PandaHall Tutorial on Snow-white Flower Bracelet

Hi everyone, do you feel that the temperature has dropped a lot recently? Heavy snow fell in many places. And Christmas is coming soon. It’s the end of the year again. Have everyone achieved the goals set for this year?

Don’t forget to give yourself a vacation once in a while, come and make this snowflake bracelet together, I believe you will love it.

First let us prepare the following tools.

Japanese Seed Beads                 2 mmWhite

Thread Nylon Wire                   Clear

Iron Jump Rings                     Golden

Lobster Claw Clasps                  Golden

Flat nose pliers         

Round nose pliers



I’m sure you’ re ready for this. Let’s begin!


  1. Use a needle to string together six white seed beads with thread.
  2. On the basis of a white seed bead on the needle, string in the white seed bead we just stringed.
  3. Repeat the action we just did, until the six white seed beads on the outside are strung together.

Now we get a little snowflake.


  1. On the basis of the six white seed beads on the needle, pass through one outer white seed bead.
  2. Go through the outer seed beads next to it.
  3. Repeat the action just now until all six sides are done.
  4. Use our round nose pliers to twist open the iron jump rings, and connect the snowflakes we made with the iron jump rings. Finally, add a lobster claw clasps at the interface.

Our cute little snowflake bracelet is complete. Isn’t it cute? Come and try it!

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PandaHall Ideas on DIY Jewelry in Autumn

Autumn is coming, so today i will show you some DIY jewelry works, which are your best choices in Autumn. When it comes to autumn, we think of tree leaves, flowers and some animals, like squirrels, foxes. Some are symbolic Autumn animals, let’s see some DIY works.

Red Glass Beads Earrings with Leaf

This earrings is very beautiful, red and white glass beads, as well as leaf pendants, retro and elegant style, very refined, I hope you will like it.

Materials: 10mm spray painted transparent crackle glass beads

         8mm red Painted glass beads

         30mm stainless steel head pins

         Tibetan style leaf pendant

Tutorials: As you can see from the picture, we thread the head pins through the transparent crackle beads and red glass beads, then shorten the head pins, using the diagonal side cutting pliers, at last, use the round nose pliers to make pin loops, as Picture 2 shown. Through the jump rings, we connect these beads and leaf pendant together.

Seed Beads Stitch Flower Bracelet

Bright colors are always the best choice for this season. Wear a flower bracelet and enjoy a beautiful day! In this single-color season, yellow sunflowers add more color to your life.

Tutorials: We thread the white beads and yellow seed beads through using copper jewelry wire, use pliers to make wire loops and after winding wire, we string the yellow seed beads, and fix them around the white bead, then we finish the other half petal. After we made the first flower, we finish other parts according to the same method, then we use jump rings to connect every two flowers.

Pretty Leaf Pendant

This necklace is relatively simple, with a combination of leaf pendants and acrylic beads, the style is very unique, with a little ethnic style, you can try it if you like.

Tutorials: We thread the eye pin through one Tibetan style bicone spacer bead, one flower bead cap, one acrylic bead, another spacer bead and another bead cap, then ,we use round pliers to make a pin loop. After that, we connect the bead part and the Tibetan style pendant. After finishing adding the hanger, we completed the whole charming Tibetan style pendant.

After the brief introduction above, which one do you like? Or if you have any ideas, you can practice it or share it with us. Welcome you to join us. Have a pleasant day.

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Pandahall New Arrivals – Different Kinds of Jewelry Making Beads You May Need

Hi, my dear friends, Happy Monday! Are you full of energy to start a new week after spending a happy weekend? Let’s set sail together! Today I will share four kinds of jewelry making beads with you, which are very suitable for you to DIY different styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and any other jewelry accessories. Now, let’s enjoy them one by one.

Handmade Indonesia Beads
Handmade Indonesia Beads
With colorful patterns and various shapes, these Indonesia beads are really special. Have you ever used them in your jewelry making? As for me, I’d like to pick some of these beads to match with leather cord, turquoise beads and Tibetan pendants to make a Tibetan leather cord charm bracelet. If you are interested in these Indonesia beads, you can collect them in case of necessary.

Indonesia Round Beads
Indonesia Round Beads
WOW, these elegant and delicate beads also belong to Indonesia beads. The workmanship and luster are superior. The first one is decorated with gemstones and the second one is decorated with rhinestones. Do you love these exquisite Indonesia beds? You can use them as necklace pendants, bracelet materials or earring drops. They are really goo to use and nice to look.

Brass Cubic Zirconia Beads
How about these brass pave cubic beads? They are different from common brass beads, they have more shapes and more exquisite workmanship. Besides, they can directly slide to wires or other chains to be used as necklace pendants, earring drops, bracelet decorations or other ornaments. Wanna have a try?

Brass Cubic Zirconia Beads
Brass Cubic Zirconia Beads
This kind of beads are so similar with the previous one, aren’t they? You are right, they are also brass cubic beads. The only difference between them is the crystal beads decoration, many of these brass cubic beads are decorated with crystal beads, which are so sparkling and chic. You can pick some of them to DIY personalized jewelries.

Today’s share is over here! Can you find your favorite jewelry beads here? If you wanna know more about other jewelry beads or findings, remember to leave me a comment. See you next time, may you a wonderful day!

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