PandaHall Tutorial on Wire Wrapped Cute Rabbit Necklace

Today, let’s make a cute rabbit necklace. Materials we need are as follow, are you ready?

10 mm Pink Pearl Beads 

4 mm Glass Pearl Beads 

0.3 mm Copper Jewelry Wire

0.5 mm Copper Jewelry Wire

Iron Cable Chains

Iron Jump Rings

Silver Lobster Claw Clasps

Jewelry Pliers Set

Firstly, take out a piece of 0.5 mm copper wire, form a half circle around the pink pearl.

Curve the rest wire into two waves, which are similar to the ears of rabbit;

Put the pearl into the half circle, tighten the wire, cut off redundant wire and form a circle on both ends.

Then, use 0.3 mm copper wire to connect both sides, thread through the hole in bottom and string the pink pearl.

The copper wire keep getting caught around “ears”, thread through 4mm pearl, make a knot.

Repeat these performances to other side. Trim the wire by pliers.

Finally, connect the jump ring with necklace cable chain and pendant, connect lobster claw clasps with chain.

Ta-Da, wire wrapped cute rabbit necklace is accomplished!!!

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