Fresh Shell Pendants for Your Jewelry Designs

Hello guys! Happy Monday! Any new plans for this week? As usual, today I’m here to share you some of our new arrivals of this week! So far, we’ve shared you various kinds of beads, chains, jewelry sets, and so on. And now, I’d like to introduce you something special – shell pendants! Wanna know more details? Let’s have a look together!

Freshwater shell pendants

freshwater shell

Freshwater shell is a kind of common shell. You must have seen many kinds of freshwater shells in different waters, but have you ever thought those ordinary shells can make such beautiful pendants? What a lovely surprise!

White shell pendants

white shell

Can you believe these gorgeous white pendants are made by shell? I thought they were made by jade or white emeralds! They look so clear and kind of transparent, which is quite similar to jade and emeralds.

Black lip shell pendants

black lip shell

Wow! They are so delicate! Look at the elephant pendant, it seems the elephant is walking under the sunshine, so warm! I love those wonderful color variations!

Pink shell pendants

pink shell

Pink is a warm color, it is not so enthusiasm as red, but it can make people look young. If you want to make some girly earrings or simple pendant necklaces, you can try these pretty pink shell pendants.

Paua shell pendants

paua shell

If you are looking for something dreamy and fantastic, you shall never miss these fabulous paua shells. Their dreamy colors are so attractive and dizzying, they’ll absolutely make your works amazing!

Other sea shell pendants

other sea shell

There are so many kinds of sea shells, so I don’t know which the exact shells are used to make these pendants. However, they look really great right?

Apart from what I’ve listed above, there are many other shell pendants on our website, if you want to see more, welcome to visit

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