New Arrival – Charming Pyrite Beads for Jewelry Making

Happy Monday! New arrival again! Today I will introduce new beads for jewelry making to you guys – pyrite beads.
I guess most of you are familiar with glass beads, wooden beads, which are used widely in jewelry making. And you don’t know much about pyrite beads, right? In fact, pyrite is a brilliant gemstone that looks metallic and goes well with antique brass beads and findings. And pyrite beads have been more and more popular among jewelry makers and crafters due to the diversity and plasticity. Today I want to introduce 4 kinds of pyrite beads to you, which are different in shape. Want to know more? Keep on reading!
Pyrite beads – Round

round pyrite beads

There are 42 kind of round pyrite beads in our online store, so you could imagine how versatile pyrite beads are! And round pyrite beads are perfect materials for necklace and bracelet making with the diversity.
Pyrite beads – Drop
drop pyrite beads
Compared to round pyrite beads, drop pyrite beads are much more  cute and lovelier. From the picture we can see that drop pyrite beads are glaring and brilliant. Necklaces made by drop pyrite beads can help us attract more attention due to the glitter.
Pyrite beads – Oval
oval pyrite beads
When mentioned beads for jewelry making, oval shape can never be forgotten. Pyrite beads of this shape are always combined with other beads to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on.
Pyrite beads – Nuggets
nugget pyrite beads
This new nugget pyrite beads are really unique. What makes them different from the above pyrite beads is their irregular shape. Unlike those round and oval pyrite beads, those irregular pyrite beads attract people’s eye for their uniqueness. So it is easy for you to make your personalized pyrite jewelry with those irregularity.
Pyrite beaded jewelry
pyrite beaded necklace
pyrite beaded bracelet
What gorgeous pyrite jewelry designs! Jewelry made by pyrite beads can level us up due to their uniqueness and sparkle. Do you love them? Do you have a crush to make your personalized jewelry with pyrite beads? Don’t hesitate to check our new pyrite beads line out and happy making!
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