Great Jewelry Design with Lava Beads from Pandahall Customers

Hi, friends. It is really happy to see you here. Do you know lava beads? I think you should know a little about lava beads if you often make jewelry. Lave beads is a kind of beads which are usually used in jewelry or crafts making. And you can figure out them after seeing this post. Hope you will like them.
lava beads
You can see more colors of them from Pandahall and let’s enjoy the jewelry with these beads next.
Beautiful bracelet
Beautiful bracelet
Designer: Marina
A simple yet beautiful bracelet, which is mainly made by lava beads and flat round glass beads. Beaded dangles are needed to be prepared well before we make it. And I believe that all of you know how to do it. So join me and make one for yourself.
Triple strands bangle
Triple strands bangle
Designer: Mari
Beaded bangle with different kinds of beads, it is really a great design. Do you also like it? You know that the good design is a combination of pretty beads, so you can collect the lava beads now and then you can add them in your jewelry making.
Lava beads jewelry set
Lava beads jewelry set
Designer: Ulrika
Lava beads necklace and bracelet, nice jewelry set. Summer is coming and girls can wear the bracelet and necklace and match them with your dress. Can you imagine how beautiful is it? Trust me, you will never regret designing your own jewelry.
Charm beaded bracelet
Charm beaded bracelet
Designer: Yulia
Easy bracelet design, I believe that you have seen similar styles for many times. Red gemstone beads and black lava beads, looks fantastic. Hope this bracelet can bring you any inspiration if you want to have any try.
Now we have appreciated four pieces of jewelry with lava beads, and you must have your own recognition on them. Do not miss this good chance to collect them if you like them. See you next time!

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Beautiful Jewelry Made by Crackle Glass Beads from Pandahall Customers

Hi, dear friends. Hope everything is going well with you guys. Do you like crackle glass beads? And how do you think of crackle glass beaded jewelry? Today I am going to introduce four pieces of jewelry made by crackle glass beads from our Pandahall customers. Hope you will also love them!
Look at the crackle glass beads, they just look mysterious. Do you have the same feeling with me?
Blue beaded earrings
Blue beaded earrings
Designer: Marek
It should be easy to finish, but really pretty, right? Crackle glass beads are blue and they can make me think of the sea, all crystal clear, nice color. Do you like blue? Then make a pair of earrings like them or select another color you prefer, it may bring you any surprise.

Crackle Bracelets

Crystal bracelets
Designer: Светлана
They are also made by blue crackle glass beads and add interesting charms. Sometimes, simple design can impress us very much, just as this one. If you are a green hand, then it is your good choice to start your first step. Try it?
Glass dangle earrings
Glass dangle earrings
Designer: Marek
Why don’t you make a pair of glass earrings if you are searching for suitable project? Few materials and tools can always make us have more interest. It is not necessary to consider what kinds of clothes it should be matched, because any style can be matched with them.
Crackle hoop earrings
Crackle hoop earrings
Designer: Noémie
They look more complex than last one in design, and I think many jewelry lovers will love this pair more. Elegant style can help you look more attractive in public. If you cannot make jewelry, don’t worry, and you can get jewelry making supplies from then start your works. You have to recognize that it is worthwhile to do something you like.
Hope you have found your favorite crackle glass beaded jewelry, so are you going to try to make them? Try it and it will not let you down.

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Nice Jewelry Designs Made by Pandahall Customers

Hello, our lovely readers. I believe that you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am going to show you some beautiful jewelry designs today to return your backup. Actually, they are made by the common materials, but look special. And you will recognize the fact after you see this article.
Wire wrapped bangle bracelet
Wire Wrap Bangle Bracelet
Designer: Laura Owens
Materials: jade beads, aluminum wire, cooper jewelry wire
Have you seen more beautiful bangle bracelet than this one? As for me, it is unique. The shape of different colored jade beads look great and there should be many skills in wrapping the wire. I am not good at jewelry making, so who can tell me how to make it? Thanks~
Snowflake necklace design
Xmas Necklace Design
Designer: Elizabeth Mathieu
Materials: acrylic beads in different styles, Tibetan style toggle clasps, nylon wire
You can try to make this kind of Christmas necklace even if the Christmas is past. Slide different kinds of beads you like onto the nylon wire and add a snowflake pendant, then the main part is been done. Simple, yes?
Transparent earrings
transparent earrings
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: iron cross chain, earring hooks, eyepins, glass beads, acrylic beads
Different beaded dangles make the earrings look more distinctive. Both the acrylic beads and glass beads are transparent, and I think many girls like this clear color. How do you think of the transparent earrings?
Fashionable hoop earrings
Fashion Hoop Earrings
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: Australian crystal beads, Tibetan style pendants, iron cross chain, gemstone beads, hoop earring, earring hooks
We need many pieces of chains in different lengths to make the dangles. I bet you will look stunning to wear it in summer and match it with your long skirt. Try it if you don’t believe!
Have you found your favorite one? Or you are planning to make one of them. Ok, tell you a secret that I plan to make that snowflake necklace tonight because I want to keep this great festival. Welcome to join me and then we can share some making ideas with each other!

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Pretty Crafts You Should Try from Pandahall Customers

Hey, dear readers. I guess you guys may need some new jewelry recently, so today I am going to show you some pretty crafts with nice designs from our Pandahall customers. You can get some supplies & findings and start your creation after seeing this post. Enjoy!
Unique handmade bracelet
Unique handmade bracelet
Designer: Inge Wimmer
Materials: polymer clay beads, Tibetan style pendant, jump rings, eyepins, Tibetan sliver toggles and tbars
Actually, it is also beaded strands bracelet. As for me, polymer clay beads with this kind of rein always make me feel mysterious. How about you? We just need slide each bead with one eyepin, then connect them together, then it is done! You can add other colorful beads if you think the color of this bracelet is boring.
Multi strands necklace
multi strand necklace
Materials: glass beads strands, Tibetan style bead caps, Tibetan style toggle clasp, jump rings, iron twisted chain, Tibetan style ring
I think we should slide the glass beads onto twisted chains to form glass beads strands first. But trust me, it is easy to finish the strands. Then attach these strands with Tibetan style ring and Tibetan style toggle clasp. I believe that you know what the next steps are. Simple, right? It may just take five minutes to do it if you are familiar to these steps.
Chain & flower necklace
chain & flower necklace
Designer: Daliborka Juzbasa
Materials: lampwork beads, glass beads strands, headpins, jump rings
You will recognize its uniqueness when you see this special necklace. We know that different sized jump rings play an important part in the necklace making. This big lampwork bead is lively so that it attracts much attention. Above all, great idea, good design!
Pearl ear cuff
Pearl Ear Cuff
Designer: Iren Rasevych
Materials: cooper jewelry wire, pearl beads
Wow, this ear cuff just needs so few materials. We should figure out how the designer twists the wire then we can finish it alone. But you can do it if you guys often make some crafts. This earring looks so cool. I want to wear it too then I can show myself differently. Cool design~
Did you have found your favorite one? You can try to make some jewelry if you think it is not enough to appreciate. But do not forget to share your great designs with all of us. Look forward your works! Have fun~

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