Vampire Diaries Daylight Rings

If you are a fan of Vampire Diaries or have watched the vampire diaries movie, then you are realized that the most common jewelry that almost every vampire wears in the TV Series is the Ring – Sun Protect Ring. The jewelry ring is a daylight amulet for the vampires, they need to wear it so that they can walk freely in the day without sun burning.

Their sunshine protection ring is usually a piece of ring with a lapis lazuli gemstone that enchanted by witches, so that it could protect vampires from the sunlight. Though the powerful function of the ring is just happened in the Vampire diaries, the ring itself is attractive and retro. The vampire diaries rings are ideal for costumes, cos-play and gift giving, especially for the “Vampire Diaries” fan!

Here is a general collection of vampire diaries rings! If you are a big fun of the TV series, you will enjoy these gemstone rings very much.

Damon’s Daylight Ring – Vintage Silver Ring With a D on it.

Damon’s Daylight Ring – Vintage Silver Ring With a D on it

Stefan’s Protection Sun Ring – S Crest Ring

stefan daylight ring with s on it

Elena Gilbert’s Lapis Lazuli Ellipse Ring

Lapis Lazuli Ellipse ring Elena Gilbert Ring The Vampire Diaries

Caroline’s Sunshine Protection Ring –  Retro Vintage Blue Ring

caroline daylight ring

Jeremy Silver Plated  Ring; He Is The Vampire Hunter , Not Vampire

The Vampire Diaries Silver plated jeremy Ring gift

The Originals Family Daylight Ring

The Vampire Diaries The Originals Family Daylight Ring

This vampire diaries ring gallery is not a overall collection, but you could have a look at all the main vampires rings. These daylight amulets have lapis lazuli bead on them, a deep blue semi-precious gemstone. The lapis lazuli stone has been used for jewelry making for a long time, and the most famous usage of lapis lazuli is that it was used for the eyebrows on the funeral mask of King Tutankhamun. While, lapis lazuli rings are really retro and vintage, which are perfect for Vampire Diaries series; and they are fashionable too. Here we also have collected some lapis lazuli rings that you can wear daily. They are not the original vampire diaries rings, but they are popular too!



Retro Quadrangle Lapis Lazuli Rings




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