Simple DIY Braided Beaded Necklace You Should Learn

Hi, I am very excited that I am going to share a pretty craft with you guys. Look at this braided beaded necklace, and it is really simple to finish. So I cannot wait to show it to you. I believe it is a good choice for green hands to start your first step. Try it!
Easy DIY Braided Beaded Necklace1
Supplies needed in making braided beaded necklace:
-Seed beads (at least 2 colors)
-Jewelry clasp
-8mm jump rings
-10mm jump ring
-26 gauge jewelry wire
–Jewelry Pliers
– 7 inch (17.78 centimeter) strand of chain
Easy DIY Braided Beaded Necklace2
Step 1: add jewelry wire to the chain
Firstly, cut off the jewelry wire with 20cm length.
Secondly, thread the wire into the one end of the chain, and make two to four loops around the chain fix them tightly.
Thirdly, trim off the excessive wire and flatten them to ensure the safety.
Step 1
Step 2: slide seed beads
Firstly, slide seed beads onto the jewelry wire.
Secondly, repeat the above steps to make five other beaded wires and ensure there are two colors, as the pictures shows.
Step 3: braid the beaded strands
Firstly, connect each pair strands tightly to ensure the smooth progress of the braiding.
Secondly, put the right pair strands over the middle pair.
Thirdly, put the new left pair strands over the new middle pair.
Fourthly, repeat the braiding to the ends of the strands.
step 3
Step 4: attach each wire to the end of the chain.
step 4
Step 5: add jump ring and clasp
Firstly, flatten these wrapped wires.
Secondly, open a jump ring and attach it to one end of the chain.
Thirdly, attach the jewelry clasp and connect it with jump ring.
step 5
Then it is done!!
Easy DIY Braided Beaded Necklace22
Ok, are you familiar to these steps? You can change the colors of seed beads according to your choice. As for me, it is great. So are you going to try to make this necklace and go out with wearing it?

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Big Seed Bead Jewelry Collections

As we all know, seed beads are a general designation of any small beads which are round. Many crafters often use these seed beads to make the beads weaving and also use them for making some simple strands and the spacers of the jewelry. Stringing seed beads need some special wires and needles because of the small hole of these beads. So, making the chic jewelry by using the seed beads is not a very easy thing, but our customers do it perfect! Let me show you guys some seed bead jewelry made by our smart customers.

3-strand Seed Bead Necklace

seed bead necklace

This seed bead necklace is made by our customer, Ana Maria Botero Lopez. The necklace is made of different colors of glass seed beads and other kinds of beads, like the czech glass beads, acrylic beads and turquoise beads. The tibetan style heart pendant makes this necklace more attractive and charming.

Wire Wrap Seed Bead Bracelet

seed bead bracelet

Zac Curry makes this beautiful seed bead bracelet. These small seed beads are threaded by the steel bracelet memory wire. I think it’s a good idea that wearing this seed bead bracelet to have a nice day at the seaside on a sunny day!

Red Seed Bead Ring

Red Red Ring

How lovely the seed bead ring is! The bright red color imitation Taiwan acrylic rhinestone and loose electroplate glass seed beads make this ring more charming and cute. Our customer Marginean Liana Georgeta is a very creative people to make this lovely ring.

8-Shape Seed Bead Earrings

Seed Bead Earring

This seed bead earring is very elegant which is made of glass seed bead, pointed back rhinestone and silver earring hooks. Very thanks Надежда Аристакесян for sharing this charming earring for us!

Do you love these seed bead jewelry? I think you can also make them as good as our customers.


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How to Make Elegant Wavy Necklaces

For beading lovers, DIY beaded works at home is an enjoyable hobbit, and DIY beaded necklace is a fairly commom thing. Today, I will share a beaded necklace video to teach you how to make elegant wavy necklace with seed beads at home! If you often use seed beads in your beadwork, then I suggest you to try this project. :)


Do you love this seed bead necklace and wanta have a try? Let’s watch the video the learn how to DIY this wavy necklace!

Some beaders asked me about the details of the beading materials, and here I will share the material information as well. This handmade beaded necklace is mainly made out of seed beads and Czech glass beads and we use tiger wire to string the beads.

Here are the supplies you need to prepare:

3MM Round Seed Beads

4MM Czech Glass Beads

0.38mm Tiger Tail Wire; itemcode: TWIR-S001-0.38mm-02


Jump Rings; itemcode: STER-A018-42


Lobster Claw Clasps; itemcode: E103-P-NF


Now, get your beading supplies and follow the video to DIY your own beaded necklace. Also, if you love this wavy necklace, please give a thumb up to our pandahall craft team members and leave a comment below.

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