Beautiful Accessories Designed by Susan Gammons

Hello guys! Today I’m here to share you some super cute DIY jewelry made by our brilliant customer Susan Gammons. I don’t know whether you guys remember or not, actually we’ve shared you some of Susan’s works before. Today I’d like to share you more, for her DIYs are really gorgeous! Enjoy!

Beautiful Accessories Designed by Susan Gammons

Vintage butterfly earrings and necklace jewelry set

butterfly earrings and necklace jewelry set

Main materials: brass lever back earring hooks, antique bronze chandelier earring links, alloy butterfly link, light green glass beads, orange Czech glass beads, Tibetan silver hanger link, leaf and bird alloy pendants, cross chain.
Vintage style accessories can always remind us of those good old days. If you are a fan of vintage jewelry, or you like jewels with butterflies, you shall never miss this butterfly jewelry set.

Gemstone pendant necklace

gemstone pendant necklace

Main materials: gemstone, jewelry wire, cross chain.
This pendant necklace is quite simple in design, but, you can’t deny it’s beautiful. Sometimes, simple accessories give us more surprises than we expected.

Pearl bead bracelet

pearl bead bracelet

Main materials: white pearl beads, pink pearl beads, rhinestone spacer beads, shell clasp.
Pearl bead bracelet again! We’ve shared you various kinds of pearl bracelets before, do you like them? I think this one is much more charming than those previous ones because of its pretty shell clasp and shiny rhinestone spacers.

Rose lampwork bead earrings

rose lampwork bead earrings

Main materials: earring hooks, golden bead caps, handmade rose lampwork beads, flower spacers, finding beads, headpins.
Wow! I do love these lovely dangle earrings! Look at those gorgeous rose beads, they are so attractive! Dose any girl can resist the temptation of roses?

Turquoise bead chandelier earrings

turquoise bead chandelier earrings

Main materials: earring hooks, vintage leaf charms, cross chain, brass beads, jump rings, synthetical howlite beads.
Mostly, chandelier earrings are vintage and elegant. But this pair is really cool! They are kind of bohemian, wild and free.

As I’ve said, Susan is really a brilliant jewelry designer, she’s talented! If you wanna see more of her works, visit her page here.

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A Special Customers’ Beadwork Show

Hello guys! Customers’ beadwork show again! Recently, we’ve shared you many of our customers’ beadworks, but why this time is special? Wanna know the difference? Well, let’s see the beadworks first, and I’ll tell you the difference later. LOL~

Amethyst crystal pendant necklaces & Drusy crystal gold pendant necklace

Amethyst Pendant Necklace and Drusy Crystal Pendant Necklace

Designer: Natalie Shaw from Doodlecraft Blog
Main materials: amethyst pendants, silver chains, barrel clasps and jump rings; drusy crystal pendant, gold chain, lobster clasps and jump rings.
It’s pretty easy to make those cute pendant necklaces, all you need is to gather the materials and link them together. What I want to say is those pendants are sooo beautiful!

Multi strand beaded chain necklaceBeaded Chain Necklace

Designer: Rachel Nielsen from Adventure of a DIY Mom
Main materials: beaded chain, chain, lobster clasp, and jump rings
This necklace is very simple in design, but it’s pretty indeed. If you wanna make one, just pay attention to the combination of bead links and chains.

Beaded wrap bracelet

Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Designer: Yin from Pretty Quirky Pants
Main materials: pearls, bronze spacers, skull bead, waxed cord, and tiger tail
Wrapped bracelets always function as friendship bracelets, this cool pearl bead wrap bracelet could be a great gift for your BFF.

Cluster drop necklaceCluster Drop Necklace

Designer: Julie from Sum of Their Stories
Main materials: red drop acrylic beads, chain, jump rings, and lobster clasp
It’s gorgeous! I love the arrangement of those shiny drop beads!

Prehnite necklace and bracelet

Prehnite Bead Necklace and Bracelet

Designer: Mei Tan from Wire Bliss Design
Main materials: natural prehnite nuggets, box link stainless steel chain, and lobster claw clasp
I love the color of those prehnite nuggets, they remind me of spring lake water, clean and fresh.

Okay, today’s customers’ beadwork show is over, do you like their designs? And if you still remember, now I’m gonna answer the question we’ve mentioned at the very beginning. The difference is between the materials. What we’ve showed you before are beadworks provided by our customers who brought our products and submitted their works to our website. But the works I list here are made with free pandahall products!

If you read this post carefully, you’ll find there are blogs after the designers’ names. Yes, currently we are looking for jewelry making bloggers to try our free samples, if you are a jewelry/craft maker or bead lover, don’t miss this chance! More details please contact us at [email protected].

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Autumn Jewelry Roundup

Kids are back to school, summer vacation is over, and autumn is coming. In summer, we always like wearing bright colored, shining accessories, but when it is autumn, things are little bit different. Today our post is about autumn jewelry. When it refers to autumn, what occur to you first? For me, I first think of leaves, colorful and beautiful. Orange, red, brown, and gray, they are the dominant tone of autumn, and also the main colors of autumn jewelry.

autumn jewelry

If we are going to talk about autumn, there are so many things we cannot ignore. The maple leaves, the pumpkins, the acorns, and so on. But have you ever think of turning all those beautiful things into accessories? If no, you shall never miss the autumn jewelry we are going to share.

Glass acorn pendant necklace

glass acorn pendant necklace

It’s commonplace to see pendant necklaces and necklaces made with glass beads, but how about a cute glass acorn pendant necklace? Not that normal right? It’s so adorable and so autumn!

Maple leaf earrings

maple leaf earrings

Obviously, these leaf earrings are made by clay. The creator must be very good at working with clay so that he/she could make such beautiful and vivid leaf earrings. They are just as natural as the real ones. I do love them!

