Nice Jewelry Made by Pearl Beads from Pandahall Customers

Happy Friday, my dear friends~ Have any good ideas for the coming Valentine’s Day? If not, then I should see “Congratulations!” to you, for next I will show some pretty and nice pearl beads jewelry with you. I hope you can get some inspirations from them. Now, let’s start!
 Polished Shell Pearl Round Beads Strands
Shining pearl beads, yes? Just appreciate the jewelry with me! You will love them.
Beading Earrings
Beading Earrings
Designer: Florewela
How do you think this beading earring? I really love them very much! The beading earrings are made of glass beads, pearl beads, seed beads, etc. Can you imagine how beautiful you are while you wear this pair of earrings? Just have a nice try!
Flower Necklace
Flower Necklace
Designer: lydie
Look at this easy flower necklace~ like the first one, different kinds of beads compose to this elegant and unique necklace. The bowknot makes this necklace a little cute as well. Now, do you want make one yourself?
Flower Drop Earrings
Flower Drop Earrings
Designer: Vitalija
Wow, so beautiful the earrings are! This pair of flower earrings is so easy to make, rose shell beads and pearl beads. It is really a wonderful design. Love it?
Pearl Bead Jewelry Set
Pearl Bead Jewelry Set
Designer: Skilteboden
Bowknot acrylic beads and white pearl beads, great combinations! With this jewelry set, you will be the most attractive girl in crowd. And the red bowknot is so cute, do you love it?
As Valentine’s Day is approaching, you may have search for several great ideas about gifts. Why not try to DIY some nice jewelry at home. Whether you make them for yourself or send them to your friends, it will be a good choice. Anyway, have a nice day!

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Make Jewelry with Pearl Beads

I think there is no doubt that pearl bead jewelry is timeless. At the very beginning, pearl bead jewelry is a kind of luxury which could only be possessed by royal families and the rich ones, but now it has become accessible to everybody. Since they are gorgeous and graceful, pearl bead accessories are very popular among ladies at all ages. And today, I’m here to share you some of our customers’ pearl beads works, hope you guys love them!

Pearl bead cluster earrings – Design by Julija Dukate

pearl bead cluster earrings

To make these elegant earrings, all you need are grade A freshwater pearl beads, cross chains, headpins, and earring hooks. The materials are quite simple and easy to get, but once they are put together, they can make super graceful earrings, that’s really magic right? Or maybe we should say those pearl beads are really magic!

Wire wrapped pearl earrings – Design by sarosh shamsi

wire wrapped pearl earrings

I always think wire wrapped jewelry is amazing. But I’m really not good at wire wrapping, so those who can play well with jewelry wire are my idols. LOL. Without any surprise, when I saw these lovely earrings at first time, I was attracted by them! Do you guys love them as I do?

Pearl bead bracelet – Design by Mary Elliott

pearl bead bracelet

A simple bracelet made by pearl beads and decorated by rhinestone spacer beads and infinity link charm, it looks both eye-catching and low-key. What a fabulous design!

Statement pearl and chain necklace –Design by Алена Венгерstatement pearl and chain necklace

Does anybody think this pearl bead necklace looks very familiar? If you have watched the TV series 2 Broke Girls, you must be quite familiar with it. It’s quite the same with Caroline’s lucky pearl necklace!

Caroline's pearl bead necklace

See? Looks really alike right? So cute!

More pearl beads works:

mysterious purple pearl necklace

Mysterious purple pearl necklace designed by Марина Кириченко

Tibetan style pearl chandelier earrings

Tibetan style pearl chandelier earrings designed by Evgeniy Slomintsev

colorful pearl bead jewelry set

Colorful pearl bead jewelry set designed by Nina Furu

Now, after seeing so many wonderful pearl bead jewelry made by our customers, do you have the impulse to make one by yourself? If you have any lovely DIY jewelry, welcome to share with us!


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