Pandahall New Arrival-Funny Pendants You Will Need for Jewelry Making

Hello, friends. Happy to see you again. Thanks for your support all the time. We know that we often use different kinds of charms or pendants to make necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. So it is necessary to collect more beautiful pendants. And today I am going to share you some funny pendants, hope you will like them.
Stainless Steel Pendant, with Rhinestone
Golden Angel Pendants with Rhinestone
Look at these interesting angel pendants, they make me think of cartoon characters I saw in my childhood. They always represent for the justice, brave and other good implied meanings. So I pick up some of them to show you. You can try to add them to you necklace and bracelet making to protect you from terrible things.
Stainless Steel Pendants
Golden Lovely Charms
You may be bothered for choosing the gifts for your girlfriend recently as the Valentine’s Day is coming. I have an idea that you can try to make any accessories she like. It may be great that you can add some heart beads in your jewelry making. You can see this heart charm, cute, right? So just take an action.
Brass Prayer Box Pendants
Brass Prayer Box Pendants
I know that the boxes are rarely used in your jewelry making. But look at the two box pendants, interesting, right? It should be a great design that a chain necklace is made with adding this box as a pendant. Cool, I just cannot wait to make one. Do you want to see my craft then?
Iron Glass Pendants
Golden Iron Pendants in Different shapes
Are you surprised by these beautiful pendant designs? The second one is wrapped by wire, just collect this wire pendant if you are a wire jewelry lovers. And the other three ones are all glass pendants, you can see the glass beads are inserted in wires. Nice making, yes?
OK, it is done. Have you found your favorite pendant? Just collect all of them if it is hard for you to select any of them. Have fun~ See you next time!

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Pandahall New Arrival of Acrylic Beads You Can Collect

Good afternoon, dear friends. Happy Monday! It is time to share our Pandahall new arrivals with you guys. Now, I am gonna show you some acrylic beads in different types and shapes. Expecting them? So follow me to see together!
Acrylic Cone Beads
Acrylic Cone Beads
How do you think these colorful acrylic cone beads? Seen from their shape, they look like abacus beads, right? These colorful beads can be slide together to a necklace, and I think it will be adorable.
ABS Acrylic Bead Flower Caps
ABS Acrylic Bead Flower Caps
These 2 bead caps are flower-shaped, they look like pearl beads so much, how do you think so? As for me, I will slide them into a bracelet, also, you can combine them as charms or pendants, and I can bet that the jewelry will be very cute.
Drop Golden Plated Taiwan Acrylic Multi-Strand Links
Drop Golden Plated Taiwan Acrylic Multi-Strand Links
Look at these drop golden plated Taiwan acrylic beads, do you know where they can be used? Obviously, they can be linked as pendants, or you can DIY a bib necklace with them. If you like this idea I give you, you can make one for yourself.
Opaque Acrylic Done/Half Round Cabochons
Opaque Acrylic Done/Half Round Cabochons
Wow, pretty and colorful cabochons! There are many colors for this kind of beads for jewelry making on Pandahall, so you can choose the color that you like on our website. Just try to make some jewelry with these cute cabochons, good luck to you.
Now, I have share all today’s acrylic beads with you, which kind do you like best? I believe you love all of them. Anyway, hope you enjoy the DIY time and have a nice day!

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DIY Tiny Christmas Tree Necklace!!!!

Christmas tree necklace diy with buttons Do you love Christmas??? Well I do… and to be honest, who doesn’t?  So let’s start prepare tiny cute Christmas tree pendant necklace to welcome the coming festival…even with hour jewels!
materials free Christmas necklace diy

Materials for Tiny Christmas Tree Pendant Necklace:

  • Craft Buttons (we are going to use thee different sizes button with 2 or 4 wholes)
  • White wooden round beads
  • Tiny star bead
  • Tiny Turquoise bead
  • Crimps
  • Leather Cord
  • Jewelry Wire
  • Plier Set

tutorial button Christmas tree pendant
The procedure is really easy, it is funny and it is something you can do with your kids. First start with the jewelry wire and the larger craft button. Pass the wire from the two wholes of the button and
diy Christmas tiny tree necklace
use a white wooden bead to connect the wire edges. Continue with the second in size button and another wooden bead.
button Christmas tree necklace

End it with the smallest craft button, a white wooden bead, the turquoise bead and the acrylic star bead. The wire should be split only with the buttons. In order to create a small loop to connect it with the leather cord, just use a second crimp and close it with the relevant pliers just a cm after the 1st crimp. Close the end with a crimp and your tiny Christmas tree is ready to be used!

free jewelry making Christmas tree
Cut a piece of the leather cord (as long as you wish to have your necklace) and connect it with the tree pendant. Make a simple knot in both edges of the cord and your Christmas Necklace is ready!!!!!

