A Collection of Nice Hoop Earrings Made by Pandahall Customers

Hello, guys. Happy Sunday! Hope you are spending an unforgettable weekend. It is time for our Pandahall customer show time. You know that we always share you so many pieces of jewelry designed by our customers and today I am going to show you a collection of hoop earrings. Do you have any interest about them? Hope you will love them after seeing this post.
Wire earrings
Wire earrings
Designer: Claudia Wesch
Materials: jewelry wire, aluminum wire, glass beads
I think we have to prepare the jewelry pliers to twist the wire. Wire wrapped jewelry can usually attract people’s attention as this pair of wire wrapped earrings does. The skills of twisting wire we should practice much then we can finish them quickly.
Beaded hoop earrings
Beaded hoop earrings
Designer: Jill Rademacher
Materials: glass pearl beads, spacer beads
Look at this pair of hoop earrings, do you want to try wearing them? Actually, they are simple to finish and you just need to slide the beads onto the hoop. Then they are mostly finished. So easy crafts, right?
Chic hoop earrings
Chic hoop earrings
Materials: jewelry wire, aluminum wire, glass beads, jade beads, resin beads
A little complicated from this picture, and the preparation of the beaded pattern looks hard. Do you know how to make them? Please just share your ideas about this chic hoop earrings making.
Glass earrings
Glass earrings
Designer: Jill Rademacher
Materials: glass beads, earring hoop
Simple yet beautiful earrings, each girl should own one pair. You will feel much pleasure from the process of jewelry making. Trust me, you will never regret starting your crafts making steps then.
We have enjoyed four pairs of hoop earrings, and I believe that you have found your favorite one. Then just let them become yours. Expecting to see your great works. See you!

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Nice Glass Beads Jewelry Made by Pandahall Customers You Will Like

Good afternoon, dear Pandahall Readers! How are you doing recently? Is everything going OK? Next I will bring you some nice glass beads jewelry with you guys made by our Pandahall customers. You can follow the jewelry crafts to create your own. Then, let’s have a look!
glass beads
Look, these handmade glass beads are so beautiful and shining, love them?
Drop Beaded Earrings
Drop Beaded Earrings
Designer: Evgeniy
Look at this pair of drop beaded earrings, it is a little long in length. The designer attaches many black glass beads onto the heart shaped findings, and then add a drop last. If you love the hyperbolic style jewelry like this one, try to make them!
Multi-Strand Beads Bracelet
Multi-strand Beads Bracelet
Designer: Alona
Hey, see this multi-strand beads bracelet, the designer Alona add some beads caps on the aluminum wire, with make this beads bracelet more personalized. And the blue glass beads are so sparkling, I like it really!
Charms Bracelet
Charms Bracelet
Designer: Светлана
Besides light blue glass beads and turquoise beads, there are so many Tibetan style pendants and charms. You can wear on this bracelet in hot summer, for the light color is really fresh and clear, and I think it will relax you. How is your feeling?
Hoop Earrings
Hoop Earrings
Designer: Светлана
Wow, this pair of hoop earrings is really pretty and simple. I think them are suitable for beach, do you agree with me? The designer chooses glass beads and rhinestones beads, which make the earrings so nice.
Maybe you like all the jewelry crafts I share with you above. So, never hesitate, just join us to make your own crafts and share your works with us together!

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5 Chic Beaded Hoop Earrings Worth Attention

As an indispensable part of women’s stash, hoop earrings have been adored by young girls, especially beaded hoop earrings have been a hit in recent years due to the bold design and diversified jewelry making supplies. Today I want to share 5 chic beaded hoop earrings with you, hope you like them.
beaded hoop earrings
Acrylic beaded hoop earrings
acrylic beaded hoop earrings
As new material beads, acrylic beads are widely used in jewelry making nowadays. Made by acrylic beads, this pair of beaded hoop earrings looks elegant, and Tibetan style pendants add much vintage style to them.
Glass beaded hoop earrings
glass beaded hoop earrings
Glass beads are never out of date with their smooth edges and clean surfaces. This pair of hoop earrings would be so dull without the glass beads. Frankly speaking, I thought they were bracelets the first time I saw them before I saw the earring hooks.
Seed beaded hoop earrings
seed beaded hoop earrings
I myself love this design so much. Pink seed beads are being inlayed inside the hoop, which makes me feel like that the petals of flowers are being inlayed inside the hoop earrings.
Gemstone hoop earrings
gemstone hoop earrings
As my favorite jewelry making supplies, gemstone beaded jewelry have always attracted my attention. So the first time I saw this pair of earrings I fall in love with them. This gemstone hoop earrings is perfect when you want a little luxury but don’t want to be too dressed up.
Wooden beaded hoop earrings
wooden beaded hoop earrings
Wooden beads have been more and more popular among jewelry makers. Clorful wooden beads add much glitter to the beaded hoop earrings. In a vesture of brilliant sunshine, I really feel that spring is close to us.
So what do you think those 5 chic beaded earrings after appreciating them? Do you fell in love with them just like me? In fact, those beaded earrings are easy to make with simple skills involved. If you are looking for more DIY details, just check here.
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Make Beaded Hoop Earrings for Women


Learn how to transform these simple hoop earrings in an unique pair of earrings for women,

with a lot of bead colours and some touch of boho style.


You will need:


Hoop earrings

Jewelry wire



Start to wind the wire in the earring


Introduce beads in the wire and in the other end wind the wire.


Introduce a piece of wire into the big bead


Introduce 3 beads like the other and wind the wire like in the image


Add 2 rows of beads.


Wind more wire, make some loops and add a bead.


Repeat this process until the hoop earring is full.

And the beaded hoop earrings for women are finished! You can use other colours and other type of beads.

The limit is your imagination!



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4 Essential Hoop Earrings

We believed that every girl loves to wear graceful hoop earrings. In fact, hoop earrings in beaded, wire, chandelier or fringe styles are the 4 most essential types. As for me, I do LOVE beaded hoop earrings, coz I am a crazy beader and have huge amount of beads waiting for stringing! Lol…. If you are also making or going to making some earring crafts, read on these ideas and sure to be inspired you instantly. Let’s start!

4 Essential Hoop Earrings

Beaded Hoop Earrings

Our customer Amber Cheung shared her tutorial about making beaded hook earrings. These earrings are very easy to make, you just need simple copper wire and various seed beads to make up this beautiful pair. You should make three hoops with seed beads firstly and then link them together to finish these gorgeous earrings.

4 Essential Hoop Earrings

Chandelier Hoop Earrings

This red chandelier hoop earrings will make you look more elegant, especially when you wear them walking on the street, you can be very eye-catching! They are made of three different kinds of red beads, the seed beads, acrylic beads and gemstone beads. Dangled with different kinds of red beads on the circle “hoop” earrings finding is more attractive!

4 Essential Hoop Earrings

Fringe Hoop Earrings

Pretty fringe big hoop earrings with bright colors thread tassels are really suitable for summer. You can wear them go to the seaside with your best friends or family, I am sure that you will be the attractive lady and have a nice day!

4 Essential Hoop Earrings

Wire Hoop Earrings

Last hoop earrings are crafted with jewelry wire. As we know, wire hoop style earrings are a chic and classic jewelry accessory to express a sense of creative and vogue. The unique design of wire hoop earrings depend on the wire and decorative beads you’re selected!

4 Essential Hoop Earrings

That’s all! After sharing these various essential styles of hoop earrings, hope you will love them and find some extra earring’s DIYs here. Looking forward to see your ideas of hoop earrings! :)

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