, made with stardust beads, zinc alloy links, and iron cross chain. These chandelier earrings look really elegant, right? I love that shimmering stardust beads, they are eye-catching, and low-key at the same time, that’s really amazing!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 2

Designed by Line Hogden, made with steelblue pearl beads, chandelier component links, and chains. There is no doubt that pearl accessories are timeless, and they’ve always been regarded as symbols of elegance and nobility. These steelblue pearls are not only elegant, but also unique. Every girl who likes wearing earrings should have a pair of earrings like these!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 3

Wow! A pair of mysterious black beaded chandelier earrings, do you like them? They are designed by Jill McFee, and the materials needed are alloy cabochon connector settings and two different kinds of glass beads. It’s not so difficult to make them, if you like them, just have a try!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 4

Bright colored chandelier earrings, designed by Marilii. I like the flower cabochons and the lovely Tibetan style butterfly pendants, they are so cute! I bet many enthusiastic young ladies will love these earrings.

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 5

The last pair is designed by Anne Plettenberg. The combination of Tibetan style connectors and acrylic rhinestone cabochons is really impressive. I always think Tibetan style findings can only be used together with something antique, but now I find it could also make great works together with modern style shining rhinestones, that’s magic!

If you wanna see more vintage jewelry, or inspiring accessories made by our brilliant customers, please focus on our Customers Beadwork Show board. Or if you have any works to share, welcome!

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