Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY tutorial to share with you guys!

What I adore is to create jewels with common and uncommon materials. For example, have you ever thought that buttons can be combined beautifully with gemstone beads creating a dainty bar necklace? Let’s see how to create this horizontal bar necklace and I bet it’s perfect to wear it alone or stack it with more gorgeous necklaces.

materials for Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Materials needed for Button Beaded Bar Necklace:
Craft Buttons
Gemstone beads ( I have used a large bead from white volcanic lava and two beads from lilac agate)
Gold Plated Chain
Gold Plated jump Rings
Gold Plated Round Lobster
Plier Set
Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Step 1: Let’s prepare the beaded part of the jewel. In case you do not have an eyepin (like I did) just cut the ends of the pin you have and create with the round nose plier two rings.

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Pass the beads and the buttons in the pin ( I have passed the lilac agate, then two wooden buttons, then the lava bead and then the two buttons and and the lilac agate bead again) and your bar is ready!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!


Step 2: Cut a piece of the chain in a length smaller than the desired final length (just do not forget that lobster and jump rings and the beaded bar will add more length in your jewel). Use a jump ring and connect the beaded bar with the gold plated chain. Repeat this for both ends.

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!


Step 3: Check where is the middle of the chain and cut it. Use again two jump rings to connect the chain with round lobster (or any lobster).

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!


The pretty horizontal bar necklace is ready!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

What do you think? I think that buttons were combined so beautiful with the gems! And when you wear it…none will realize that you have buttons on your beaded bar necklace!


Happy Crafting!!!!

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DIY Fashion Rhinestone Beaded Sunglasses


Hey guys, jewelry making tutorial to share! I’m so happy to show you a gorgeous DIY sparkling beaded sunglasses made by Allison. She is a person who is so obsessed in using the sparkling gems, crystals, rhinestones in jewelry making, and can often create surprisingly beautiful chic accessories or even change something dull or old into super fashion new looks. And here’s what she did – dressing the faux Prada glasses up! If you have some cheap sunglasses you might need to do this right now, coz we all need trendy luxe-looking cool beaded sunglasses in this coming hot summer, right?! Let’s get started with the tutorials:


Step 1: you’ll need a plain sunglasses(Old inexpensive sunglasses can be found at both local stores or online shops), rhinestone chains, and flat back crystal glass beads, E6000 glue and toothpick.


Step 2: Start gluing the crystal beads and rhinestone chains on the sunglasses’ frames. You can do this with the help of a toothpick to place a small dap with each one. Be careful with the curve part and you may need to do it in another separate piece.

Step 3: Glue other crystal beads on the rest part of glass frame, repeat to finish the other side and you‘re perfectly done!


Super easy to follow, right? Don’t you think the blue and silver combination on the fashion rhinestone beaded sunglasses is so awesome? Come on, tell me what colors of beads and rhinestone chain will you use for your unique sunglasses then? And never miss more other great jewelry making tutorials on Pandahall blog! Happy crafting!

Sponsored by Pandahall.com; designed by Allison Cooling at Quiet Lion Creations

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Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos!

flash tattoo

Do you feel bored with your usual jewelry accessories, the girly pastel colored earrings, heavy chunky necklaces, the dull annoying bracelets…? Or you must have been long desired for something special, cool and instant!? Well, flash jewelry tattoos are definitely your best choice! They are real jewelry inspired flash tattoo designs can be worn anywhere on your and make your more stylish. And most of the popular temporary jewelry tattoos are made with metallic finish to look like more real jewelry. If you take care of them well, not getting them with oil things, like soap or lotion, they can last for up to a week. Due to the quick neat property and serious trendy look, many fashion stars and icons are showcasing the world with their new skin accessories! So lots of smart girls are going under the fashion trend as well. If you are hitting the beach, or going to a music festival, or having a dancing party, We would highly recommend you to rock your fashion style with the amazing unusual gold metallic tattoo jewelry. Don’t ever think to try the traditional permanent tattoos. They are usually painful, expensive and I bet you would really really regret having permanent tattoos a few decades later after that. And if you are not sure how to wear the flash metallic jewelry tattoos, we have gathered 14 cool examples for you to style yours, either with casual outfits or bohemian style looks.

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos1

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos2

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos3

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos4

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos5

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos6

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos7

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos8

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos9

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos10

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos11

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos12

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos13

Rock Your Style with Gold Metallic Flash Jewelry Tattoos14

And lucky for you, Pandahall not only provides you with great jewelry making supplies, also carries the hottest collections of various metallic tattoo jewelry designs. The most popular flash tattoo jewelry are those resembling necklaces and bracelets, others are great elements like feathers, arrows, flowers, and so on. Do check out our temporary tattoos and rock your style with the cool gold flash jewelry tattoos!

flash jewelry tattoo

Image sources:

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Hot Designs for Your Beach Trip

hot design for your beach trip

We would all think about the beaches and sunlight in this warm weather of spring or summer. So are you planning a trip to the seaside, admiring the beautiful scenery, enjoying the sunbath, or collecting the pebbles and natural rocks? If yes, I think doing yourself some sea style jewelry will definitely make you look prettier and your vacation will be more perfect and memorable. Who don’t like attractive accessories? In below, I’ve gathered some featured beach jewelry ideas for your inspiration!

There’s no doubt that starfish or fish can fully demonstrate the big ocean. So it’s never wrong to wear beach jewelry with some cute cheap charms of sea animals. Such little cute charms for sea style jewelry can be available in local craft shops or online bead stores.

beach jewlery- starfish1


beach jewlery- starfish2


beach jewlery- starfish3


Shells and pearl beads can quickly remind people of the sea too. Their simple and elegant look will make you very beautiful, matching with any eye-catching floral printed dress. You can try with some quite basic pattern like a pair of little dangling earrings, a plain rosary bracelet, or just a necklace with a few pearls on thread.

 beach jewlery- shell1


beach jewlery- shell2


beach jewlery- pearl1


beach jewlery- pearl2


Next, it’s the popular beach jewelry, made with the material see glass, which are rubbish dumped into the sea from years ago and become beautiful recycled gems pieces. Many jewelry makers love the gentle and refreshing look of sea glass and use them to make gorgeous jewelry.

 beach jewlery- see glass2


beach jewlery- see glass1


And if you want your beach jewelry to be more real, just go for the natural stones or pebbles. Get the drilled ones from craft stores directly will save you a lot time. But you can also try to drill it yourselves if you have time and patience. I think it’s will be fun. 🙂

beach jewlery- pebbles1


Well, so much for the jewelry with sea elements, some bohemian style accessories can pop out your summer outfit as well. The boho beaded earrings, turquoise flower barefoot anklet, multi-strand bracelet, tribe necklace… Beautiful enough to complete your holiday look!

beach jewlery- boho1


beach jewlery- boho2


beach jewlery- boho3


beach jewlery- boho4


More jewelry making ideas, please visit this page.

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