Pumpkin earrings

pumpkin earrings

When it comes to autumn, we could never miss pumpkins! Pumpkins are delicious, and pumpkin earrings are definitely on trend! They’re not only suitable for autumn, but also great for the coming Halloween! But if you think pumpkin earrings are not horrible enough for Halloween, you can get some scary Halloween beads to DIY accessories by yourself!

Leaf earrings

leaf earrings

Another pair of leaf earrings! Use jewelry wire to make leaf shaped hoops and make beads functioning as veins, really creative!

Autumn cuff earring

autumn cuff earring

That’s sooo amazing! The creator must be very skillful at wire wrapping. This stunning cuff earring can definitely make a girl outstanding among the crowd! It should belong to fairyland!

Wire wrapped tree of life pendant necklace

Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

I love this life tree. It makes me think of Tagore’s poem, let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves. Autumn trees always make people thoughtful and sensitive, but I still like them.

So after seeing all these fabulous autumn jewelry, have you find your favorite one? Or do you have any other jewelry making ideas for autumn? If yes, welcome to share with us!

All images come from pinterest.

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How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces

It’s such a commonplace for girls to wear pendant necklaces that you can see many different kinds of pendant necklaces on the street every day. Then have you ever thought of making a unique one for yourself? Today this tutorial will show you how to make a pair of kaleidoscopic clay pendant necklaces. Enjoy it!

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 1

When I first saw them, I was astonished by their random patterns and mixed colors. They are stunning and the design is so impressive! Are you attracted by them as well? Ok, let’s see how to make them together!

Materials needed for making the clay pendant necklaces:
Flat nose pliers
Wire cutter pliers
4mm and 6mm silver jump rings
Seed beads
Shimmer eyeshadow
Glass rhinestone cabochons
Polymer clay
4mm emerald rhinestone cup chain
Silver chain with a clasp

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 2

How to make the beaded pendant necklaces:
Step 1: Use the clay to make a thick teardrop pendant. Clip off a small section of rhinestone cup chain, and press it firmly into the clay.

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 3

Step 2: Clip off another piece of rhinestone cup chain, and press it firmly at the top of the clay. Then press in three jump rings and decorate them with seed beads and rhinestone cabochons.

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 4

Step 3: Once finished decorating the clay with beads, trim the outside of it with the rhinestone cup chain again. You can trim the bottom with rhinestones and the top with seed beads. Make sure everything is firmly embedded.

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 5

Step 4: Use a sewing needle to make a hole through the clay pendant, and make some dot decorations on the surface of the clay with the needle as well. Then dust the pendant with eyeshadow. It will make the clay super shiny! Bake the clay at 120 degrees for 30 minutes (it depends on the thickness of the clay, you can check periodically while baking), make sure it hardens up. After baking, attach an eye pin to the pendant and make a top loop, then finish the necklace by adding the pendant to the sliver chain.

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 6

Step 5: Repeat to make another clay pendant necklace.

Here goes the final look:

How to Make Sparkling Clay Pendant Necklaces 7

Terrific! These shimmering DIY pendant necklaces are fantastic for summer. If you are going to make one, you can customize every pattern to suit your own tastes. Be creative and enjoy your craft!

Tutorial source: kaleidoscope clay pendants +diy

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7 Popular Women Necklaces You Need Know

It is believed that every girl wants to have a customizable necklace. Wearing proper necklace helps people stand out from the crowd. In fact, a lot of girls cannot classify necklaces correctly. So in order to help you have a better understanding of women necklaces, today I will share you some popular necklaces, common but stylish.
Charm necklace
charm necklace

Charm necklace is one of the most common and easiest DIY necklaces by attaching some cute or personalized cheap charms on necklace chains. And it’s pretty popular to make charm necklaces dangling with unique metal stamping name tags. How wonderful would it be to have a special necklace with beloved one’s name! They could be super cool gifts, I bet!
Statement necklace
statement necklace

Statement necklaces are large necklaces with an excessive amount of dangle, beads, or intricate details and are made from a variety of materials and infinite number of color combinations. Statement necklaces are flashy and bold that we should be aware of matching right colors and styles before wearing.
Multi strand necklace
multi strand necklace
Multi strand necklaces are layered necklaces with several strands with beads or charms put together. They are popular necklaces designs because of their complicated yet trendy look.
Pendant necklace
pendant necklace

Pendant necklace is a traditional accessory with a pendant hanging down.  And the pendant is very important to pendant necklaces. It seems like that a proper pendant will definitely change a necklace from dull into vivacious with its nameless magic.
Bib necklace
bib necklace

Bib necklace is a type of large, dramatic necklace, circular or triangular in shape, consisting of a web-like mesh of metal. Sweep your hair to let your bib necklace take center stage, its chunky round, oval shape will keep you glowing through the holiday season.
Fringe necklace
fringe necklace
Fringe necklace is really a kind of ubiquitous necklace that adored by lots of girls, including me. We could classify fringe necklaces according to their names. Like pendant necklaces, fringe necklaces swinging around our neck will help us win attention in public.
Rosary necklace
rosary necklace

We have come to the last but not the least part, rosary necklaces. Coming in a variety of styles and materials, rosary necklaces have some connection with god according to catholic. So you need to make clear when and where you wear.
So after appreciating all these seven types of popular necklaces, do you have a better understanding of necklaces? Which one do you like best? Maybe you have a crush to buy one right now. Well you don’t need to do so, all above women necklaces can be made at home. What you need to do is to get the jewelry making supplies and find tutorials online. I’m sure you will have much joy in creating your own customizable necklace.

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