DIY Yarn Tassel Long Necklace!


Do you have yarn scraps? Do not through them away… let’s make a beautiful and easy Tassel Necklace!!!


What are we going to need for Yarn Tassel Necklace:
– Colored Bead
Metal Large Chain Connector
Silver Plated Chain
– Yarn Scraps
– Jump Rings
– Headpin
– Plier Set


Step 1: Let’s start by creating our pendant. Use a pin and a jump ring to connect the colored bead with the large normal link.


Step 2: Cut a large piece of the silver chain. Use a second jump ring to connect the pendant with the chain.


Step 3: Since the necklace is long, there is no need to use a lobster, but close the two edges with jump ring. The main necklace is ready. Let’s use the yarn scraps now.


Step 4: Use a large piece of the yarn. pass it from a jump ring which is connected to the free side of the link and make a simple knot. Cut the remaining yarn pieces and your tassel is ready!


Step 5: I love to have small details on my jewelry, so a tiny turquoise sparkle on the chain will make it even more cute. Just use a small scrap from the yarn and make a simple knot on the chain! Your necklace is ready! Full of minimal but full of colors and just great to enjoy it with monochrome style or a more Summer one!


Happy Crafting!!!!

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Pandahall Best Sellers – Lovely and Colorful Resin Cabochons You will Love

Happy Friday dear friends! Today I will bring you some hot sale resin cabochons. There are so many lovely and colorful resin cabochons on our web, and here I just pick up some of them, I can bet you will love them really, so follow me to see together!
Firstly, mixed color candy & cake resin cabochons
No matter the appearance or the color of these candy and cake resin cabochons, they are sooo sweet and lovely, I like such cabochons so much! The cute cabochons are about 9~25mm wide, 11~23mm long and 4.5~13mm thick. You can glue the cabochons to any flat components on a chain or as a design or for hair accessories. Search CRES-MSMC002-45 to find them!
Secondly, scrapbook embellishments flat back cute donut with bowknot plastic resin cabochons
Like donuts? This kind of resin cabochons are cute donuts with bowknot, really really cute, right? They are 20mm long, 15mm wide and 5.5mm thick, you can get 200 pieces with $11.07, and the item code is CRES-Q134-M.
Next one is flower opaque resin cabochons
Wow, both the style and colors are quite fresh and clear, do you like them? The size: 15mm in diameter and 6mm thick. Only $0.37, you can get 500 pieces, and you can find them through X-CRES-R021-M.
Finally, mixed color opaque resin heart cabochons
If you wanna make some jewels to your lover, then these heart cabochons will be a good choice. They are 40mm long, 32mm wide and 3mm thick. You can use them as dangles, links with earrings or bracelet, and I think it will be nice jewelry. With $0.96 for 200 pieces, and the item code is X-RESI-I006-M.
For more hot sellers, welcome to visit our web, there will be more nice items. Hope you will like and have a nice day!

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Pandahall Smart Bargains – Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants

Happy Friday, lovely readers! Here I will share you some of our smart bargains. There are so many cheap pendants on our web, and here I will show you some Tibetan style alloy pendants. Now, follow me to see!
alloy pendant
First, hoodwinked alloy pendant
Did you know a story- hoodwinked? I love this story so much when I was a little girl, so the moment I saw this cute alloy pendant, I fallen in love with it. Its size is about 20mm long, 10mm wide and 4mm thick, the hole is 2mm and it is nickel free. This item is limited in stock, so please place order as soon as possible if you love it. It is 9% off now, and its item code: PALLOY-A15502-N-NF.
Second, guitar alloy pendant
This pendant is about 25mm long, 7mm wide, 2mm thick, and the hole is 2mm. You can link it to your key or mobile with a lobster clasp, it is 3% off now, if you wanna own it, you can search: PALLOY-A11011-AB.
Third, metal alloy elephant with star charms
This elephant pendant is so cute! It is nickel free, its size: about 11mm long, 8mm wide and 2mm thick, and the hole is 2mm. This pendant is 3% now and you can search: PALLOY-A15549-AB-NF to find it.
Last one is a clothes alloy pendant
This item is lead free and nickel free. It can be match with earrings, necklace, bracelet, belts and other items, and I think you will love it at the first sight. It is about 27mm long, 25mm wide, 2mm thick and its hole is 3mm. It is also 3% off now, so if you like it, search PALLOY-A18699-AB-FF to find it.
Wanna see more smart bargains? Just search our web! It won’t let you down.

