Lovely Accessories Designed by Elena Bufalino

Hello there! As usual, today I’m here to share you some of our customers’ handmade accessories. As you can see from the title, what I’ll show you are designed by Elena Bufalino. When I first saw Elena’s page, I was surprised! There are so many lovely crafts on her page! I’ve picked five of them to share you here, hope you guys like them.

Simple wire hairpins

simple wire hairpin

Materials: colored aluminum wire
Don’t you think they are cute? Their candy colors are so lovely and they could be very useful! However, if you are a girl with thick hair like me, it would be better to replace the aluminum wires with copper wires or stainless steel wires, because aluminum wires are so soft that they are easily to be twisted.

Chandelier earrings

chandelier earrings

Materials: Tibetan style links, orange Czech glass beads, orange drop glass beads, gemstones, earring hooks
These chandelier earrings are both vintage and stylish, they could well match your daily outfits. But those gemstones and glass beads make the earrings heavy, which will make your ears tired if you wear them all day.

Dangle earrings

dangle earrings

Materials: red glass beads, flower spacer beads, stardust beads, crimp beads, handmade heart beads, earring hooks
Adorable dangle earrings! The handmade hearts are so cute! These earrings could be great for happy holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year.

Elegant statement necklace

elegant statement necklace

Materials: black gemstones, cross chains
Do you like this vintage statement necklace? It’s so graceful that always makes me think of British noble ladies, like Lady Mary in Downtown Abbey. I do love this necklace!

Three-strand pearl necklace

three strand pearl necklace

Materials: dark colored pearl beads, shell cabochon
Pearl necklace is elegant enough, once decorated with a delicate shell flower cabochon, wow, they are gorgeous! If you are a graceful lady, you shall try this necklace.

So, after appreciating all those five accessories, do you like them? If you want to learn more about Elena Bufalino, visit her page here.

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Fantastic Bib Necklaces Designed by Evgeniy Slomintsev

Hello guys! Happy Friday! The weekend is coming, it’s really excited to think about it, right? As usual, today I’m here to share you some of our customers’ beadworks. Today’s works are big beaded bib necklaces, and they all designed by our brilliant customer Evgeniy Slomintsev. Let’s have a look together!

Amazing red beaded bib necklace

Amazing Red Bead Bib Necklace

Materials needed: red abacus glass beads, red drop glass beads, red oval glass beads, red resin flowers, Tibetan style chandelier components, antique bronze spacer beads, Tibetan style bead caps, Tibetan style bead spacers, brass crimp beads, lobster claw clasps, and jewelry wire.

Black bib statement necklace

Black Bib Statement Necklace

Materials needed: 4x3mm abacus glass beads, 8x6mm abacus glass beads, 6mm round glass beads, 12mm round glass beads, golden acrylic beads, headpins, jump rings, clasps, and jewelry wire.

Crystal beaded bib necklace

Crystal Beaded Bib Necklace

Materials needed: 6mm crackle glass beads, 8mm crackle glass beads, 10mm crackle glass beads, 8x6mm abacus crystal beads, 4x3mm abacus crystal beads, filigree links, silver seed beads, silver drop, clasps, and jewelry wire.

Mix turquoise beaded bib necklace

Mix Turquoise Beads Bib Necklace

Materials needed: various turquoise beads, butterfly pendant, leaf pendants, cone bead caps, four leaf clover pendants, brass bead caps, cross chains, headpins, jump rings, and clasps.

Wow! That too many of materials! I think those may be the longest material lists for customers’ beadworks so far! Those bib necklaces are really great jobs! It must take a long time to make such wonderful works. I do admire Evgeniy Slomintsev’s patience and her talent for jewelry making. And apart from these four splendid bib necklaces, Evgeniy Slomintsev also made some wonderful dreamcatchers, which are my favorite decors.


Wanna see more of Evgeniy Slomintsev’s works, visit her page here.

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DIY Big Statement Beaded Necklace Presented by Pandahall

I believe that no fashionista can resist the beauty of big statement necklaces. Matching such a gorgeous piece with a low-key dress can definitely make you look more stunning among the crowd. So here today, I’m showing you a trendy bold pearl beaded statement necklace presented by Pandahall craft team. So if you don’t know how to begin, just take a look at this tutorial video and learn to make one for yourself. Come on now and rock your style with this big statement necklace in this summer!

DIY Big Statement Beaded Necklace

Materials you’ll need are:

2mm White Seed Beads
8mm White Pearl Beads
6mm White Pearl Beads
8mm Green Pearl Beads
0.38mm Tiger Wires
Magnetic Slide Lock Clasps
Flat Nose Pliers

Check more jewelry making tutorials and have fun making them! Enjoy your day!

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7 Popular Women Necklaces You Need Know

It is believed that every girl wants to have a customizable necklace. Wearing proper necklace helps people stand out from the crowd. In fact, a lot of girls cannot classify necklaces correctly. So in order to help you have a better understanding of women necklaces, today I will share you some popular necklaces, common but stylish.
Charm necklace
charm necklace

Charm necklace is one of the most common and easiest DIY necklaces by attaching some cute or personalized cheap charms on necklace chains. And it’s pretty popular to make charm necklaces dangling with unique metal stamping name tags. How wonderful would it be to have a special necklace with beloved one’s name! They could be super cool gifts, I bet!
Statement necklace
statement necklace

Statement necklaces are large necklaces with an excessive amount of dangle, beads, or intricate details and are made from a variety of materials and infinite number of color combinations. Statement necklaces are flashy and bold that we should be aware of matching right colors and styles before wearing.
Multi strand necklace
multi strand necklace
Multi strand necklaces are layered necklaces with several strands with beads or charms put together. They are popular necklaces designs because of their complicated yet trendy look.
Pendant necklace
pendant necklace

Pendant necklace is a traditional accessory with a pendant hanging down.  And the pendant is very important to pendant necklaces. It seems like that a proper pendant will definitely change a necklace from dull into vivacious with its nameless magic.
Bib necklace
bib necklace

Bib necklace is a type of large, dramatic necklace, circular or triangular in shape, consisting of a web-like mesh of metal. Sweep your hair to let your bib necklace take center stage, its chunky round, oval shape will keep you glowing through the holiday season.
Fringe necklace
fringe necklace
Fringe necklace is really a kind of ubiquitous necklace that adored by lots of girls, including me. We could classify fringe necklaces according to their names. Like pendant necklaces, fringe necklaces swinging around our neck will help us win attention in public.
Rosary necklace
rosary necklace

We have come to the last but not the least part, rosary necklaces. Coming in a variety of styles and materials, rosary necklaces have some connection with god according to catholic. So you need to make clear when and where you wear.
So after appreciating all these seven types of popular necklaces, do you have a better understanding of necklaces? Which one do you like best? Maybe you have a crush to buy one right now. Well you don’t need to do so, all above women necklaces can be made at home. What you need to do is to get the jewelry making supplies and find tutorials online. I’m sure you will have much joy in creating your own customizable necklace.

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