Lovely Accessories Designed by Elena Bufalino

Hello there! As usual, today I’m here to share you some of our customers’ handmade accessories. As you can see from the title, what I’ll show you are designed by Elena Bufalino. When I first saw Elena’s page, I was surprised! There are so many lovely crafts on her page! I’ve picked five of them to share you here, hope you guys like them.

Simple wire hairpins

simple wire hairpin

Materials: colored aluminum wire
Don’t you think they are cute? Their candy colors are so lovely and they could be very useful! However, if you are a girl with thick hair like me, it would be better to replace the aluminum wires with copper wires or stainless steel wires, because aluminum wires are so soft that they are easily to be twisted.

Chandelier earrings

chandelier earrings

Materials: Tibetan style links, orange Czech glass beads, orange drop glass beads, gemstones, earring hooks
These chandelier earrings are both vintage and stylish, they could well match your daily outfits. But those gemstones and glass beads make the earrings heavy, which will make your ears tired if you wear them all day.

Dangle earrings

dangle earrings

Materials: red glass beads, flower spacer beads, stardust beads, crimp beads, handmade heart beads, earring hooks
Adorable dangle earrings! The handmade hearts are so cute! These earrings could be great for happy holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year.

Elegant statement necklace

elegant statement necklace

Materials: black gemstones, cross chains
Do you like this vintage statement necklace? It’s so graceful that always makes me think of British noble ladies, like Lady Mary in Downtown Abbey. I do love this necklace!

Three-strand pearl necklace

three strand pearl necklace

Materials: dark colored pearl beads, shell cabochon
Pearl necklace is elegant enough, once decorated with a delicate shell flower cabochon, wow, they are gorgeous! If you are a graceful lady, you shall try this necklace.

So, after appreciating all those five accessories, do you like them? If you want to learn more about Elena Bufalino, visit her page here.

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New Arrivals of Gorgeous Bib Necklaces

Hello guys! Last Friday I’ve shared you four fantastic bib necklaces made by our brilliant customer Evgeniy Slomintsev, do you like those beautiful necklaces? We all know it takes time and asks for skills to design and make a successful bib necklace at home, then how about buy a gorgeous one with very reasonable price? Here, I’m gonna show you some of our new arrivals of bib necklaces, I bet you’ll love them! Enjoy the show!

Alloy bib necklaces

alloy bib necklaces 1

Do you like these Boho style bib necklaces? They all made by alloy and decorated with colorful beads and metals. I think they are really pretty! Of course, besides the Boho style ones, we’ve got many Tibetan styles either.

alloy bib necklaces 2

They look pretty cool and exotic, right? And apart from those previous two styles, there are much more alloy bib necklaces on our website, but we need to save some space for others, so, following are another six alloy bib necklaces, if you wanna see more, click here.

alloy bib necklaces 3

Acrylic beaded bib necklaces

acrylic beaded bib necklaces 1

These three necklaces are made with metal and decorated with acrylic beads. Three different styles, but both of them are cool!

acrylic beaded bib necklaces 2

And all these three are made with acrylic beads. Look at those colorful beads, they are so pretty! They could be very popular among kids.

Glass beaded bib necklaces

glass beaded bib necklaces

Among all those four necklaces, which is your favorite one? I love the first one best. Because the glass beads are so shiny, they look like real crystals and I love crystals!

Resin bib necklaces

Resin bib necklaces

Well, to be honest, I’m not quite familiar with resin, but whatever, I love those resin necklaces! LOL~ They are gorgeous!

Shell and pearl bib necklaces

shell and pearl bib necklaces

Yes, as you can see in the images, the first three are mainly made with seashell and the last three are made with pearl beads. I’ve seen many kinds of pearl accessories, but shells, wow, they are surprising me!

Now, after seeing so many fabulous bib necklaces, do you find your favorite one? If you wanna buy one, click for more choices!

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Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory

Hi Guys, It’s always excited to show you these brilliant jewelry works created by our dearest customers every week! Because that’s really a perfect time to showcases the variety and quality of our beads and findings in different designs! So today, you’ll see some classic accessories in jewelry world – Pearl jewelry! I know most of young girls would feel that pearls are something only for our moms or grand moms. However, I don’t think so. Pearl jewelry can be also stunning to wear if we change up the colors, sizes or patterns. Like below pearl jewelry designs, you can find our customer Eileen McRory finished these gorgeous pearl jewelry projects with different diameters of pearl beads and beading patterns. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 1
The multi-strand pearl necklace used the big pearl beads in lines and made it a elegant choker one. However, if you look it carefully, you may find she actually did one lines of pearl beads first, and added pearl dangles in the middle then thread the 3rd line along with the dangles in between. How smart!

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 2
Personally, the pearl necklace is really a great wedding jewelry piece, as the pretty combinations of pearls and pure clear glass beads can never be wrong for any wedding gown. Don’t forget that you can make a ideal gift for one of your girl friends who’s going to be married!

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 3
Well, a little intricate pattern I must say! An experienced beader can make it without problem. If you truly love this one, go online and learn some basic stitch pattern first and then start digging into it. Or leave a message her here.

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 4
What do you think of this pearl necklace? It looks like the zig zag pattern being used, however, it’s just made with the basic stitch pattern right angle weave varying with different sizes of pearl beads. Wanna have a try?

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 5
The last one is my favorite, because I’m always struggling in between girly and eccentric styles. This piece brings mix of ladylike staple and a kind of vintage feel, could be great accessories for a night party!

So which of the above pearl jewelry designs you love best? Here, we want to express our deep gratitude to Eileen McRory who shared with us her amazing designs. And below are some other beautiful works made by her. Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for customer beadwork show next week!

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Video Tutorial: DIY Bridal Choker Pearl Necklace

Here’s a wonderful video tutorial to teach you how to make a gorgeous bridal choker pearl necklace. So if you are going to be married and do NOT spend a fortune on your wedding, I’d highly recommend you to try out this elegant choker necklace by your own! Just be smart! Why not? You’ll be so proud of yourself to be able to finish a beautiful bridal  necklace. And it can be a great memory for a life long time! Now check out the details and give yourself a go!

DIY Bridal Choker Pearl Necklace

You’ll need:
0.3mm Tiger Wire
2mm Iris Round Seed Beads
6mm Clear Bicone Glass Beads
6x4mm Faceted Glass Beads
2mm Glass Seed Bead
12mm Light Blue Drop Beads
16mm Glass Pearl Beads
3mm Iron Bead Tips
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Lobster Clasp
Flat Nose Plier
Wire Cutting Plier
Iron Scissor

So do you love this beautiful choker pearl for the bride? You can also use other beads for example: clear, white and blue as the main colors, to make it more suitable as daily wear for the summer weather!  Hope you’ll enjoy this bridal pearl necklace and good luck!

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