Crazy Spring Sales – PandaHall March Promotion!

Hello everyone! PandaHall promotions again! Spring is coming, don’t you want to get some lovely jewelry beads/findings for your Spring DIYs? If you do have any spring designs, then you shall never miss our March Promotion! We’ve got many lovely designed and bright colored jewelry beads & findings which are perfectly suitable for the coming spring days. Curious? Let’s see the details!

March Promotions 1

As usual, UP TO 75% OFF and FREE SHIPPING for orders value $399+. And you can see from the image, apart from beads and jewelry making supplies, we’ve got many stylish sterling silver jewelry, which are on sales either! If you are looking for gifts for your girls, take a look at those fashionable silver things.

March Promotions 2

March Promotions 3

Besides the monthly promotions, we’ve prepared some free coupons codes for you either! Following are the details:

Save $5 on your order of $50+ with coupon code PHPRMT5
Save $20 on your order of $200+ with coupon code PHPRMT20
Save $40 on your order of $400+ with coupon code PHPRMT39
Valid until July 16, 2016 PST

Save $2 on your order of $20+ with coupon code: YTBPM2
Save $3 on your order of $30+ with coupon code: YTBPM3
Save $4 on your order of $40+ with coupon code: YTBPM4
Save $5 on your order of $50+ with coupon code: YTBPM5
Save $10 on your order of $100+ with coupon code: YTBPM10
Save $20 on your order of $200+ with coupon code: YTBPM20
Save $40 on your order of $400+ with coupon code: YTBPM40
Valid until January 1, 2017 PST

Any further questions, be free to contact our customer service: [email protected]. Happy shopping & happy crafting!

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Holiday Notice & New Year’s Promotions!

Hello lovely readers! How is your Christmas? Did you have a great time? You know, we don’t have Christmas holiday in China, but we do have a Spring Festival.

And to celebrate this traditional holiday, all our factories will be closed from Jan 29th to Feb 17th. But emails will be replied as usual while orders can’t be processed until Feb 17th. Moreover, our Customer Service will close from Feb 6th to Feb 12th when no respond for the emails. In order to avoid any inconvenience to your business, please place order ASAP before Jan 29th, 2016 at PandaHall. Or you may buy from our USA Stock directly to avoid any delay.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your understanding!

Following are our latest promotions, if you are looking for jewelry making supplies with great quality and cheap price, you shall never miss these crazy sales!

promotions 1

promotions 2

promotions 3

Don’t you think these items are pretty? If you are planning to DIY some accessories for the coming New Year, then find something on, you’ll enjoy your crafting with those wonderful items!

Any problems, please feel free to contact us. Enjoy your shopping on, and wish you a happy new year!

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Crazy Year End Sales!!!

Hello all! Christmas is around the corner and New Year is coming, do you want to make something new for these two great holidays? Well, as a jewelry fan, if you are looking for jewelry beads and supplies for your Christmas and New Year DIYs, you shall never miss PandaHall year-end sale! You’re asking why? Let me tell you why!

Crazy Year End Sales 1

UP TO 75% OFF and FREE SHIPPING for order over 399 dollars! That’s really great right? Now let’s see what are on sale!

Crazy Year End Sales 2

Beads, pendants, charms, cabochons, watches, gift boxes, ribbons, and so on. So many items! I bet you can definitely find your target items. If you’ve missed some products because of their high prices, then check out this time, maybe they are on sale! Of course, apart from beads and findings, we’ve got many other jewelry and gifts:

Crazy Year End Sales 3

And crazy Christmas promotions!

Christmas promotions

If you are looking for cheap and high quality jewelry beads and findings, never miss our promotions! Any questions, be free to contact our customer service: [email protected].

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Crazy Sales in October!!!

Hello guys! Crazy sales again! If you have read our promotion posts before, you must know that pandahall provides big promotions every month! So, are you curious about the crazy sales in October? Okay, let’s see more details together! The promotion started from Oct. 7th to Oct. 28th, 2015 PST. Thousands of beads and jewelry findings are on sale, and you can get up to 75% off! Wow! That’s really crazy, right? And for most countries, if your orders are over $399, you can enjoy our free shipping service!

Crazy Sales in October

Wanna see more promotion products? Here are some hot sales! Click the image, and you’ll get more items NOW!

Crazy Sales in October 1

Besides, there are many small lot items and customers’ favorite items are on sales either! Just take a look at the images, the items are so adorable! I love those shiny rhinestones and colorful pearl beads!

Crazy Sales in October 2

If you are a jewelry maker or bead lover, you shall never miss a crazy sale like this! Any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected]



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