Vintage Chandelier Earrings Made by Our Customers

Hello there! Last Sunday we’ve shared many beautiful vintage necklaces designed by our customers, do you like them? I have to say our customers are so creative and their designs are really great! I’m a fan of vintage jewelry, so after viewing all that lovely necklaces, I’ve collected more vintage accessories made by our customers, and now I’d like to share you some vintage chandelier earrings, I bet you’ll like them!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 1

The first one is my favorite one! Designed by Julie Kirichenko, made with stardust beads, zinc alloy links, and iron cross chain. These chandelier earrings look really elegant, right? I love that shimmering stardust beads, they are eye-catching, and low-key at the same time, that’s really amazing!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 2

Designed by Line Hogden, made with steelblue pearl beads, chandelier component links, and chains. There is no doubt that pearl accessories are timeless, and they’ve always been regarded as symbols of elegance and nobility. These steelblue pearls are not only elegant, but also unique. Every girl who likes wearing earrings should have a pair of earrings like these!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 3

Wow! A pair of mysterious black beaded chandelier earrings, do you like them? They are designed by Jill McFee, and the materials needed are alloy cabochon connector settings and two different kinds of glass beads. It’s not so difficult to make them, if you like them, just have a try!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 4

Bright colored chandelier earrings, designed by Marilii. I like the flower cabochons and the lovely Tibetan style butterfly pendants, they are so cute! I bet many enthusiastic young ladies will love these earrings.

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 5

The last pair is designed by Anne Plettenberg. The combination of Tibetan style connectors and acrylic rhinestone cabochons is really impressive. I always think Tibetan style findings can only be used together with something antique, but now I find it could also make great works together with modern style shining rhinestones, that’s magic!

If you wanna see more vintage jewelry, or inspiring accessories made by our brilliant customers, please focus on our Customers Beadwork Show board. Or if you have any works to share, welcome!

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