PandaHall Smart Bargains – Vintage Style Big Pendants

Hey! Friday again! As usual, today I’m going to share you some of our hot items. Yes, as you can see from the title, I’ll share you several vintage style big pendants, hope you’ll like them!

vintage styleFirst, the Tibetan silver alloy tribal cross big pendant.

K0912061_0This pendant is lead free and cadmium free, the size is about 62mm long, 35mm wide, 5mm thick, and the hole is 4.5mm. Now they are 30% off, if you like them, you can search K0912061 on our website.

Then the Tibetan style butterfly pendant.

TIBEP-EA672Y-R-FF_0Actually this vintage butterfly is a rhinestone setting, you can glue some tiny colorful rhinestone beads onto it and make it a lovely pendant. It’s lead free & cadmium free & nickel free, the size is 55x43x2mm with a 6mm hole. It’s also 30% off now, if you want it, search TIBEP-EA672Y-R-FF.

Next is the large fairy pendant.

K0971061_0This litter girl is pretty cute right? You can make a lovely pendant necklace for your kids with it. This one is about 82x54x2mm with a 3.5mm hole, and it’s lead free & cadmium free. It’s 30% off and the item code is K0971061.

Besides these pretty vintage style pendants, we also have many simple yet chic vintage pendant necklaces on our website.

vintage pendant necklacesAmong all these three necklaces, my favorite one is the heart pendant one, what about you? And for your information, the first one and the last one are luminous, the round one’s light is sky-blue and the heart one’s light is lawn green. All these three are 42% off, if you like them, their item codes are: NJEW-F095-19, NJEW-F085-02B, and NJEW-F095-02A.

For more smart bargains, welcome to visit our website Happy shopping!

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Lovely Pandahall Jewelry Making Supplies Review from Sarah

Hi, everyone. Happy Thursday! Are you alright recently? Hope everything is going well with you. Today I am going to show you a review from our Pandahall customer Sarah-a beautiful girl from Singapore. We can see that she display some jewelry making supplies in this video. Then let’s start!

Now, have you got the details of the products in this video? If not, you can see them below.
cabochon setting
Cabochon settings
Have you ever made jewelry with these supplies? I saw that many necklaces are made by the cabochon pendant, and you can try to make one simple craft if you like them. How about a chain pendant necklace? Trust me, it will be so cool!
Glass beads
We can see glass beads in different colors from this picture. Glass beads are always common in jewelry making and I believe that you also have beaded jewelry. So why not collect them and you can plan to make any accessories with them one day.
Glass globe
Clear glass globes, do you have any ideas about how to deal with them? Please tell us your ingenious thoughts if you know how to make jewelry with them. What do you think of a bottle ring?
Brass ring shanks
It is obvious that it can be used to make a ring. You can add interesting or lovely sticks on the surface, then it is mostly finished. Do you like my ideas?
Now, I have shown all the supplies mentioned in this videos. Have you found one you should collect? Actually, you also can try to make other special jewelry which you have not tried before. And it may bring you any other feelings. See you next time!

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Pandahall Pretty Jewelry Findings Review from Customer Manon

Hi, friends, happy Thursday. Are you guys OK recently? Hope everything is great with you and your lovely family. And today I am going to show you a jewelry findings review video from our customer Manon who is very nice and passionate. You will know it after seeing this video. Let’s start!

Are you interested in those supplies? Next I will show you one by one, hope you will love them.
Jewelry beads
Jewelry beads
Do you know them? They are all acrylic beads. It is easily seen that they are used in necklaces or bracelets making. You can try to make one with those beautiful beads. Come on!
Pendants Pendants
You may be surprised how they can be used. They are really different with other pendants, and I think you can add any sticks or something to them then they will look amazing.
Chains are always necessary for jewelry makers, so please just collect them as soon as possible if you like them.
Tibetan style cabochon setting
Tibetan style cabochon setting
Many crafters love using this one to make any vintage jewelry. Do you also like it?
Brass Filigree Ring
Brass filigree ring
I saw that a ring is made by this ring and add a special resin on the surface. Can you imagine that?
Tibetan style toggle and tbar
There is no doubt that they are used in bracelets making and you can slide some different kinds of beads, then the special bracelet has been finished. Simple, right?
OK, all the items mentioned have been listed in this video. Have you found any supplies you like? Or you can check to see more interesting findings. Have fun! See you next time~

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