Pandahall New Arrivals – Different Kinds of Gemstone Beads You Cannot Miss

Hi, my lovely readers, Happy Monday! How’s your weekend? Today I want to share some kinds of gemstone beads with you, which are so unique that you must fall in love with them. If they are just to your taste, pick some of them to make a bracelet, necklace, pair of earrings and etc. Now let’s appreciate them one by one.

Natural Regalite Bead Strands
Do you like these regalite beads? For me, they are really attractive, because I love vintage style jewelries. The first flat round beads are god for making pendant necklaces and beaded bracelets. Do you think so? The other three kinds of abacus regalite beads are patterned well, we can pick some of them to make boho style jewelries or accessories, right? If you like vintage jewelry designs, you can collect some of these vintage beads to have a try.

Natural Agate Beads Strands
The first two are Indian agate beads, they like colored stones, really unique and eye-catching, aren’t they? They are really proper for making charm bracelets. I believe it must be very chic if you match such a gemstone charm bracelet with a sweater in this autumn. The last two are bamboo leaf agate beads. Actually they have a lot of shapes, here I just show you two shapes of them. The color of these bamboo leaf agate beads are very fresh and light, which can be used as common materials to make charm bracelets, chain necklaces and other accessories. Do you have any eager to do some accessories with them? If you would like to, just have a try.

Natural Aventurine Beads Strands
WOW, these aventurine beads really surprise me, they are quietly elegant and pure. Especially they have many shapes, leaf, rectangle, barrel, triangle and etc. I love them, no matter how you use them, make charm bracelets, chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, drop earrings or other accessories, they can satisfy you in all aspects.

Natural Rhodochrosite Beads Strands
We come to the last one today, they are also gemstone beads, named rhodochrosite beads. Do you like them? Likewise, they are different in color, shape and size. This kind of beads are more suitable for making chain necklaces and beaded bracelets. How do you think? If you like this kind of style gemstone beads, collect some of them for necessary, I believe you will love your choice!

How time flies! It’s time to say goodbye again. Do you love these gemstone beads I show you today? If you are vintage jewelry lovers, you can pick up some of them to have a try. See you next time, may you a wonderful day!

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Product Review – Cheap & Trendy Jewelry Making Supplies

Hello everyone! Product review routine time again! Today I want to share you a great haul video from our creative jewelry maker Girl Sanctuary Blog who has a big subscribed channel on Youtube. She shared the products she received, including seed beads, magnetic clasps and other jewelry making supplies. She showed them in detail, it seems that she was quite satisfied with the jewelry supplies. You may wonder the materials she got, right? Let’s have a look together.

More details of what she got:
jewelry making supplies
Mixed color seed beads
seed beads
These beads have several colors and bright appearance which makes them charming and attractive. The ideal color and size are excellent for craft projects, cloth embellishment, and fun jewelry creations. It is no wonder that her voice hears excited in the video. I’m fascinated by these lovely seed beads as well as her.
Magnetic clasps
magnetic clasps
Magnetic clasps are very critical in jewelry making, without them your jewelry project will be incomplete. These magnetic clasps are great for necklaces. Each end is magnetic so make sure to align magnets in correct position before completing your project.
Tibetan style beads
tibetan style beads
These practical beads are in Tibetan style, which are widely popular among customers all over the world. Excellent antique effect will let your design become more charming and distinctive.
Suede cord
suede cord
Faux suede cord is commonly used for various accessories and outfit purpose. You will certainly find one that is suitable for your design concept. It seems like that she likes this color very much according to the video.
Rhinestone beads
rhinestone beads
If you are looking for lots of sparkle, you’ll find them in these beads. Brass rhinestone beads are a version of the popular rhinestone rondelles. Across the screen, we even could feel the glitter of those rhinestone beads and the excited voice of her.
So what do you think of these jewelry making supplies? Do you have a crush to buy some and make DIY jewelry yourself? If yes, go and check more wonderful jewelry making supplies we have! Never miss the frequent promotions.

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4 Amazing Seed Bead Bracelet Designs from Our Customers

Seed beads are a general term for any small beads which are round in shape. Although seed beads are tinny they are versatile in a wide range of shapes and colors. Therefore, they are rich sources for jewelry designers and crafters to make jewelry especially seed bead bracelets , which in return makes them shining stars in the fashion world. Today, I will introduce 4 seed bead bracelet designs from our customers.
Yellow Seed Bead Bracelet
yellow  seed bead bracelet
This yellow seed bead bracelet is designed by our customer Evgeniy Slomintsev. This bracelet is made of yellow seed beads, acrylic spacer beads and yellow lampwork beads. The golden color makes this bracelet more luxurious and stylish. Bracelet of this kind will definitely level you up.
Seed Bead Cluster Bracelet
seed bead cluster bracelet
This seed bead cluster bracelet is really cute and lovely. The combination of the light blue seed beads and black glass seed beads makes this cluster bracelet delightful and amiable. What an amazing bracelet design! Thanks Claudia Wesch for sharing this lovely seed bead bracelet with us.
Seed Bead Bracelet
seed bead bracelet
This bracelet is made by alina iuliana. The materials used are Czech glass beads and seed beads which are easy to get, while the combination of the colors is really gorgeous. I think it’s a good idea to wear this seed bead bracelet in this scorching summer to have fun at beach for it reminds you of the blue sky and deep sea and help you keep cool. What a cool seed bead bracelet design!
Seed Bead Spiral Bracelet
seed bead spiral bracelet
I have to say this seed bead spiral bracelet is really eye-catching and appealing I myself love it very much. The materials needed are lemon jade beads, gemstone beads and colorful seed beads which you can get at beads wholesale stores. Thanks our customer Sonja Denovski for sharing this charming seed bead spiral bracelet.
So what do you think of those seed bead bracelets patterns? I hope you get inspired and create your own special seed bead bracelet designs. Good luck!

