Elegant and Colorful Pearl Necklace

Today we are making an elegant necklace with pearls and beautiful colors that reminds us summer is near! If you want a necklace you can wear everyday and add a touch of color to any outfit, this colorful classy necklace is for you!



-dainty sterling silver chain

-sterling silver lobster clasp

pearl beads

turquoise beads

-jewelry making wire

-crimp beads

-semi-precious tear-drop beads


First using a crimp bead, attach one end of the chain to a piece of jewelry wire like this.


Now start threading your beads to the jewelry wire creating this pattern.


Secure the wire but don’t forget to attach it to the other end of the chain using another crimp bead.


Measure the necklace and cut off any excess chain. Finally attach the lobster clasp.


Enjoy your new necklace and be happy!


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Cute Jewelry Design by Pandahall Customers

Hello, dear friends, I believe that you have nice weekends. Today, I am going to share some cute jewelry designs with you. All the jewelry crafts are made by our Pandahall customers, thanks for their great work, and I hope these pretty crafts can give you some inspirations for your DIY journey. Now, follow me to see~

Rhinestone Bead Bracelets
Rhinestone Bead Bracelets


Designer: Keisha Adams

Materials: rhinestone beads in different styles, gemstone beads, glass beads

This rhinestone beads bracelet is so chinning, right? All the beads compose of this bracelet are blingbling. The designer chooses some heart-shaped and cross-shaped rhinestone beads, which make this beaded bracelet so unique. You can make this beautiful bracelet on the coming Valentine’s Day.

Crystal Earring Works

Crystal Earring Works


Designer: Monica Benz

Materials: glass beads, seed beads, jewelry wire, earring hooks

See this crystal earrings, they look like 2 leaves, do you think so? The glass beads and see beads are combined together by jewelry wire. I love these 2 colors, which bring the earrings charming and noble.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

Designer: Eileen McRory

Materials: acrylic pearl beads, jewelry wire, lobster claw

A lovely and personalized white pearl beads necklace, I fall in love with it the first sight I met it. I believe you are surprised after you see this peal bib necklace, and I think it is suitable for wedding, how do you think about it?

Seed Bead Drop Earrings

Seed Bead Drop Earrings

Designer: Marginean Liana Georgeta

Materials: glass beads, seed beads, earring hooks, jewelry wire

Have this seed bead drop earrings attracted your attention? The whole jewelry are made of seed beads in different colors mainly, I cannot imagine the earrings can be made so beautiful with seed beads. Do you want to have a try?

Now, I have shown some of personalized jewelry with you, which one do you like best? If you are interested in them, you can also DIY some by yourself. Anyway, wish you a nice day~

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How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 1

Can you believe this is a DIY necklace? I couldn’t believe it either. But it is a DIY necklace! It looks so delicate and graceful! It must be very happy to make such an elegant statement necklace at home by yourself. So now, let’s see how to make it together!

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 2

Materials and tools needed:
Pearl beads
Jewelry wire
Rhinestone pendant
Jump rings
Crimp beads
Lobster clasp
Faux leather
Paint pen
Mini binder clips
Jewelry pliers

How to make the pearl bead statement necklace:
Step 1: From about 1/4 inch from the left edge of the leather, make a dash at the 0 point of the ruler, and add another two dashes at 1/2 and 1 inch point. Then move your pen 1 inch and repeat to make three dashes like previous.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 3

Step 2: Glue the leather like the picture shows.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 4

Step 3: Cut a long section of jewelry wire, slide a crimp bead to the wire and insert it through the first chin link. Fix the crimp bead and wire, and add pearl beads.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 5

Step 4: Add the rhinestone pendant to the pearl necklace with a small jump ring and connect the chains with lobster clasp.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 6

Step 5: Glue the faux leather to the pendant necklace.

How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 7

Done!How to Make a Stylish Statement Necklace 8

Pearl necklaces are always on trend and timeless. This lovely pearl statement necklace is not only fashionable for daily wearing, but also great for work and parties. It could be a wonderful choice for young ladies.

Tutorial source:

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How to Make Cute Seashell Pearl Necklace and Ring

How to Make a Cute Seashell Pearl Necklace and Ring 1

So guys, what do you think of the seashell pearl necklace and ring? Do you like them? Well, as a girl who always like simple style jewels, I do love these cute pearl accessories! And what makes me excited is these lovely pearl jewels are very easy to make! Let’s have a look together!

Here are the materials needed to make the pretty pearl necklace and pearl ring:
Jewelry wire
Jump rings
Lobster claw clasps
Small seashells
Pearl beads
Ring blank
3-in-1 jewelry pliers

How to Make a Cute Seashell Pearl Necklace and Ring 2

Now let’s start with the seashell pearl necklace.

How to Make a Cute Seashell Pearl Necklace and Ring 31. Glue a pearl bead into the center of a seashell and make sure the bead’s holes are facing sideways.

How to Make a Cute Seashell Pearl Necklace and Ring 42. Cut about 5cm jewelry wire, and make it into a spiral link with pliers. And then glue the spiral link onto the seashell.

How to Make a Cute Seashell Pearl Necklace and Ring 53. Connect the seashell pendant and the chain with a jump ring, and finish the pearl necklace by adding the clasps to the ends of the chain.

Then, let’s make the pearl ring!

How to Make a Cute Seashell Pearl Necklace and Ring 61. Glue a pearl into the center of a seashell like we did before.

How to Make a Cute Seashell Pearl Necklace and Ring 72. Glue the seashell onto the ring blank and let dry completely.

Tada! Here goes the final look of the beautiful pearl necklace and pearl ring!

How to Make a Cute Seashell Pearl Necklace and Ring 8

It’s really simple to make them right? You can easily finish them within 30 minutes. If you like them, just go gather the materials and enjoy your crafting!

Tutorial source:

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How to Make Galaxy Gold Pearl Necklace

Looking for some special and chic pearl necklaces? Then you would love this gold galaxy pearl necklace design. In today’s tutorial video, we will teach you how to make a galaxy pearl necklace with gold pearls and gold chain. The finished pearl chain necklace is elegant and attractive. You will fall in love with it.

galaxy gold pearl necklace

Jewelry making supplies you need to prepare for making this galaxy gold pearl necklace:

14mm gold pearl beads

6mm gold pearl beads

4mm gold pearl beads

0.38mm tiger tail wire

golden chain

lobster claw clasps

How-to video about making this gold pearl chain necklace:

Now, the handmade gold galaxy pearl necklace is done! You can wear it to a party or in daily life! The pearl chain necklace is so elegant and chic that people who wear it would attract lots of attentions from passerbys. Give yourself a chance and try it right now!


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