Pandahall Hot Sellers – Chic and Lovely Buttons You Will Love

Hi, my dear friends, Friday again! Have you ever planed for your weekend? Before enjoying the pleasant weekend, I want to share you some of our promotion buttons. No matter you are a handcraft lover or a buttons collector, these special buttons can meet all of your demand. Now, let’s take a look together.

Alloy Alphabet Snap Buttons
Alloy Alphabet Snap Buttons
These snap buttons are flat round and about 19mm in diameter. They are unique in the alphabet, including all of the 26 letters. You can use them for clothes buttons to show your wearing style. Moreover, you can match these snap buttons with some seed beads to make vintage or Tibetan style bracelets, also you can match one letter or few of them to make a leather cord necklace as a gift to others. Not only special but also practical. If you are interested in it, just search the item code SNAP-N010-86-NR on our web. Now it’s in our promotion season, just need $27.48 for 100 pieces.

Strawberry UV Plating Acrylic Shank Buttons
Strawberry UV Plating Acrylic Shank Buttons
Do you like these shank buttons? They have various colors, such as golden mental, pink, red, blue and etc. Besides, they are 21mm long, 15mm wide with a 3x4mm hole. These stylish acrylic buttons can be used in many aspects, making fresh bracelets for kids, cute pendant for necklace, accessories for bags and etc. Now only need $6.80 for 400 pieces. If you like this style of buttons, you can find them in our website with item code BUTT-D013-M.

Acrylic Buttons
Dyed Mixed Shape and Mixed Size Acrylic Buttons
How about these acrylic buttons? Really cute and fresh, aren’t they? It is about 11~16mm wide, 10~16mm long with two 2mm holes. Don’t assume it just has one color, there also has pink, blue, green, purple and other colors. I think you must know what these buttons can be used to do. Right, they can be regarded as a common ornament for a bracelet, hair accessory, necklace or other decoration. Just use it wherever you want. If you want to buy it, you can search BUTT-X0026 in our website. Noe just need $0.55 for 120 pieces.

Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestone Buttons
Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestone Buttons
We have come to the last one today, this kind of mixed color rhinestone buttons are very chic with 13mm long and a 1mm hole. It’s very eye-catching, except for clothing decoration, you can pick up some of them to make bracelets, necklace pendant or earring ornaments. Now only need $7.20 for 144 pieces. If you like them, just search the item code BUTT-F018-13mm-M on our web.

For more chic and exclusive hot sellers, welcome to visit Surprise is everywhere, see you next time!

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New Arrival-Amazing Snap Buttons for Jewelry Making

Hello dear readers, happy Monday, and welcome to New Arrival. Last week, I shared with you many ready-made beautiful bracelets that you could buy directly from our Now this week, I will share you some new arrival-snap buttons for jewelry making. Normally snap buttons are flat round but today’s snap buttons take on rather adorable shapes. I am so sure that you will like them. Now take a look.
snap buttons Snap button-plants
snap buttons-plants How lovely it will be to use these snap buttons to make cute hair clips with hair findings! They will look extremely good for little girls.
Snap button-animals
snap button-animals Aren’t they cute and lovely? I love the butterfly snap most. Which one is your favorite?
Snap button-Christmas
snap jewelry-christmas Those snap buttons are best for Christmas, don’t you think so?
Snap button-umbrella
snap button-umbrella Have you ever thought of snap buttons of umbrella shape? Then you can never miss this new snap buttons lines.
Snap jewelry 
snap jewelry1 Gorgeous! Look at those fabulous and charming snap jewelry, aren’t they a feast to eye? Combine the snap buttons with bracelet clasps and ring findings, these beautiful snap jewelry will be yours. Nice try.
Here is another example of those interchangeable snap buttons for jewelry making. Aren’t they too easy to make for you jewelry lovers?
snap jewelry So what do you think of those snap buttons? Are they charming and attractive? This interchangeable snap buttons are versatile that they can be made into necklaces, bracelets, hair accessory and so on to satisfy different needs. Now check more charming and cute snap buttons at new snap button lines.

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Introduction of The Snap Jewelry

snap jewelry

What is snap jewelry

Snap Jewelry is made with snap buttons; it’s a new style of the interchangeable jewelry which can be changed to many other different designs with the same basic design and different snap buttons. You can put the button charms to a matched knob of your snap and make it as the stylish bracelets, neck lace, ring and more. You can create it as the style you want, like the fashion style or the sweetness style, to show your special individuality.

snap jewelry

The Snap for the base can holds many kinds of the beautiful designs buttons, the Popper snap buttons is what you like to pop into the Snap Base,such as the snap bracelets. Because of the interchangeable styles, it’s famous among ladies or children, also you can DIY it as a special gift for your friends.  The Snap base is the substantial part, and you can change the style with so many buttons.

snap jewelry snap jewelry

How to change your snaps

For how to change your Snaps, you can simply pry it out then change the snap buttons easily using your fingers. The Snap will detach from the Snap Base and then quickly be removed of it, after that you can replace with a new design by yourself.

How to change your snaps

How to keep the snap jewelry

To keep your Snap jewelry clean and looking their best, we suggest you to clean them with the dry and soft cloth, and please do not use the jewelry cleaners, because it would take the plating out of all plated jewelry, and will cause the damage to your jewelry. We also encourage you to keep your snaps or the buttons away from the water and never wear them into a pool.

You can custom design many different style of snap jewelry which can fit your community, business or organization. The simple fun idea will make your daily life with more joy, and add many colors to your daily routine life.

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