PandaHall New Arrivals-Kinds of Accessories for DIY Jewelry

Hello, so glad to share some beautiful things with you guys, and as usual, today i am gonna show you some jewelry accessories that you may need. And these are the latest ones, you can search these at the part of New Arrivals, at Let’s get started.

Drawbench Transparent Glass Beads

These are drawbench glass beads, transparent and crackle style, do you like the type of beads with vibrant colors? These beads look extremely charming, right? We sometimes think those glass beads with single color are too common, while these beads have stripes, and in addition, crackle style makes the inside of these beads look charming. You can use these beads to make a simple bracelet or necklace for your kids, girls love the vibrant colors.

Heart-shaped Pendants and Charms for Valentine’s Day

The most romantic festival, Valentine’s Day, is coming soon, have you come up with any gift ideas? Here are some heart-shaped pendants, with different materials and shapes. Buy pendant sets like this, you can try different DIY ideas, taking the second one as an example, do you like the letter style accessories? Pretty special, right? and if you fall in with someone, you can use these pendants to make a gift, i am sure this is the most romantic thing to do. We all know that heart-shaped pendants are full of romance, so what are you waiting for, come and choose the type you really want.

Kinds of Cabochons

The first listed are some alloy cabochons, with rhinestone, it’s oval, and there are different colors for you to choose, and if you like gold, this type cabochons are best for you. And the next belongs to fabric cabochons, faux mink fur covered cabochons, with aluminum bottom, and there are dome and triangle, two shapes, and also with different colors. As for kinds of cabochons, you can make rings or earrings, which is easy to operate, you just need to use glue to stick two parts together. The next is a handmade bracelet, and we used resin cabochons of different colors and cabochons settings with same size. You just stick two part together, you can get a pretty bracelet. You can try to make such jewelry.

Lapis Lazuli Beads

Next I want to introduce to you , the color of 2020, blue, what a beautiful color, look at these lapis lazuli beads, this beads can be used to DIY kinds of jewelry, different types, like bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, earrings, as long as you have ideas, you can have a try! Have a nice day!

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Nice Jewelry Made by Pearl Beads from Pandahall Customers

Happy Friday, my dear friends~ Have any good ideas for the coming Valentine’s Day? If not, then I should see “Congratulations!” to you, for next I will show some pretty and nice pearl beads jewelry with you. I hope you can get some inspirations from them. Now, let’s start!
 Polished Shell Pearl Round Beads Strands
Shining pearl beads, yes? Just appreciate the jewelry with me! You will love them.
Beading Earrings
Beading Earrings
Designer: Florewela
How do you think this beading earring? I really love them very much! The beading earrings are made of glass beads, pearl beads, seed beads, etc. Can you imagine how beautiful you are while you wear this pair of earrings? Just have a nice try!
Flower Necklace
Flower Necklace
Designer: lydie
Look at this easy flower necklace~ like the first one, different kinds of beads compose to this elegant and unique necklace. The bowknot makes this necklace a little cute as well. Now, do you want make one yourself?
Flower Drop Earrings
Flower Drop Earrings
Designer: Vitalija
Wow, so beautiful the earrings are! This pair of flower earrings is so easy to make, rose shell beads and pearl beads. It is really a wonderful design. Love it?
Pearl Bead Jewelry Set
Pearl Bead Jewelry Set
Designer: Skilteboden
Bowknot acrylic beads and white pearl beads, great combinations! With this jewelry set, you will be the most attractive girl in crowd. And the red bowknot is so cute, do you love it?
As Valentine’s Day is approaching, you may have search for several great ideas about gifts. Why not try to DIY some nice jewelry at home. Whether you make them for yourself or send them to your friends, it will be a good choice. Anyway, have a nice day!

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Charming Beaded Necklace with Heart Beads for Valentine’s Day

Hi, girls! Do you expecting the approaching Valentine’s Day? And do you want have some special Valentine’s jewelry gifts? If yes, I shall say, you are a lucky girl for I will share you a video for DIY a beading necklace with heart beads. Hope you like it and DIY one for yourself.
Charming Beaded Necklace with Heart Beads for Valentine’s Day
Before you making the heart bead necklace, you will need:
2mm Seed Beads
8mm Transparent Faceted Glass Beads
4mm Transparent Faceted Glass Beads
Heart Beads
0.3mm Tiger Wire
0.5mm Copper Wire
Iron Jump Rings
Brass Magnetic Clasp
Long Nose Plier
Now, let’s have a look at this video tutorial!

Now, the Valentine’s necklace is finished. Have you been moved by it? Of course, you need no other professional skills but beading skills. And it is not difficult to make it, do matter you are a beginner or a professor. Wanna try to make this flower bead necklace with heart beads for the coming Valentine’s Day? Just have a nice try and see you next time~

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