A Collection of Eye-Catching Jewelry Design by Our Customer

Happy Wednesday dear friends, as usual, it’s our customer show. Today I am going to share you some fantastic jewelry design by Алена Венгер. Let’s see together~
Beaded Dangle Earrings1. Beaded Dangle Earrings
Stunning! I love this pair of earrings so bad! Have you been attracted by the natural obsidian pendants? Its shape is so cute. In addition, the glass bugle beads also absorb me a lot. I think the designer is so innovative to use glass bugle beads to decorating its pendants. Blue plus black looks so mysterious! Do you think so?
beaded necklace with conch2. Beaded Necklace with Conch
What comes into your mind when seeing the beaded necklace with conch? Do you think it bears an exotic style? Anyway, it’s very unique in my eyes! Imagine that you enjoy the wind and water by the sea wearing such a conch necklace and a beautiful dress, how do you feel? It’s so cozy! I will try it in next summer~
Black Dragonfly Ornament3. Black Dragonfly Ornament
What a nice ornament! I hardly see black dragonfly ornaments before, so I think it will stand out among various ornaments. You can either hang it on your purse or children’s schoolbag, which are both very chic. It looks so vivid. I love the black glass beads used~
Fashion Seed Bead Necklace4. Fashion Seed Bead Necklace
Wow, it really shocks me! This kind of jewelry design is soooo personalized! Frankly speaking, i thought about the pretty feather of peacocks. The pendants are so similar to peacock’s feather, do you agree with me? Besides, I think seed beads suit to be used to make such jewelry of this style perfectly!
Hey how do you think about today’s jewelry introduced? Even though they are different styles, they all are pretty stunning and unique, right? Hope you like them. And wish you a happy day~

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A Collection of Eye-Catching Jewelry Worth of Your Attention!

Good afternoon dear friends, welcome to see today’s customer show! Today I am going to share you a series of wonderful jewelry designs by Prathima Acharya. You will fall in love with them I promise~ now let’s see together.
cool necklace1.cool pendant necklace design
Wow, I am fascinated with the jewelry pattern, especially the cool pendants! Why do I say the jewelry pattern is cool and special?Here is the reason below: even if these pendants are at different length, they are placed according to a certain rules! Do you find out? Yes, they are placed symmetrically. The longest pendant is in the center and others are decreased progressively both on left and right sides.
personalized necklace2.personalized necklace
Here, I’d love to share you another personalized necklace. What occurs to you when seeing such a pretty necklace? I think it’s so funny~ frankly speaking, I thought about octopus and jellyfish at sight of it. The necklace loop is the head of octopus and the part below is the claws. Do you think so?
fresh jewelry setting3.fresh jewelry setting
Do you love natural green gemstone beads? Anyway, I love them so much! Natural green color is inclined to make people have a placid mood and reveal a kind of quiescent beauty. This type of jewelry usually suits quiet and graceful female.
wonderful jewelry setting4.vintage jewelry setting
What allures me most is the Tibetan silver spacer beads. These silver spacer beads look so exquisite and a unique national style. If the jewelry setting has no these Tibetan silver beads, it will lose the glory. The whole colors are inclined to dark, so you had better wear dark clothes when in the jewelry setting~
Hey guys, which one do you like best? Maybe it’s hard to say. Because all of them are so fabulous~ hope you like today’s sharing, see ya next time~

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7 Popular Women Necklaces You Need Know

It is believed that every girl wants to have a customizable necklace. Wearing proper necklace helps people stand out from the crowd. In fact, a lot of girls cannot classify necklaces correctly. So in order to help you have a better understanding of women necklaces, today I will share you some popular necklaces, common but stylish.
Charm necklace
charm necklace

Charm necklace is one of the most common and easiest DIY necklaces by attaching some cute or personalized cheap charms on necklace chains. And it’s pretty popular to make charm necklaces dangling with unique metal stamping name tags. How wonderful would it be to have a special necklace with beloved one’s name! They could be super cool gifts, I bet!
Statement necklace
statement necklace

Statement necklaces are large necklaces with an excessive amount of dangle, beads, or intricate details and are made from a variety of materials and infinite number of color combinations. Statement necklaces are flashy and bold that we should be aware of matching right colors and styles before wearing.
Multi strand necklace
multi strand necklace
Multi strand necklaces are layered necklaces with several strands with beads or charms put together. They are popular necklaces designs because of their complicated yet trendy look.
Pendant necklace
pendant necklace

Pendant necklace is a traditional accessory with a pendant hanging down.  And the pendant is very important to pendant necklaces. It seems like that a proper pendant will definitely change a necklace from dull into vivacious with its nameless magic.
Bib necklace
bib necklace

