PandaHall New Arrivals-A Collection of Personalized Accessories You May Love

Hello, my dear readers, happy weekend! Today i want to show you some jewelry accessories, like colorful glass pendants, heart-shaped flocky arcylic beads, brass hoop earrings, glass pendants. Hope you can enjoy, let’s appreciate them one by one.

Brass Hoop Earrings

Do you like this rose gold? It’s special, right? There are different colors and shapes for such earrings, like the rectangle shape, square and the round. This type of earrings looks so simple, some people just like this style, no other decorations, but have you ever considered that we can actually do some changes to create unique earrings? Take a look at the examples, on the basis of such earrings, we made some very special and beautiful earrings. And the making methods are simple too, you can string some different beads onto the jewelry wires, then wrap the wires onto the earring hoops to beautify the earrings, So we can not only simply wear them, but also use them as one kind of earrings accessories, then we can create more beautiful earrings.

Rainbow K9 Glass Pendants

These are colorful glass pendants with different shapes, these colors are extremely charming, right? I believe we all will fall in love with the rainbow color, and on the other hand, glass pendants are widely used in jewelry making, which can be used to DIY necklaces, bracelets, earrings or something else, and the usage is simple too, taking a simple style necklace as an example, first you need a glass pendant like this, and use a leather cord to thread the pendant, so the necklace is finished, it’s very easy to make jewelry, right?

Epoxy Resin & Wood Linking Rings

Such linking rings, with random gold/silver foil inside, mixed color, and different in shapes, and the materials are special too, it’s resin and wood, so have you ever seen any linking rings like these? The combination of resin and wood materials looks very beautiful, and as for such linking rings, the usage is simple, and they are also widely used. We can use linking rings to connect accessories, so, sometimes, they play an important role in jewelry making. As you can see, the linking rings have diverse usage, as long as you have the ideas, you can create something different!

End of today’s sharing. If you like the accessories above, you can leave comments, or search at PandaHall. If you have any creative ideas, please don’t hesitate to try, good luck!

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Pretty Necklace Designs from Pandahall Customers

Hello, dear friends. Happy Monday. Do you want to try any great necklace making? If yes, you should pay much attention on today’s post. I am going to show you four special necklaces in design then just prepared the jewelry making supplies and have a nice try!
Beads pendant necklace
Beads pendant necklace
Designer: Надежда Жмакина
Materials: glass beads, headpins, Tibetan style bead caps
We have to slide a glass bead, a bead cap onto a headpin and make a simple loop at the other end. Then prepare the bead dangles with the same steps. Finally, add the bead dangles to the chain and you will know how easy it is to finish this pendant necklace.
Golden Chain and Beads Necklace
Golden chain and beads necklace
Designer: irina scherer
Materials: resin beads, glass beads strands, aluminum wire, jewelry wire, Tibetan style pendants, brass twisted chain, eyepins
You can wear this necklace in summer and match it with your skirts. All informal dress can be matched with it. Do you agree me? How do you think of changing into another color? Maybe blue is great if you like.
Green Peace Necklace
Green peace necklace
Designer: Thitar Aung
Materials: glass beads, plastic beads, tiger tail
This designer is awesome and she should spend much time to make this green necklace. But it is obvious that it deserves her time, the necklace is amazing! Please just be patient if you plan to make one like it. Waiting for your works.
Vintage Beaded Necklace
Vintage beaded necklace
Designer: Марина Кириченко
Materials: jade beads, bead caps, spacer beads, lobster claw clasp
Vintage crafts are always popular among jewelry makers, how about you? Look at this necklace, many beads are added in this necklace making. If you wanna more colorful jewelry, you can add other colored beads.
Now, have you decided to make a special necklace like them? Please kindly let us share your joy after you finished them. See you next time~

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