How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 1

Can you believe this is a DIY necklace? I couldn’t believe it either. But it is a DIY necklace! It looks so delicate and graceful! It must be very happy to make such an elegant statement necklace at home by yourself. So now, let’s see how to make it together!

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 2

Materials and tools needed:
Pearl beads
Jewelry wire
Rhinestone pendant
Jump rings
Crimp beads
Lobster clasp
Faux leather
Paint pen
Mini binder clips
Jewelry pliers

How to make the pearl bead statement necklace:
Step 1: From about 1/4 inch from the left edge of the leather, make a dash at the 0 point of the ruler, and add another two dashes at 1/2 and 1 inch point. Then move your pen 1 inch and repeat to make three dashes like previous.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 3

Step 2: Glue the leather like the picture shows.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 4

Step 3: Cut a long section of jewelry wire, slide a crimp bead to the wire and insert it through the first chin link. Fix the crimp bead and wire, and add pearl beads.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 5

Step 4: Add the rhinestone pendant to the pearl necklace with a small jump ring and connect the chains with lobster clasp.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 6

Step 5: Glue the faux leather to the pendant necklace.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 7

Done!How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 8

Pearl necklaces are always on trend and timeless. This lovely pearl statement necklace is not only fashionable for daily wearing, but also great for work and parties. It could be a wonderful choice for young ladies.

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Caroline Pearl Chain Necklace in 2 Broke Girls

I love pearl necklace and I’m a big fan of the two broke girls; when I watched the show, I was attracted by the gold cream pearl chain necklace that Caroline worn. The vintage necklace worn by Caroline is gorgeous and it can be match with any outfits. She was wearing the statement pearl necklace when she met Max the first time and she always wear it. Caroline said that the pearl necklace is her lucky necklace, and she touches her lucky pearl necklace every time when she introduces herself to others.






Pearl necklace makes women noble and elegant and this is absolutely the person Caroline used to be, a rich young lady who lived a luxury life. I think this is why the peal chain necklace is so meaningful to the poor girl Caroline.

Yes, pearl necklace is elegant and almost every women love it. Honestly, I planned to get one for myself too. As an experienced crafter who has several years’ experience in jewelry making, I would rather make my own pearl chain necklace. The original pearl statement necklace Caroline worn has 2 layers of pearl beads. While I have made some changes, I used the pearl beads and gold chain to make my own necklace but it is not the original Caroline statement necklace. Here I will share the picture with you.

pearl chain necklace 2


There are lots of necklace designs that used pearl beads and chains. I have collected some of the favorite pearl chain necklaces and would share here too. Hope you can get some inspirations from them and make your own one. Or you can just buy them directly if you like it and don’t have the time to make by yourself. 🙂 By the way, the 3rd purple pearl necklace design is the most similar to the original pearl chain necklace that caroline worn.


Pearl beads are regarded as the symbol of elegance and golden usually stands for richness and nobleness. That’s why the pearl necklace are necessarily own by noble families in the past time. Now, the pearl necklace is cheap and can be owned and worn by common people too. If you love these pearl chain necklaces, welcome to leave a comment below. 🙂

PS – please don’t judge me if you think it’s idiot to love the 2 broke girls.


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