Bib necklace is a type of large, dramatic necklace, circular or triangular in shape, consisting of a web-like mesh of metal. Sweep your hair to let your bib necklace take center stage, its chunky round, oval shape will keep you glowing through the holiday season.
Fringe necklace
fringe necklace
Fringe necklace is really a kind of ubiquitous necklace that adored by lots of girls, including me. We could classify fringe necklaces according to their names. Like pendant necklaces, fringe necklaces swinging around our neck will help us win attention in public.
Rosary necklace
rosary necklace

We have come to the last but not the least part, rosary necklaces. Coming in a variety of styles and materials, rosary necklaces have some connection with god according to catholic. So you need to make clear when and where you wear.
So after appreciating all these seven types of popular necklaces, do you have a better understanding of necklaces? Which one do you like best? Maybe you have a crush to buy one right now. Well you don’t need to do so, all above women necklaces can be made at home. What you need to do is to get the jewelry making supplies and find tutorials online. I’m sure you will have much joy in creating your own customizable necklace.

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DIY Delicate Alphabet Necklaces

Hello, hello! Today, I will share these delicate alphabet necklaces with you. This a quick and easy alphabet project shared by Kathie who is really a beautiful jewelry maker. These kinds of necklaces can spell out anything from the name of your favorite or your favorite food name. They were love at first sight and must be a “special for you” gift for Mother’s Day. Layered necklaces become more and more popular this year. Would you like to have a try? Now I’ll give some details on making this kind of alphabet necklace.
DIY Delicate Alphabet Necklaces
The Main Materials you will need:
alphabet beads (I used acrylic beads in black and gold)
more beads, end caps, nuts as arrange with the alphabet beads or to make a layered necklace
jewelry findings
eyepins – the ones I used are 5cm long and hold up to 5 alphabet beads. For longer words use longer eyepins.
The Main Tools you will need:
round nose pliers
chain nose pliers
Now let’s enjoy Kathie’s detail steps of how to make alphabet necklaces:
1. String the alphabet beads and any other beads onto an eyepin. Make sure there are about 2cm left at the end to create a second eye.
Need inspiration? How about: hope, love, rain, dream, diy, bff, pizza, cake, hello, roar, meow, cool, fancy, wow, yeah, xoxo, brave, tgif, smile …?
2. Make a second eye at the end of the pin. It’s not that complicated but I would advise you to practice it a few times beforehand. To make an eye, grip the pin with the chain nose pliers right behind the last bead and bend the remaining pin into an 45° angle. Now make a loop with the round nose pliers until the end of the pin points downwards, cut away the excess wire using the sidecutter and maybe correct slightly with the chain nose pliers again. Here’s also a nice video tutorial.
3. Pick the chain up, that you want to use and cut it open at the exact opposite of the clasp. Use the sidecutter for that. The necklace has now two ends. String the last loop of each end onto an eye of the eyepin.
4. Start over and make another! The alphabet necklaces look great alone and layered. Try out a few combinations with your existing necklaces ore make new ones to accompany them. For the one with the meow necklace I just put two end caps with a large bead in between onto an eyepin. Easy peasy.
This project is made by Kathie, tutorial source: http://curiousandcatcat.blogspot.de/2015/04/alphabet-necklaces-diy.html

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DIY A Wire Rose Necklace

Hey my DIY lovers! Today, I will share a cute wire rose necklace with you. This graceful rose necklace is perfect for creating with jewelry wire and this is such a simple project that you can learn to make elegant wire roses in no time at all. As it is know to all, rose always means love, passion and eternal beauty! So rose crafts are sure to please your mother in this coming Mother’s day! Would you like to have a try?  Now let’s begin to learn how to make a wire rose necklace!
DIY A Wire Rose Necklace (1)
Supplies and tools needed to make this project:
1.5mm blue aluminum wire
Silvery iron chain
Jump rings
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cuter
DIY A Wire Rose Necklace (2)
Now follow these simple steps below:
Step 1: Make wire wrapping blue blossom
Cut a piece of blue aluminum wire, wrap it more than 10 times in a clockwise direction and shape irregularly to make them into dimensional blossom pattern, then tie a knot at the back. (Details as the picture shows below)
DIY A Wire Rose Necklace (3)
Step 2: Finish the rose pendant
Bend the rest of the wire and wrap a leaf shape towards the blossom, then make a loop at end.
DIY A Wire Rose Necklace (4)
Step 3: Finish the wire rose necklace
Attach the wire rose pendant to iron chain by jump rings.
DIY A Wire Rose Necklace (5)
Well I hope you liked this wire rose project, and if you want to try another color, such as siliver,  prepare the silver aluminum wire and other jewelry making supplies then repeat the above steps. Happy crafting! xoxo…

DIY A Wire Rose Necklace (6)

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