Exquisite Beading Jewelry Made by Glass Beads from Pandahall Customers

Happy Friday, dear readers! It time for me to show you a collection of exquisite beading jewelry made by glass beads from our Pandahall customers. These jewelry crafts look so nice that I can bet there will be some crafts you like, so follow me to see~
Glass Beads Strands
Glass Beads Strands
Look, these glass beads are quite shinning and colorful, do you like them?
Charms Bracelet
Charms Bracelet
Designer: Светлана
Look at this charms bracelet, there are so many Tibetan style pendants, do you like them? As for me, I am attracted by the glass bottle, you can also put seed beads into it or you can put some other jewelry findings, it is OK.
Flower Jewelry Set
Flower Jewelry Set
Designer: Alona
Wow, this flower earrings and necklace jewelry set is stunning! Red flower beads and black glass beads mix so good that this flower jewelry set look festive and alive, so if you like, try to make them yourself~
Multi-strand Bracelet
Multi-strand Bracelet
Designer: Alona
This multi-strand bracelet is also made by Alona, and I think she is a jewelry DIY lover for her jewelry crafts are so nice that I love them so much. How do you think of them?
Flower Beads Bracelet
Flower Beads Bracelet
Designer: Alona
This is also a flower beads bracelet made by Alona. The flowers are quite vivid and lively, just like real flowers, yes? With green leaves and pink glass beads, this flower bracelet looks really cute and kawaii. I will try to make one later, so will you join me?
Today’s jewelry is really beautiful, right? I love them all so much, and I wanna try to make them myself. If you also interested in it, just try to make them now. Have a wonderful day~

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How to Make a Cool Multi-strand Leather Bracelet

It’s fun to wear a lot of bracelets together but when you are in a hurry it’s great to have a bracelet that you can wear in a minute and looks like 3 bracelets together! Here’s a way to make a leather multi-strand bracelet.


Materials :
-Flat leather cord
-2 x endings that fit the flat leather
-Black cord
-2 x endings that fit the black cord
-1 x metallic bead with big hole
-Approx. 40 x 4 mm pearl beads
-Jewelry stringing wire
-Crimping beads
-2 jumprings
-1 x magnetic clasp


First take the flat leather cord, measure it to your wrist and cut a piece. Using your flat-nose pliers, press the endings on each side of the leather.


Now take the black cord, measure it too and slide the metallic bead in the middle.


Finish this part of the bracelet by pressing the endings for this cord on both sides.


Next, take a piece of stringing wire, slide a crimping bead and bring back the wire into the crimping bead forming a loop. Secure the crimp by pressing it tight.


Now thread the pearls and secure them by using another crimp bead.


Now you have three separate parts of the bracelet. Using 2 jumprings attach them all to the magnetic clasp.


That’s it! Wear it and be happy!


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Cool Leather Bracelet Made from Old Bag

Cool Leather Bracelet Made from Old Bag

Girls, do you like this multi-strand leather bracelet? If your answer is yes, you shall never miss this post, because I’m going to share you a video tutorial on how to make this adorable leather bracelet. Before we get start, let’s prepare the materials first!

We’ll need:
Normal brass chain
Rhinestone cup chain
End caps
Jump rings
Lobster clasps
And of course, the leather comes from your old bag

Yes, the leather strands are made by fake leather from an old bag. That sounds really interesting right? You wanna know the details? Let’s take a look at the video!

WOW! That’s really amazing to make such a lovely bracelet from an old bag! Iulia is so creative! Thanks for her sharing of this brilliant idea!

I bet every girl has at least one old bag at home! Maybe you just think it’s a waste to throw them away, so you keep them at home though actually you don’t know how to deal with them. So now, after viewing Iulia’s video tutorial, do you figure out a new way to treat you old bags?

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