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10 Lovely Beaded Animals Made with Seed Beads

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to show you something different – seed beaded animals. We’ve talked much about seed bead jewelries in the past days, but do you know seed beads can also make animals? Well, besides making jewelries, they actually can be used for making many other crafts. Here let’s have a look at 10 cute beaded animals made with seed beads.

Beaded bear

beaded bear

It is a commonplace that people buy cloth bear doll as gift for kids and girls. But how about make a little change about it? Beaded bear is much smaller and more durable than the cloth one; I bet it will be popular as gift among kids and girls as well.

Beaded bird
beaded bird
Do you love this little chubby bird? It’s so cute and vivid! I’ve already fallen in love with it when I first saw it!

Beaded butterfly
beaded butterfly
When I was a kid, I always catch butterflies with my brothers in summer. They are pretty but fragile. Once I caught them, they died soon, which made me very sad. But now things are different, if I want a butterfly, I can make one. This beaded butterfly is just as pretty as a real one right?

Beaded cat & beaded dog
beaded cat and beaded dog
Many people love cats and dogs, but for many reasons, lots of them cannot keep a cat or a dog as pet at home. Then beaded cat and beaded dog can be a great replacement for them, they are tiny enough to be kept in pockets.

Beaded dragon
beaded dragon
This beaded dragon originates from Japanese cartoon Pokemon, pretty cool, right? Kids must love it very much.

Beaded fish
beaded fish
These little fishes are so vivid that I thought they were real when I saw them at first sight. Do you have the same feeling with me?

Beaded penguins
beaded penguin
Look at these cute little things! They are so adorable! And the pink one even got a heart shaped tattoo on its butt, so lovely!

Beaded spider
beaded spider
Wow! Look at this spider, it looks as natural as if it were living. And it seems that if I take a second look at it, it will go bit me!

Now, we’ve seen 9 beaded animals. Do you like them? Do you have the impulsion to make one by yourself? Well, here goes a simple tutorial, go get the jewelry making supplies, and then you can make it easily. Hope you like it, and enjoy your craft!

Beaded dragonfly

beaded dragonfly


image source:

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Smart Seed Beads for Beading

Seed beads are very smart for beading. Don’t dismiss these tiny beads because they will surprise you with their versatility! Because seed beads are versatile and can be used to make any kinds of jewelry, pendants, beaded animals, beaded flowers and any decoration items , some experienced beaders choose these small seed beads as their main jewelry beads and they use these small beads in most of their beadworks. Here we have gathered some seed bead jewelry designs that made by our customers. Take your time and enjoy them!


The beads used in the above pendant is sienna, iris round seed beads 8/0, which is 3mm in diameter. The metal color of this seed bead is antique and charming. Jewelry made with these seed beads are gorgeous and decent. Here are some other accessories that made with these seed beads and designed by Irina. If you want to get them, please go to and search for itemcode: SDB3mm601


Here are some other iris round seed beads, these 6/0 see beads are purple and about 4mm in diameter. The cuff bracelet and earrings set is designed byАлена and the other pair seed bead earrings and pendant necklace is made by Olga. Itemcode: SDB4mm603


Other seed bead jewelry that made with iris round seed beads 12/0. Itemcode: SDB601


Safety pins bracelet with seed beads, designed by by Mitzi. Itemcode: SEED-A009-3mm-606


Seed beaded snail designed by Svetik584. Itemcode: EED-A005-4mm

SEED-A005-4mm -1

Seed bead animals- seed bead horses made by anastasya. Itemcode: SEED-A005-4mm

SEED-A005-4mm -2

Here are some mixed color seed beads and their lated jewelry works like triangle earrings and rainbow necklace. Frosted Colors seed beads do not have the sparkling shine but the slight shine on the frosted surface is full of allure. Itemcode: SEED-A008-4mm


Gorgeous seed bead pendant and seed bead bracelet designed by Christine. Itemcode: SEED-C012-M1


All the above accessories are made with round seed beads. If you’d like to use some kinds of seed beads, you can try this two cut seed beads. Itemcode:CSDBTC01 (designed by by Elena)


Here is a cute bracelet which is created with fringe seed beads. Designer: Angela. Itemcode: SEED-C012-M5


Egyptian Collar, ladder stitch created by Caine. Caine used bugle beads and round seed beads in this Egyptian coller project. Itemcode: TSDB6MM176


Are you surprise by this amazing design? Hope to get more fresh jewelry ideas that created with bugle beads? Then, you can have a look at this Cute Dolls Pendant DIY.



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