Christmas tree necklace diy with buttons

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Fresh Shell Pendants for Your Jewelry Designs

Hello guys! Happy Monday! Any new plans for this week? As usual, today I’m here to share you some of our new arrivals of this week! So far, we’ve shared you various kinds of beads, chains, jewelry sets, and so on. And now, I’d like to introduce you something special – shell pendants! Wanna know more details? Let’s have a look together!

Freshwater shell pendants

freshwater shell

Freshwater shell is a kind of common shell. You must have seen many kinds of freshwater shells in different waters, but have you ever thought those ordinary shells can make such beautiful pendants? What a lovely surprise!

White shell pendants

white shell

Can you believe these gorgeous white pendants are made by shell? I thought they were made by jade or white emeralds! They look so clear and kind of transparent, which is quite similar to jade and emeralds.

Black lip shell pendants

black lip shell

Wow! They are so delicate! Look at the elephant pendant, it seems the elephant is walking under the sunshine, so warm! I love those wonderful color variations!

Pink shell pendants

pink shell

Pink is a warm color, it is not so enthusiasm as red, but it can make people look young. If you want to make some girly earrings or simple pendant necklaces, you can try these pretty pink shell pendants.

Paua shell pendants

paua shell

If you are looking for something dreamy and fantastic, you shall never miss these fabulous paua shells. Their dreamy colors are so attractive and dizzying, they’ll absolutely make your works amazing!

Other sea shell pendants

other sea shell

There are so many kinds of sea shells, so I don’t know which the exact shells are used to make these pendants. However, they look really great right?

Apart from what I’ve listed above, there are many other shell pendants on our website, if you want to see more, welcome to visit

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Brand New Stainless Steel Pendants for You

Hello guys! Monday again! Wish you guys a happy week! Last Monday I’ve introduced you some cool stainless steel bracelets, do you like them? Today I’m gonna share you some stylish stainless steel pendants! You know, it’s really difficult for me to choose pictures for this post, because there are sooo many lovely pendants on our website! So finally I decided to list some of my favorite ones here, if you wanna see more, please search them on

Skull pendants

skull pendants

Wow! Those skull pendants are cool and creepy! They are definitely great for the coming Halloween! Do you like them? I like the first one and the goat skulls, they are delicate in design and good in quality. Just look at the red crystal in the skull’s eye, so cool!

Halloween pendants

Halloween pendants

Apart from skulls, those spiders and scorpion are great for Halloween either. If you wanna make other accessories rather than pendant necklaces, you can search for Halloween beads on our website, you’ll find more items there.

English letter pendants

English letter pendants

Do you know why I choose the letter “L” and “C” here? Because “LC” is short for “Learning Center”, which is a place you can find many jewelry making tutorials, ideas, and videos.

Chinese character pendants

Chinese character pendants

The first one means love, the second one means destiny, and the last one means luck and happiness. Which one is your favorite?

Heart pendants

heart pendants

Since we are talking about pendants, how can we forget heart pendants? We’ve got heart shaped pendants and other shaped pendants with heart patterns, no matter what kind do you want, there must be one could meet your need.

Pendants for couples

pendants for couples

Well, apart from heart pendants, we’ve got more for couples, do you like them?

At last, here come my favorite ones! The superhero pendants!

super hero pendants

Thor, superman, and batman, which one is your favorite hero? I have to say it’s really hard for me to make a choice! I love them all! I’m a super fan of Superhero Movies, I wanna all of these lovely pendants!

So, after viewing all those cute stainless steel pendants, do you find your favorite one? If you wanna see more, welcome to visit our website, you’ll find more jewelry making supplies which will surprise you! Welcome to PandaHall, and happy shopping!

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