Gossip Girls: Blair Waldorf’s Headbands

I’m not the kind of girl who loves to wear headbands in their daily life; usually I would use a hair bow or hair clip and the main purpose of using them is for the hair, not for beauty or fashion. Just like many people, I think that hair accessories like headbands are generally reserved for little girls who are under 6 years olds. While, I changed my mind and began to love hair band after Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf hit the scene. This upper east side fashionista in Gossip girls has turned headbands into fashion trend.

If you have followed the show you may sick of the headbands because Blair waldorf wears so many different types of headbands and it’s totally hard to find a scene when blair didn’t wear them in the first season of gossip girl or a couple of seasons. However, we must admit that Blair waldorf has changed our mind over wearing headbands and these hair ornaments are totally appropriate for adults too. For any one who is a fan of gossip girl or who loves fashion jewelry, let’s refresh our memory of Queen B and her headbands.


blair headbands 1

blair headbands 2

blair headbads 3

Blair has different headbands for every outfit, these sweet hair accessories totally match with her clothes and made her fashionable. Though the show has finished for a long time, but headbands have become a fashion trend. After browsing the beautiful hair accessories above, I must say that Blair really makes me want to wear headbands, do you have the same feeling? Here we will share some sweet headbands that is perfect for daily wear.




Though these adorable headbands are not the original Waldorf headbands over the past 6 seasons of Gossip Girl, they are favored by girls and will help to make you fashionable in your daily life.  Let’s wear a headband like  Queen B and be a fashionista. Check out these fashion headbands above and tell us which one you love the most. Share your opinion with us in a comment below!

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