DIY Festive snowflake earrings

Would you like a special piece of jewelry for the Holidays but you can’t spend much? No worries, you can make a beautiful festive pair of earrings with just some basic supplies.


Here’s what you’ll need :

-jewelry wire

-some beads in 2 different colors and sizes

-snowflake charms

-crimp beads

-earring hooks



First connect a jumpring on each charm


Then cut a small piece of wire and thread beads and charms like this


Now take both edges of wire, bring them together and thread them into one crimp bead both


Make sure both sides are equal. Now take both edges and bring them back into the crimp bead forming a loop like you see in the picture


Secure the crimp bead with your pliers and cut any excess wire. Attach the hook and the earring is ready.


Repeat for the other earring and wear your new festive snowflake earrings to all Christmas parties!


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