Pretty Beaded Jewelry Made by Pandahall Customer Oxana Kislova

Hey, dear Pandahall readers, wanna make some pretty beaded jewelry with common beads and other jewelry making supplies? Today, I will bring you guy is some beaded jewelry that made by Pandahall customer Oxana Kislova. She is really good at jewelry making, and she made a plenty of beading jewelry. Hope you like the customer show. Then, let’s start~
Beads Necklace
Beads Necklace
Materials: natural gemstone agate twist bead strands, iron jump rings
This beads necklace is really simple and delicate. It just used gemstone beads in red and green, yet it looks so nice. You can wear it on your sweater, and I can bet you will be more charming with it.
Flower Beaded Bracelet
Flower Beaded Bracelet
Materials: gemstone beads, sea shell beads, head pins
Wow, how nice this flower beaded bracelet is. I just feel autumn the first sight I met this beaded bracelet, for there are so many dark red gemstone beads, just like a bunch of ripe grapes. Do you think so? It is really suitable for you to wear on cool autumn, hope you like~
Pearl Beads Necklac
Pearl Beads Necklace
Materials: pearl beads, gemstone beads, spacer beads
Oxana Kislova is really good at making jewelry crafts by mixing many beads. Just like this one, it is a little exotic, but it is still elegant. Like this one?
Red Beading Bracelet
Red Beading Bracelet
Materials: red coral beads, jump rings, lobster claw clasp, head pins
Wow, how beautiful this red beading bracelet is! You may feel this one is quite similar to the second one, yes; they are just like a bunch of grapes. These 2 bracelets are all full of beads, so, which one do you like most?
These stunning jewelry crafts are just a small part that is made by Oxana Kislova, and I will bring you more in the future. If you are a jewelry making lover, just join us. Hope to see your designs soon~

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