PandaHall Tutorial on Snow-white Flower Bracelet

Hi everyone, do you feel that the temperature has dropped a lot recently? Heavy snow fell in many places. And Christmas is coming soon. It’s the end of the year again. Have everyone achieved the goals set for this year?

Don’t forget to give yourself a vacation once in a while, come and make this snowflake bracelet together, I believe you will love it.

First let us prepare the following tools.

Japanese Seed Beads                 2 mmWhite

Thread Nylon Wire                   Clear

Iron Jump Rings                     Golden

Lobster Claw Clasps                  Golden

Flat nose pliers         

Round nose pliers



I’m sure you’ re ready for this. Let’s begin!


  1. Use a needle to string together six white seed beads with thread.
  2. On the basis of a white seed bead on the needle, string in the white seed bead we just stringed.
  3. Repeat the action we just did, until the six white seed beads on the outside are strung together.

Now we get a little snowflake.


  1. On the basis of the six white seed beads on the needle, pass through one outer white seed bead.
  2. Go through the outer seed beads next to it.
  3. Repeat the action just now until all six sides are done.
  4. Use our round nose pliers to twist open the iron jump rings, and connect the snowflakes we made with the iron jump rings. Finally, add a lobster claw clasps at the interface.

Our cute little snowflake bracelet is complete. Isn’t it cute? Come and try it!

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DIY Glass Bead Fairy Rings in 5 Minutes!

Beaded fairy rings are dainty piece of rings that you don’t have to spend much money on accessories any more. And DIY rings by yourself could be a great way to expand your rings collection and express your creativity. Here is a tutorial to teach you how to create rings with glass beads and buttons. These fairy rings, which also called glass bead rings or button rings, are super simple to make within five minutes! Try them and you won’t regret it!

DIY Glass Bead Fairy Rings in 5 MinutesWhat you need for beaded rings:
stretch cord (You can use 8mm stretch cord)
acrylic buttons (You can choose 2-hole crystal acrylic buttons)
glass beads (You can use silver electroplated faceted 4X3mm beads)
wire cutters
flat nose pliers
crimp tubes

DIY Glass Bead Fairy Rings in 5 MinutesFirst, prepare a 5″ piece of cord, then thread on a glass bead to the cord, and then thread both ends through a button, catching the glass bead.

DIY Glass Bead Fairy Rings in 5 MinutesThread the glass beads. Start sliding beads on two ends of the cord till the ring fits on your finger snugly. You can measure it when stringing. Personally, 9 beads for each side is perfect.

DIY Glass Bead Fairy Rings in 5 MinutesNow finish the ring by ting a very tight square knot, then cut off the extra cord with cutter. And cover the knot in super glue.

DIY Glass Bead Fairy Rings in 5 MinutesThe dainty fairy ring is quickly done! You can make many more – by choosing different beads in different colors. You can wear these beaded rings on all your fingers or all on one finger for a boho style. Why not? Be fashionable and trendy.

DIY Glass Bead Fairy Rings in 5 MinutesYou can find more DIYs on quietlioncreations, tutorials are made by Allison.

DIY Glass Bead Fairy Rings in 5 MinutesI hope that you have found this post interesting and useful. Share and leave a comment below!

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