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Pandahall Hot Sellers – Daily Deal Items for Your Jewelry Making

Hello lovely readers! Friday again! Today I’d like to share you some of our daily deal items, hope you’ll like them!

First of all, my favorite alloy heart pendants.

SONY DSCThese pendants are lead free and cadmium free, about 35mm long, 34.5mm wide, 11mm thick, and the hole is 3.5mm. You can make many pretty pendant necklaces or hanging home decorations with them. Only $11.66 for 50 pieces. If you like them, you can find them on our website with item code EA11859Y-G.

Then, resin flower cabochons!

RESI-H005-M_0If you are an experienced jewelry maker, then you must know that this kind of cabochons can be used to make any kind of accessories, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair pins, almost anything. And on, you can get 200 pieces of them with only $6.46! Just search RESI-H005-M to get them!

Next, polymer clay rhinestone beads.

RB-C1438-10mm-A_0This kind of rhinestone beads are always used to make jewelry with other beads, namely, they are usually used as decorations among other beads. And another typical usage of them is to make Shamballa style bracelets with threads. If you like bling bling things, you shall never miss them. The item code is RB-C1438-10mm-A and price is $8.83 for 100 pieces.

Last, Tibetan style antique bronze pendants and links.

TIBE-D258-AB-NF_0These are one of our most popular items. If you love vintage style jewelry findings, you shall never miss them. Only $3.40 can get 200 pieces of them, with various shapes and sizes, sounds really great right? Oh, they are nickel free, if you like them, search TIBE-D258-AB-NF.

For more daily deals, welcome to visit, you’ll find thousands of lovely items there. And I bet you’ll find things you like!

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PandaHall Goodies – Great Quality and Under 5 Dollars

Hello there! Happy Friday to you all! Last Friday, I’ve introduced you some of our best seller, do you like them? Have you found more on our website? Today I’m going to share you some of our under $5 items. They are cheap, but with great quality, and you’ll need them in your DIYs.


Mix colored faceted abacus transparent glass beads, 4x3mm, you can get 200 pieces of them with only $0.71. Sounds really great right? Bright colors are suitable for summer days, with these lovely glass beads, you can make a cute bracelet for your own. If you are going to buy, search item code GLAA-R152-4mm-M1.



Clear glass cabochons, what will you do with them? DIY a portrait brooch? Or make a lovely pendant? These cabochons are about 15.73 to 16.13mm and 3.8 to 5.8mm thick, you can find them on our website with item code GGLA-G005. Only $2.95, you can get 200 pieces.



Golden colored rhinestone spacer beads, grade B, about 8mm in diameter and 3.5mm thick. Don’t you like these bling bling things? You can use them while you’re making a bracelet, and only $2.89 for 500 pieces, what a big sale! By the way, the item code is RB-A009-8MM-G.



Green turquoise! I bet most jewelry makers will love this item! You can make anything with them, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings… and you can slide them together, wrap them with wires, or any other ways you can figure out. $4.15 for 5 stands and 320 pieces per strand, wanna buy them? Search G-R192-06.

Apart from good quality jewelry beads and finding, we also have much cute jewelry under $5 on our website. Following are just few of them.


Silver plated brass butterfly design bracelet (BJEW-BB00640), $4.09 for one piece; silver plated cube brass cubic zirconia dangle earrings (EJEW-BB07973-S), $1.94 per pair; silver plated brass starfish pendant necklace (KK-BB11654), $1.21 for one piece; cherry quartz bullet pendant necklace (NJEW-BB00036-05), $2.41 for one strand. Among all those four items, which one do you love most? I’d like to choose the butterfly bracelet, because I wear bracelets much more than other accessories.

Of course, there are far more items on our website which are under $5 and have great quality. Just take a look, and they’ll never let you down!

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