PandaHall Tutorial on Wire Wrapped Cute Rabbit Necklace

Today, let’s make a cute rabbit necklace. Materials we need are as follow, are you ready?

10 mm Pink Pearl Beads 

4 mm Glass Pearl Beads 

0.3 mm Copper Jewelry Wire

0.5 mm Copper Jewelry Wire

Iron Cable Chains

Iron Jump Rings

Silver Lobster Claw Clasps

Jewelry Pliers Set

Firstly, take out a piece of 0.5 mm copper wire, form a half circle around the pink pearl.

Curve the rest wire into two waves, which are similar to the ears of rabbit;

Put the pearl into the half circle, tighten the wire, cut off redundant wire and form a circle on both ends.

Then, use 0.3 mm copper wire to connect both sides, thread through the hole in bottom and string the pink pearl.

The copper wire keep getting caught around “ears”, thread through 4mm pearl, make a knot.

Repeat these performances to other side. Trim the wire by pliers.

Finally, connect the jump ring with necklace cable chain and pendant, connect lobster claw clasps with chain.

Ta-Da, wire wrapped cute rabbit necklace is accomplished!!!

Looking for more jewelry making tutorials, welcome to visit and see you next time!



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PandaHall Idea on Leaf Earrings with Pearls

Are you interested in leaf-shaped jewelry? This tutorial shows you a pair of leaf earrings, we made jewelry wire into leaf shape, hope you like it!

Materials Needed:

3mm Imitated Pearl Acrylic Beads

0.3mm Gold Copper Jewelry Wire

0.8mm Gold Aluminum Wire

Iron Jump Rings

Golden Brass Earring Hooks

Using jewelry pliers and aluminum wire to make the main part of the leaf. Roughly like a waterdrop shape. Use copper wire and pearls to make the leaf vein. White beads add more beauty to the leaf, and make this leaf earrings more special. What a easy project! Have a try! And it’s easy to customize with your favorite colors and beads. You can also try other shapes, like flower or other animals. If you are interested, you can visit Inspiration Projects at PandaHall, there are plenty of crafts ideas. As for these wire jewelry, we think they are extremely unique and at the same time, are fun projects for beginners or people with some experience to try. If you have any ideas, welcome to share with us.

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PandaHall Jewelry Tutorial on Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set

Hello, guys, today we bring you a beading tutorial. Mainly to show you some beading skills. We made a pearl necklace, and if you want, you can use the same method to make a pair of earrings to match the necklace. It takes patience to complete this jewelry set, hope you can try it.

Materials needed:
8mm White Glass Pearl Beads (13)
4mm white glass Pearl Beads (179)
3mm golden Iron Spacer Beads (86)
Golden Earring Hooks (2)
0.2mm Clear Nylon Wire
Golden Claw Clasp (1)
Jewelry Pliers Set
Jump Rings (4)

The tutorial:
String a golden bead, a pearl (4mm), a golden bead, a pearl(4mm) onto the nylon thread.
Thread through these beads except the last pearl and tighten. Make knots to fix the beads.
The first basic pattern is finished by now.
Repeat beading to make basic pattern.
Add 2 pearls(4mm) and 1 golden bead, the golden bead in the middle.
Thread through the golden bead at the right, and tighten. String these beads back and forth to fix the beads.
Stop beading until there are 26 pearls on the wire.

Thread through the golden bead as picture shows.
Add 8 pearls(4mm) and 3 golden beads as shown.
Thread through the right golden bead to form a circle. Thread through the 2 pearls and the golden bead that we just added.
String a 8mm pearl, put it in the bead circle.
Thread through the golden bead on the other side, tighten the thread.
Thread through the middle 8mm pearl.
Thread through the golden bead and the next pearl.
Thread through the golden bead at the right and the pearl, we made beads into flower pattern.
String 2 pearls(4mm) and 1 golden bead to the thread, the golden bead in the middle.
Thread through the right golden bead.

Thread through the upper pearl(4mm) and the right golden bead, we made a basic pattern.
Repeat previous steps to make flower pattern and the linking bead parts.
String 7 pearls(4mm) and 3 golden beads to form a circle.
Thread through these beads back and forth to fix the beads.

