PandaHall DIY jewelry Ideas for Christmas

Dear friends, Christmas is coming, are you ready? Have you ever thought about making some special jewelry or other things for this big day? Since it’s something we made ourselves, we may have a very special feeling. Now let’s take a look at the PandaHall DIY ideas for Christmas.

Let’s see some cute Christmas bell earrings first. These earrings are specially prepared for Christmas. Christmas-specific green, red and yellow bells, with pearls of the same color, small and cute. Just hook them up with the earrings and we’re done. We know that the bell is one of the representatives of Christmas, and by combining it with a specific color, it is very suitable for Christmas, and the happy voice will always accompany you.

And the following is some jewelry with the symbolic colors of Christmas, which are easy to make, simple style, and the materials needed are simple too. The first one is a bracelet filled with Christmas atmosphere, we just used the red glass pearl beads and green glass bicone beads to make this bracelet, in other words, we used the beads of symbolic colors of Christmas to make Christmas jewelry. And the second one is a necklace, also artfully used the specific colors. Use the Christmas-inspired red and green beads to create a Christmas atmosphere that fits the holiday season. Come and try it. Not only these regular beads, but also some irregular beads that you can use to make unique jewelry, and you may receive unexpected results. Let’s celebrate Christmas and remember the joys of Christmas with handmade Christmas jewelries.

The color is sweet,with special Christmas tree and snowman, so cute. The bracelet is full of Christmas atmosphere too. As you can see we used a Christmas tree pendant and a snowman pendant to decorate this bracelet, and the dominant color of this bracelet shows Christmas atmosphere too. We know Christmas has a few representatives, such as, reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas socks, gingerbread man, snowman, and so on. The easiest way is adding those relative pendants or beads to decorate the jewelry, then, you successfully add the atmosphere of Christmas to the handmade jewelry.

At last, let’s see an irreplaceable object at Christmas, Christmas tree decorations, have you made any Christmas tree decorations before? How do you think about this handicraft item below, is it beautiful and special? We used the quilling paper, glue, and pearl beads to make this small and lovely decorations, add a Christmas atmosphere. It is great for you using it to decorate your house, and you can also keep it well for a long time, also you can give it to your friends as a gift, either way is good, so if you are interested in this handmade item, do not hesitate to have a try.

Important festivals need special jewelry or ornaments to decorate, and those handmade stuff are more suitable and meaningful, since the Christmas is coming, you need to get prepared, so you can search some relative diy materials in PandaHall, and try making the above jewelry if you like them, or you follow your own ideas to create some special jewelry or something else. In addition, PandaHall has a speical Christmas area for you, from there you may find what you want. And since our National Day is coming soon, so we prepared some App holiday coupons for you. Valid Time: from Sep.30 to Oct.6, 2019 PDT, what are you waiting for?

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Different Materials’ Wholesale Beads

Serious people who want to make fashion or custom jewelry choose to buy the wholesale beads. Buying the beads at a wholesale may lead to significant saving compared to buying the beads at retail prices.  The beads are found in different designs and they can meet different preferences and styles of many crafters.  There is a large variety of many wholesale beads with mixed beads which can be bought online.

When buying the beads to use with jewelry making, the crafters may choose to purchase the beads at a strand or in buying the beads in a large quantity. The crafters who want to make more than six pieces at once, they may save more money when buying the beads in a large quantity or at a whole price. Before they may buy these beads, the shoppers have to be aware of the types of the beads they wish to buy.

handmade beads, evil eye beads, lampwork beads

Handmade Italianate Lampwork Beads, Evil Eye



Most of the beads that you can buy are made by the use of five common materials. Glass beads are the oldest beads type that you can find at the market and they may have matte or high shine finish. The beads are used for most jewelry project and they are found in different shapes and sizes.

The wholesale beads may also be acrylic beads. Acrylic is a plastic material and it is used widely in the beads production. It is durable and it is good for the jewelry that are made for the children. High quality and lightweight materials are the best alternative for beads made in other materials. Crystal beads are the beads that are becoming popular. They are the perfect option to be used for the jewelry of costumes. They may add the touch of the sparkle to any of the items. The Swarovski crystal beads are normally considered to be the best beads.

Gemstone beads are the wholesale beads which are made in the semi precious or precious gemstones. They are found in many shapes and they are highly polished. Sometime they are heavy compared to other types of material.  They can be used for bracelets and necklaces and they should not be used as the gemstones of the earrings of the children because they may pull down the earlobes.

handmade beads, indonesia beads

Handmade Indonesia Beads


The metals beads are other types of wholesale beads. You can find the beads that are made in the Tibetan silver, pewter and brass. Majority of the crafters choose to use such beads as the accent to the wood or glass beads. Wood beads are preferred because they are easily available and lightweight. They are found in many colors and they are perfect for the children and adults jewelry.

Some wholesale beads are found by color. However, while buying the beads online, you have to keep in mind that a color can look different on the computer screen compared to how it looks in real life.  You can read the description of the beads to get more information about the colors. There are some beads which may look dull or flat on the screen and they may be iridescent beads in reality.

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