Tutorial on How to Make a Lace Cuff Bracelet with Pearl Beads

Hey, guys. Happy Tuesday! Are you searching for nice bracelet tutorial recently? Then today’s Pandahall post can bring any surprise for you. I am going to show you how to make a lace cuff bracelet with pearl beads, it sounds great, right? Then let’s see the details right now!
Supplies needed in making lace cuff bracelet with pearl beads:
Rhinestone beads
Pearl beads
Floral venice lace
Jewelry pliers
Brass bracelet cuff
Step 1: prepare the bangle
Firstly, take out a brass bracelet cuff and remove the stone tray in the center of the cuff with jewelry plier. And you should take care during the process in case that it will hurt you.
Secondly, cut off the lace with suitable length and ensure that this lace can cover the brass bangle. It is better that you cut the lace just like it was cut from the other end. Then fix the lace and bangle with glue.
Step 2: add beads
Firstly, add pearl beads and rhinestones beads to the lace, and we should do it from the center of the lace. Then glue the beads to the lace one by one, and we need to notice that the glue needs while to dry.
Secondly, continue to add beads to it and you can put the beads randomly.
Then this lace bangle bracelet with pearl beads has been finished!
Do you like this shinning bracelet? There is no doubt that it is perfectly suitable to match it with your dress in summer. And this lace bracelet can make you look younger. Just make one for yourself if you really like it. See you next time!
Tutorial source: http://www.pearlsandscissors.com/2015/02/diy-lace-and-pearls-cuff-bracelet/

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Nice Pearl Beaded Jewelry Made by Pandahall Customer Oxana Kislova

Hello, friends! Happy to see you again. Do you want to make some pearl beads jewelry at home? If you’re also interested in jewelry making, then you’re so lucky that today I will bring you some nice pearl beaded jewelry made by our Pandahall customer Oxana Kislova. She is so good at jewelry DIY. Then, let’s see~
Pearl Beads
Bright and delicate pearl beads, and then follow me to see some pearl beaded jewelry.
Pearl and Gem Necklace
Pearl and Gem Necklace
Wow, so easy yet delicate pearl beads necklace. Love it? Red gemstone acrylic beads and white pearl beads make this necklace stunning and eye-catching. With this bright necklace, I can bet you will be more charming in the crowd.
Pearl Bracelet
Pearl Bracelet
Look at this pearl beaded bracelet, how beautiful the bracelet is! The designer choose natural pearl beads and synthetic turquoise beads to make such bracelet, I think she is so excellent in jewelry making. Do you agree with me?
Pearl Necklace and Earrings
Pearl Necklace and Earrings
With pearl beads in different type and different size, Oxana Kislova design this necklace and earrings set. Also, you can choose other kinds of beads, but you cannot say that this jewelry set is not a great craft.
Statement Necklace
Statement Necklace
Just like what I have said, you can choose other kinds of beads in jewelry making, in this statement necklace, the designer use other kind of bead strands, and the necklace make me feel so elegant as well.
These 4 pearl jewelry are all made by Oxana Kislova, she is a jewelry making lover, and there are many more beading jewelry made by her on our website, if you wanna view more, just visit our website. Hope you have a nice day, and see you next time~

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Pretty Jewelry Designed by Pandahall Customers

