Pandahall Video on How to Make Personalized Pearl Beaded Pendant Necklace 

Hi, my dear friends, long time no see, how’s it going? Are you looking for some jewelry making tutorial videos to make some special accessories in this autumn? Today I’m going to share you an easy and short tutorial video on how to make a personalized pearl beaded pendant chain necklace. Hope you can enjoy it!

personalized pearl beaded pendant chain necklace

Supplies needed for this pendant necklace:
14mm clear glass cabochons and golden brass cabochon setting
Brass Jumprings
6mm Golden Stardust Bead
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
7mm White Round Pearl Beads
Cross Chain
Glue Gun
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Have you prepared these materials well? Now, let’s see the details together.

How do you feel? Easier than you imagined, isn’t it? This pearl pendant chain necklace is really easy to make for both professionals and green hands. If you are interested in it and wanna make one for yourself or friends, just try it. Please leave me a comment if you have any confusions about this video. May you a wonderful day, see you next time!

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Pandahall Video Tutorial on How to Make a Special Photo Frame

Hello, friends. Happy Thursday! Do you need a photo frame? How do you think of making a personalized one for yourself? If yes, then this Pandahall post is a great choice for you. Next, I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make a special photo frame with glass cabochons and washi tape. It sounds interesting, right? Then let’s see the details.
DIY Home Decor – Making a Personalized Photo Frame with Washi Tape and Beads
Supplies needed for special photo frame making:
20mm Transparent Glass Cabochons
5cm Pink Satin Ribbon
1.5cm Washi Tape
Card Board
Pearl Flower Bead
Glue Gun
Glue Stick
Just follow me and prepare the supplies, and we can start the tutorial video once you finished.

It is done quickly, and have you got the skills? You can finish it within five minutes if you have understood the details making. So have a nice try and put your photo in it or make one for your friend as a gift, and I believe that she will like it. Enjoy this video tutorial. See you next time!

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Video Tutorial: DIY Charming Beaded Four Leaf Clover Phone Chain

Hi, guys, have you heard the four leaf clover, which means lucky in our life? Last week I shared a Halloween keychain video with you, it seems like that you like it very much. So today I want to share another beaded four leaf clover chain with you, which are very charming and lovely, hope you like it.

four leaf clover phone chain

Jewelry making supplies for the four leaf clover phone chain:

Glass Seed Beads
Czech Glass Beads
Mobile Phone Strap
0.38mm Tiger Tail

Here goes the video tutorial:

A lovely phone chain is instantly finished, so easy, right? This beaded four leaf clover chain is perfect for your key ring, too. You may also change the shape and color of the beads as you like. Just get some wholesale beads, I’m sure you will create more excellent DIY phone chains. Hope this four leaf clover phone chain can bring lucky to you!

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