PandaHall Tutorial on Braided Bracelet with Pearls

Hello, dear Pandahall friends! Happy to see you here. Today I wanna share a DIY braided bracelet with you all, which is a very popular bracelet. You can make them for your friends or your lover, and I can bet they will love your gift. Then follow me to see the nylon thread bracelet together.

The materials needed:
6mm pink glass pearl beads
21x4mm golden alloy linking ring
1mm darkturquoise nylon thread

Take a cord with proper length, fold in half, wrap the ring, take both ends of the cord through the loop, pull tight.
Make a knot as picture shows. Place the right cord under the left cord, the left cord over the right cord, and pull tight.
Place the right cord over the left cord, the left under the right, and pull tight.
Use a lighter to burn cord ends, sharpen the two ends, so we string the pearl beads to the cords.

Repeat the previous actions, continue making knots, place the right cord under the left cord, meanwhile, the left cord over the right cord, pull cords tight, then change the position of cords while making the knot. Still follow the sequence making knots.
We add two beads for each cord, continue making knots.
Then start making knots from the golden linking ring again, as what we just did.
First we add one bead for each cord, continue making knots, then we add two beads for each side, please notice the appropriate length of the braiding parts.
When it’s proper length, we stop making knots.
Let the four cords overlap together, take out a new cord. We continue making knots.
First, place the right cord over the four cords, then through the cord loop, meanwhile place the left cord under the four cords, pull it to the front through the loop.
Then, place the right cord under the four cords, let it through the loop, and place the left cord over the four cords first, then through the loop.
Continue making knots like this. Cut the excess nylon cords, make knots.
We finished the bracelet.

Wow, the nylon thread bracelet is really easy to make for both professionals and green hands. And after you finished the bracelets, you can not only get the handmade jewelry, but also, more importantly, you obtained the braiding skills, this is very useful, let’s say, if you want to make a meaningful gift, choose handmade stuff. And meanwhile, you can also add some charms to decorate the bracelets, so, the bracelets will look more charming and you can choose your lucky colors to make jewelry. Imagine this, wearing same bracelets or rings with your lovers or best friends while you guys hanging out together, how cool is that!
So what are you waiting for, please have a try!

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Pretty Bracelets Designs from Pandahall Customer Oxana Kislova

Hey, guys. Happy Monday! When did you make your own bracelet last time? Could you be willing to show your works with us jewelry makers? And today, I am going to share you four pieces of bracelet made by our Pandahall customer Oxana Kislova who is good at jewelry making, so let’s learn how to make bracelet from her.
Pearl Bracelet
Pearl bracelet
Materials: pearl beads, spacer beads, turquoise beads, headpins, cross chain
I think we need to slide so many pearl beads onto the headpins to make beaded dangles. Then we should add them to this cross chain. So simple to finish, right? Do you want to try it?
Charm bracelet
Charm bracelet
Materials: quartz beads, jewelry wire, Tibetan sliver pendants, jump rings, lobster claw clasp
Look at this bracelet, one bead one pendant, interesting design, do you like it? This bracelet is designed causally, and it is suitable to wear it and hang out. You can make it for yourself or your friends. Nice choice, do not miss it.
Cluster beaded bracelet
Cluster beaded bracelet
Materials: shell beads, coral beads, pearl beads, spacer beads, headpins, clasps
Red beads and flower sea shell beads impressed me much when I saw this bracelet at the first sight. Cluster jewelry can always be popular among people, especially cluster bracelet. You also can design your own jewelry after seeing them.
Lovely pink bracelet
Lovely pink bracelet
Materials: gemstone beads, shell beads, Tibetan style pendants, twisted chain, headpins, jump rings
Another cluster bracelet, we can know that Oxana Kislova should like this type very much. This bracelet is single in color but really beautiful. You can change into another color and it may have different feelings. Do you want to try?
Then we have enjoyed four bracelets, which one do you like best? And you can see more Oxana Kislova’s crafts from here. Hope you will also love them!

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DIY Bracelets with Pearl Beads

Hello there! Customers’ beadwork show again! Today I’d like to share you some brilliant pearl bracelets made by our customers. Hope you guys like them and get inspired for making your own pearl accessories.

Pearl bracelet NO.1

Pearl Bracelet NO.1

Designer: Eileen McRory
Main materials: golden hematite beads, glass pearl beads, polymer clay rhinestone beads, jewelry wire, and lobster claw clasps.
I do love this bracelet! It’s stunning! The pearls are shimmering and the rhinestones are shining, they are gorgeous!

