10 Do-It-Yourself Ring Designs

Do-It-Yourself should be fun, and here at Jewelry Making Ideas Part. Here we have a great collection of 10 DIY ring designs for you to do them in one a day, one a week or one a month!!! I am 100% sure you will love to see DIY ring designs that bring some fun into fashion while still looking amazing. There are so many chic ring designs like wire ring, slave ring, beaded ring, lace ring, chevron ring, stone ring, bow ring, stacking rings, nut ring and chain ring. And the choices are yours!

10 DIY Ring Designs
The summer is a festive time. If you want all your friends to sit together at a table, you are gonna need some craft ideas. All these DIYs are super easy, even if you are an absolute beginner. Have fun!

wire ring
Wire Ring – a gorgeous wire wrapped rose ring! Need jewelry wire and basic wire wrapped skill. :)

Slave Ring
Slave Ring – add a twist to handmade gold ring creation by making a double ring version attached by a simple gold chain.

Beaded Ring
Beaded Ring – learn how to make your own precious beaded ring with glass beads.

Lace Ring
Lace Ring – Cute little favor ring for young girls attending their friends’ wedding. So sweet and easy to make!

Chevron Ring
Chevron Ring – make this lovely knuckle ring yourself, using some basic jewelry making supplies and tools, jewelry wire and a lip balm.

Stone Ring
Stone Ring – so love this from the girls in Hollywood. Try to create your own stone ring!

Bow Ring
Bow Ring – The little bow ring is under $1 and only takes minutes to make.

Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings – mix for stacking is really pretty.

Nut Ring

Nut Ring – easy and cheap handmade nut and polymer clay ring.

Chain Ring
Chain Ring – decorate your digits with fall nail art and chain ring!
We’ve shown you many designs to decorate your hands which are front and center every day. Which one do you like best? Personally, I want to make almost every single one of these ring designs shared above.:)
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