Shamballa Bracelets Designed by Customers

Hello guys! Are you familiar with Shamballa bracelet? It’s a kind of bracelet which is woven, braided, or knotted with Shamballa beads. Generally, Shamballa bracelets look exotic and they could be a kind of friendship bracelets are well. Today I’d like to share you some fabulous Shamballa bracelets made by our customers, hope you guys like them and get inspired.

Colorful Shamballa bracelet

colorful Shamballa bracelet

This is a typical Shamballa bracelet. The designer is inna kytorzhenko. And all the materials you need to make it are mixed color polymer clay rhinestone beads, black hematite beads, and black nylon thread.

Dark colored Shamballa bracelet

dark colored Shamballa bracelet

Compare with the previous one, this Shamballa bracelet is much more low-key. If you don’t wanna be too much eye-catching, you can try this one. The designer is Emilie Brink Larsen, and materials needed are dark colored polymer clay rhinestone beads and black nylon thread.

Red heart Shamballa bracelet

red heart Shamballa bracelet

This one is designed by Jaroslav. And materials needed are red heart rhinestone beads, transparent glass beads, black hematite beads, red nylon thread, and blue nylon thread. It could be a wonderful gift for your beloved ones. Hearts are always great to express one’s love.

Shiny white Shamballa bracelet

shiny white Shamballa bracelet

The designer is Jana, and the materials needed are shiny rhinestone beads, black acrylic beads, and white nylon thread. If you like bling-bling things, you can try to make this one.

Square beads Shamballa bracelet

square beads Shamballa bracelet

If you don’t like normal round beads Shamballa bracelets, here comes the one with square beads. It’s pretty cool right? The designer is Leticia Gallardo, and materials you’ll need are square alloy rhinestone beads, painted glass beads, and black nylon thread.

Wanna see more customers’ designs? Please visit our board customers’ beadwork show. Or if you have any jewelry making ideas or designs, welcome to share!

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