Pearl bracelet NO.2

Pearl Bracelet NO.2

Designer: Lisette Mantel
Main materials: grade A freshwater pearl beads, alloy jump rings, brass magnetic clasps, and tiger tail wire.
Look at the jump rings carefully, the arrangement is really elaborate. I don’t know how to describe the beauty of this bracelet, just WOW~

Pearl bracelet NO.3

Pearl Bracelet NO.3

Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Main material: grade A shell pearl beads, spring slide lock clasps, and jewelry wire.
It’s simple yet chic. I love those lovely pearls, they look warm.

Pearl bracelet NO.4

Pearl Bracelet NO.4

Designer: Oltean Roxana
Main material: clear glass beads, white and golden pearl beads, and pink ribbon.
Do you think of young and beautiful maidens when you see this pretty bracelet? I don’t know why, but the clear glass beads and pink ribbon always remind me of innocent young ladies.

Pearl bracelet NO.5

Pearl Bracelet NO.5

Designer: Eileen McRory
Main materials: shell pearl beads, brass eyepins, brass lobster claw clasps, resin flower cabochons, and flower iron filigree joiner.
For those who like vintage style bracelets, this one could be a great DIY example.

Five beautiful pearl bracelets, five different styles, which one do you love best? Or if you have any other creative designs, welcome to share!

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Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory

Hi Guys, It’s always excited to show you these brilliant jewelry works created by our dearest customers every week! Because that’s really a perfect time to showcases the variety and quality of our beads and findings in different designs! So today, you’ll see some classic accessories in jewelry world – Pearl jewelry! I know most of young girls would feel that pearls are something only for our moms or grand moms. However, I don’t think so. Pearl jewelry can be also stunning to wear if we change up the colors, sizes or patterns. Like below pearl jewelry designs, you can find our customer Eileen McRory finished these gorgeous pearl jewelry projects with different diameters of pearl beads and beading patterns. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 1
The multi-strand pearl necklace used the big pearl beads in lines and made it a elegant choker one. However, if you look it carefully, you may find she actually did one lines of pearl beads first, and added pearl dangles in the middle then thread the 3rd line along with the dangles in between. How smart!

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 2
Personally, the pearl necklace is really a great wedding jewelry piece, as the pretty combinations of pearls and pure clear glass beads can never be wrong for any wedding gown. Don’t forget that you can make a ideal gift for one of your girl friends who’s going to be married!

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 3
Well, a little intricate pattern I must say! An experienced beader can make it without problem. If you truly love this one, go online and learn some basic stitch pattern first and then start digging into it. Or leave a message her here.

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 4
What do you think of this pearl necklace? It looks like the zig zag pattern being used, however, it’s just made with the basic stitch pattern right angle weave varying with different sizes of pearl beads. Wanna have a try?

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 5
The last one is my favorite, because I’m always struggling in between girly and eccentric styles. This piece brings mix of ladylike staple and a kind of vintage feel, could be great accessories for a night party!

So which of the above pearl jewelry designs you love best? Here, we want to express our deep gratitude to Eileen McRory who shared with us her amazing designs. And below are some other beautiful works made by her. Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for customer beadwork show next week!

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How to Do a Beaded Square Knot Bracelet

How to Do a Beaded Square Knot Bracelet

Pandahall presents: video tutorial to teach you how to do a beaded square knot bracelet.

Being a kid with very few toys to play with in my childhood, I was really fond of grabbing different threads or hemps to braid bracelets and other stuffs for fun. Gone are those days with the happiest moments in my life, how can I easily forgot the simple square knot technique?! Hence today, I would like to share with you a new Pandahall tutorial video – a beautiful upgraded pattern for a square knot macramé bracelet. It only used red and black nylon threads, as well as a pack of red pearl beads. It might look intricate weaving in and out for beads and threads, however, square knot is indeed the core of this project. If you don’t believe me, come on, see with your own eyes! Just enjoy your time of knotting!

Do try the creative beaded square knot bracelet with below jewelry making supplies:
4mm Red Pearl Beads
1mm Red Nylon Thread
1mm Black Nylon Thread
Iron hair clip
Stainless-Steel Scissor

And don’t forget to view more Jewelry Making Tutorials presented by Pandahall and our customers!

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