Pandahall New Arrivals – A Collection of Jewelry Beads You may Love

Good afternoon, dear friends. Happy Monday~ Today I will show you a collection of new arrival jewelry beads, I think maybe you will like them and deed them in jewelry making. Now, follow me to see~
Dyed Freshwater Round Shell Pearl Beads
Dyed Freshwater Round Shell Pearl Beads
Hey, how do you think of these shell pearl beads? I love the sparkling and freshwater beads so much, you know, pearl beads are always elegant and cute, and so many people love pearl jewelry, so you can collect them then you may need them while making jewels.
Dyed Oval Jade Gemstone Cabochons
Dyed Oval Jade Gemstone Cabochons
These gemstone cabochons are crystal and clear, and they are always used as pendant or charms with cabochon settings. I think the greed cabochons are nice, how about you?
Dyed Faceted Bullet Glass Point Beads
Dyed Faceted Bullet Glass Point Beads
This kind of point beads also belongs to glass beads, do you like it? They can be used as pendants in wire wrapped jewelry, then do you wanna have a try?
Faceted Drop Glass Beads
Faceted Drop Glass Beads
Like the 3rd one, this kind of beads belongs to glass beads as well, which one do you like more? Differ from the last one, these faceted drop glass beads are widely used, you can pick up some of them to DIY jewels.
Wow, today’s jewelry beads are quite nice and delicate, yes? Do you like them? Anyway, may you a wonderful time and see you next time!

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PandaHall Best Seller – Freshwater Pearls for Your Jewelry Design

Hello lovely readers! Happy Friday! The weekend is coming, are you excited? Yes, today I’m here to share you some of pandahall’s best sellers. And from now on, we’ll share you more of our best sellers and promote items on each Friday, hope you’ll like them!

Today’s items are freshwater pearls, you’ll see different types of pearl beads and some pearl beaded accessories. Let’s check them out together.

First, the most commonplace round white pearl beads. Don’t you think they are pretty? They are dyed and their level is grade A, you can find them on with item code A02S6017.


Second, grade A rice shaped white pearl beads. They’re not so well shaped than the previous ones, but they are totally natural! If you like them, search on our website with code PEAR-D072-1.


Third, grade A pink pearl beads! Do you like the color? It’s natural without any dyed procedures. Thought not perfectly shaped, these pink pearls are still very cute. Don’t you think so? Oh yes, the item code is A23WN011.


Then the last pearl beads, the dark slate blue ones, so cool! Can you believe it’s natural color as well? I have to say this color is really surprised me! I do love this gorgeous color! If you like them, please search the code A23WP011.


Apart from pretty pearl beads, we also have many hot sell pearl accessories. Here I selected four different types for you!

pearl accessories

Pearl bead dangle earrings (EJEW-JE01796), sterling silver shell pendant necklace with a pearl bead (JN271A), pearl bead sterling silver rose gold bracelet (JB178A), and a lovely shell flower brooch with pearl beads decorated (JEWB-E011-02). Which one is your favorite?

There are so many hot sell freshwater pearls and pearl bead accessories on our website, but I can’t list all of them here. If you wanna see more, welcome to visit our website, you’ll find thousands of items there and there must be something attracts you!

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SHARE TO WIN Mother’s Day Gift!

Gift for Mother's Day

Hello there! Mother’s Day is approaching, to thank you for your continued support, PandaHall decide to give away 20 stands of Grade A white shell pearl beads to two lucky winners (each will get 10 strands)! If you are looking for Mother’s Day gifts, never miss this gorgeous PandaHall giveaway!

How To Enter:

1. Like and comment this post with your favorite PandaHall products or your complaint about PandaHall service.
2. Share PandaHall Mother’s Day Giveaway images on Pinterest:
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Among all those three entries, you can choose each one to enter the giveaway. Ending time is May 8, 8:00 p.m. ,PST and two lucky winners will be drawn by The winners have three days to claim the gift, if there’s no response in three days, winners will be picked randomly from the remaining list.

Thank your for participating in, and good luck to you all!

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4 Eye-Catching Beaded Skull Bracelets Roundup

Good afternoon guys. Different people hold different opinions on fashion, some people love sweet style jewelry, but some others prefer Personalized jewelry, because it reveals their personalities obviously. When it comes to skulls, most of people will feel scary, but for me, skull jewelry is so cool cool, inspiring or even cute!. Today I will show you 4 cool and eye-catching beaded skull bracelets.
Fuschia jade & skull bracelet1.Fuschia jade & skull bracelet

This bracelet is very easy to make, as you can see, the supplies needed is very simple to find. You just need to slide the red skull beads and spacer beads on the wire, then attach a Tibetan style pendant. The shape of pendant is oval, it’s cute, right?
pearl skull bracelet with double skulls2.pearl skull bracelet with double skulls

I was surprised that elegant pearl beads can be matched with odd skull charm! But the combo of totally two different styles, turned out so great, right? So creative!
skeleton bracelet3.chic skull bracelet

Wow, so fabulous!!! The white skull beads are so cute, and the veins on the skulls make it vivid! Wearing such bracelet is so cool, and it won’t be out of date, so you stylish girls should never miss it.
skull bracelet4.gemstone beads skull bracelet

I fell in love with it at first sight. I love the creative pattern, 4 circles with black and white beads. The most alluring part is the skull pendant. The whole appearance looks so nice!
Can you move your eyes from these fascinating skull bracelets? Hope you like these cool and cute beaded skull bracelets! Have a wonderful day!

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