DIY Really Easy Glitter and Bead Rings!!!!

gliter and bead rings diy

I have a passion about recycling projects and for easy diy! Crafts and creations that everybody can do, even the kids! And if I use materials that are really common in any house, I love them more! Are you ready to create the most easy rings that you have ever done?

diy easy and fast glitter ring

Materials for Glitter Rings:

Ring Base

– Nail Polish (one without color and one with glitter)

Seed Beads

how to use nail polish for rings

Ring 1: Let’s start with the first ring! All you have to do is to add your nail polish with glitter in your ring base. Just have in mind to cover it well. Let it dry and your ring is ready!

tutorial easy ring with tiny beads

Ring 2: For the second ring we are going to use a nail polish that has not color and the tiny seed beads we have in your favorite colors. Cover the base ring with the nail polish and add the beads in order to cover the whole tray. Let it dry for a few minutes and then pass it again with the same nail polish in order to make it more stable and shiny!

diy nail polish bead ring

The second ring is also ready! Aren’t they really easy to make and so adorable????

diy rings with nail polish

I have actually made a few of them as gifts to my daughter’s friends and they loved them!

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Cute Deer Antler Ring DIY

I love the fall and all the characteristic elements of this season, one of them are the antlers. That’s the reason why I’m going to show you how to make this deer antler ring DIY. You only need wire, pliers and a bit of patience. Follow to see how to make the antler ring jewelry with me!
Supplies needed for antler ring:
Jewerly Wire
Fold the jewelry wire in  half;
Twist it with the help of pliers;
make an inverted “U” shape;
and twist it;
Twist the two wires;
and repeat the last step, make an inverted “U” shape;
And twist it;
Twist the wire, this measure must be the diameter of your finger;
Make the other antler shape, similar to the first one;
Twist all the wire and cut the excess of the wire;
Make the form of a ring, using the cylindrical object.
Maybe you need 2 or 3 attempts, don’t worry, I know this deer antler ring DIY is a bit difficult, but I think that the result is amazing and your time and patience will be rewarded!!

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