Add 1 pearl(8mm), thread through the surrounding beads to fix the pattern.
We move the thread to the upper golden bead’s position.
Add 1 pearl(4mm), 1 golden bead, 1 pearl(4mm).
Thread through the upper golden bead, the upper pearl bead and the right golden bead in order.
Repeat previous steps, continue adding beads to make flower pattern, basic pattern and fix the beads.

According to your own needs, you can also adjust the length of the necklace by adding more beads.
Use jewelry pliers to pull open jump rings. Thread through the golden beads at the end to add jump rings. Add 1 jump ring and 1 clasp to one end, and 1 jump ring to the other end.
Through the same beading method, you can DIY a pair of earrings to match your necklace.
So we finished this “V” pearl beaded necklace.

How do you think of this necklace? If you are interested in other crafts ideas, welcome to visit Inspiration Projects at, or you have any creative ideas, welcome to comment too. Have a nice day!

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PandaHall Best Seller – Freshwater Pearls for Your Jewelry Design

Hello lovely readers! Happy Friday! The weekend is coming, are you excited? Yes, today I’m here to share you some of pandahall’s best sellers. And from now on, we’ll share you more of our best sellers and promote items on each Friday, hope you’ll like them!

Today’s items are freshwater pearls, you’ll see different types of pearl beads and some pearl beaded accessories. Let’s check them out together.

First, the most commonplace round white pearl beads. Don’t you think they are pretty? They are dyed and their level is grade A, you can find them on with item code A02S6017.


Second, grade A rice shaped white pearl beads. They’re not so well shaped than the previous ones, but they are totally natural! If you like them, search on our website with code PEAR-D072-1.


Third, grade A pink pearl beads! Do you like the color? It’s natural without any dyed procedures. Thought not perfectly shaped, these pink pearls are still very cute. Don’t you think so? Oh yes, the item code is A23WN011.


Then the last pearl beads, the dark slate blue ones, so cool! Can you believe it’s natural color as well? I have to say this color is really surprised me! I do love this gorgeous color! If you like them, please search the code A23WP011.


Apart from pretty pearl beads, we also have many hot sell pearl accessories. Here I selected four different types for you!

pearl accessories

Pearl bead dangle earrings (EJEW-JE01796), sterling silver shell pendant necklace with a pearl bead (JN271A), pearl bead sterling silver rose gold bracelet (JB178A), and a lovely shell flower brooch with pearl beads decorated (JEWB-E011-02). Which one is your favorite?

There are so many hot sell freshwater pearls and pearl bead accessories on our website, but I can’t list all of them here. If you wanna see more, welcome to visit our website, you’ll find thousands of items there and there must be something attracts you!

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Pretty Pearl Jewelry Designed by Pandahall Customers

Hello, everyone. How is everything going with you? Do you want to make some nice jewelry to enrich your life? Then this article is your great choice. Today I will show you four pieces of pearl jewelry made by our Pandahall customers. You can create your own crafts after seeing this article. Let’s move on.
pearl beads
Beautiful pearl beads strands, right?
Colorful chain necklace
Colorful chain necklace
Designer: Lzabela
I think we need to slide the beads and charms you like to the wire and add them to this gold chain. We can see that different kinds of beads are shown in this chain necklace making. It is an easy craft but really pretty, right?
Simple white bracelet
Simple white bracelet
Designer: Mary
I think most people can finish this bracelet if you are willing to make it. White jewelry is prefect to match with your clothes in different colors and different types. I like this project very much, and I planning to make one for myself, do you want to join me?
Beaded charm bracelet
Beaded charm bracelet
Designer: Mary
Cool bracelet with nice charms, it is causal in type. You can consider wearing it when you hang out or travel in some places. Sounds great, right? You can try this type if you never wear this kind of jewelry and it may be better.
Pearl necklace
Pearl necklace
Designer: Алена
It is so common, right? And I think every girl needs a necklace like this. You can attend a wedding with wearing it or match it with your beautiful dress. Can you imagine how beautiful it is? You just need to slide pearl beads onto a wire and choose the length according to your neck.
Then I have to tell you that I have shown four pieces of jewelry and it is done. Have you found one piece you love? Do not hesitate if you like them, it is a chance to make you look more charming. Have fun!

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