Colorful Wrapped Summer Bracelet with Adjustable Closure!

Bracelet season is officially here! So let’s make an easy and fun summer bracelet full of color!

Materials :
-Cotton cord for the base of the bracelet (use a thick one, I used 2mm)
-Various thin (1mm or less) cotton cords in bright colors for the wrapping
-Fish connector charm
-2 metallic beads with big holes
-1 eyepin
-An evil eye bead

colorful bracelet diy

First measure the cord you’ll need for your wrist and double that size. Cut the cord in two equal pieces and slide each piece to each one of the holes of your connector charm.


Now take a small piece of one of the colorful cords, make two tight knots and wrap it around the base cord a few times like you see in the picture.

colorful bracelet diy3

Repeat this process with another color like this

fish bracelet diy4

Now do the same with two more colors for the other side of the bracelet. Cut off any excess cord and burn the edges so it doesn’t fray.

colorfull bracelet diy5

Now bring both ends of the base cord together to make an adjustable macrame closure. Take a piece of the colorful cord and first tie a knot over the two ends.

Next, bring right cord under middle cords and over left cord like this.

macrame closure diy 2

Pull tight and the first knot will look like this

macrame closure diy3

Next, bring left cord under middle cords and finally over right cord. Pull tight.

macrame closure diy4

Repeat this process for a few knots more and when you are satisfied with the closure, cut off any excess cord and burn the edges. It will look like this :

macrame closure diy3

Slide the metallic beads on each side and make knots so that the adjustable closure doesn’t come off.


Finally with the help of the eyepin, attach the evil eye bead too.


That’s it! Your colorful summer bracelet is ready! Feel free to get addicted and make a bunch of them!

colorful bracelet fish2edited

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Wax Cord Friendship Bracelet DIY

With the days are cooling down, most of you may don’t like wearing jewelry accessories made by cold beads and findings. So it’s the season of macramé project, I believe! Lately, PandaHall craft team presented a new video on teaching you how to make a macramé friendship bracelet with wax cord. See below picture! Do you love it? Anyway, I’m fascinated about the light cyan colored wax cord and those frosted pink acrylic beads, what a great camo for girls and also perfect gift idea for BFFs. Click to see how the tutorial goes and learn to rock your own!


Things you will need to make this macramé friendship bracelet are:
1mm light cyan wax cords
Frosted pink acrylic beads

After viewing the video, did you get the hang of the knotting skills? If not, please repeat watching the tutorial or leave comments below the video~ For more video ideas, click our board Jewelry Making Video.

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