Happy weekend, dear friends! Do you love handmade jewelry? I made some special crafts sometimes, and today, I want to share you some pretty jewelry that designed by our Pandahall customers. I will make them later, and hope you can get some idea for jewelry making.
Pearl Bracelet
Pearl Bracelet
Designer: Cindy Henderson
Materials: dyed pearl beads, steel ring toggle & Tbar clasps, tiger tail
Hey, how do you think about this pearl beads bracelet? Light blue faceted glass beads and white pearl beads make this 2-strand bracelet elegant and cute. It is not difficult to DIY such bracelet, then do you want to have a try?
Beaded Red Heart Pendant Necklace
Beaded Red Heart Pendant Necklace
Designer: alina iuliana
Materials: glass beads, jump rings, tiger tail, jewelry making necklace cord
As the approaching of Valentine’s Day, do you have any good ideas about Valentine gifts? This heart beads pendant can show your love to your lover, why not choose this heart pendant necklace as a gift?
Flower Beaded Bracelet with Elastic Wire
flower beaded bracelet with elastic wire
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: glass beads, acrylic beads, elastic fiber wire
Wow, how beautiful the bracelet is! You can wear it easily for all the beads are connected by elastic wire. No matter you enjoy your vacations or just go shopping, this flower bracelet will be a great jewelry to show your personality. Love it?
Blue Pendant Necklace and Earrings Set
blue pendant necklace and earrings set
Designer: Tara Lawyer
Materials: glass beads, seed beads, headpins, earring hooks, tiger tail, Tibetan style toggle clasps, end caps
An easy necklace and earrings set, I love them so much! Blue is the main color of this jewelry set, so I think the designer may love blue, and the blue crystal beads give me a feeling of dignified. How are you feeling about it?
All the jewelry I shared is so pretty that I love them so much, and I will make them later. Do you want to have a nice try? Have fun~

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Beautiful Accessories Designed by Susan Gammons

Hello guys! Today I’m here to share you some super cute DIY jewelry made by our brilliant customer Susan Gammons. I don’t know whether you guys remember or not, actually we’ve shared you some of Susan’s works before. Today I’d like to share you more, for her DIYs are really gorgeous! Enjoy!

Beautiful Accessories Designed by Susan Gammons

Vintage butterfly earrings and necklace jewelry set

butterfly earrings and necklace jewelry set

Main materials: brass lever back earring hooks, antique bronze chandelier earring links, alloy butterfly link, light green glass beads, orange Czech glass beads, Tibetan silver hanger link, leaf and bird alloy pendants, cross chain.
Vintage style accessories can always remind us of those good old days. If you are a fan of vintage jewelry, or you like jewels with butterflies, you shall never miss this butterfly jewelry set.

Gemstone pendant necklace

gemstone pendant necklace

Main materials: gemstone, jewelry wire, cross chain.
This pendant necklace is quite simple in design, but, you can’t deny it’s beautiful. Sometimes, simple accessories give us more surprises than we expected.

Pearl bead bracelet

pearl bead bracelet

Main materials: white pearl beads, pink pearl beads, rhinestone spacer beads, shell clasp.
Pearl bead bracelet again! We’ve shared you various kinds of pearl bracelets before, do you like them? I think this one is much more charming than those previous ones because of its pretty shell clasp and shiny rhinestone spacers.

Rose lampwork bead earrings

rose lampwork bead earrings

Main materials: earring hooks, golden bead caps, handmade rose lampwork beads, flower spacers, finding beads, headpins.
Wow! I do love these lovely dangle earrings! Look at those gorgeous rose beads, they are so attractive! Dose any girl can resist the temptation of roses?

Turquoise bead chandelier earrings

turquoise bead chandelier earrings

Main materials: earring hooks, vintage leaf charms, cross chain, brass beads, jump rings, synthetical howlite beads.
Mostly, chandelier earrings are vintage and elegant. But this pair is really cool! They are kind of bohemian, wild and free.

As I’ve said, Susan is really a brilliant jewelry designer, she’s talented! If you wanna see more of her works, visit her page here.

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How to Bead Pink Lace Pearl Bracelet

Pearl jewelry is loved by most of women as it is elegant and chic. It is a popular style jewelry which is suitable for almost all occasions, you can wear it to wedding party, cocktail party or just in daily life. Today, we will teach you how to bead a pink lace pearl bracelet. Hope you love this adorable lace pearl bracelet.

pink lace pearl bracelet

Jewelry making supplies you need to get prepared for making this pearl bracelet:

6mm Hot Pink Pearl Beads
8mm Green Pearl Beads
Crimp Beads
Toggle Clasp
0.3mm Tiger Tail
Wire Cutting Plier
Flat Plier

How-to videos:

I choose hot pink and green pearl beads to make this pearl bracelet. If you love white pearl beads or other colors, you can choose the color as you love. By the way, if you love this lace pearl bracelet design, please leave a comment below. Hope you enjoy your watching!

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