DIY Dainty Gold Infinity Necklace!!!

dainty gold infinity necklace

There are days that I adore to wear many dainty gold necklaces… there are days that I want to express my love… there are days that I just want to feel protected and lucky! My Dainty Gold Infinity necklace with the tiny evil eye is just perfect for these days!!! Let’s make it together…

materials and tools for free jewelry making

Materials for Dainty Gold Infinity Necklace:

Gold Plate Chain

– Gold Plated Jump Rings

– Head Pin

Gold Plated Infinity charm

– Tiny evil eye bead

– Gold Plated Clasp

– Gold Plated Chain Tag For the Clasp

– Plier Set

tiny blue evil eye

Step 1: Let’s start by making the evil eye charm. Just pass the evil eye bead in the head pin and close it with a plier, creating a loop.

tiny gold infinity charm

Step 2: Connect the infinity charm with the gold chain with a jump ring.

tutorial infinity necklace

Measure the chain and cut a piece of it according to your requirements. Connect the second edge of the charm with the remaining end of the chain.

infinity necklace free tutorial

Cut the chain in the middle and use two jump rings to connect the clasp and the chain tag at each end. Your main necklace is ready!

how to create infinity and eveil eye charm

Step 3: Let’s make it a little more unique… just connect the evil eye to one of the jump rings that connect the infinity charm with the chain.

dainty gold infinity necklace

Your necklace is ready! And believe me…you are going to love it wearing it alone or with more dainty necklaces!

Happy Crafting!!!

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DIY Long Boho Tassel Necklace!!!!


This year on of the fashion trends are long tassel necklaces! And if they are in a lovely vintage style, it is even more trendy! So, are you ready to create such a beautiful Necklace? Let’s start!


Materials for Long Tassel Beaded Necklace:
Bronze Chain
– Eyepins (with or without an end)
– Bronze Jump Rings
– Tassel
– Beads (I have used a bronze wire bead, a glass lampwork bead and a pink agate bead)
– Ribbons scraps
– Plier Set


Let’s start by creating the beaded parts of the pendant. I didn’t have eyepins with loops at the ends, so I use a head pin. If you have the same problem just  cut the head of the pin and create a loop.


Pass the beads according to your taste


and connect them with the tassel, creating a long tangle pendant.


Pass it with a jump ring from the antique bronze chain.


Since the necklace is really long, there is no need of using a lobster. A single jump ring can connect the two chain’s ends without a problem.


Necklace is ready! But let’s make it more shabby chic…with a beautiful detail! Use two small ribbon’s pieces and make simple knots on the chain next to the pendant. Now we are ready!


Isn’t it adorable???


Happy Crafting!!!!

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DIY Really Easy Glitter and Bead Rings!!!!

gliter and bead rings diy

I have a passion about recycling projects and for easy diy! Crafts and creations that everybody can do, even the kids! And if I use materials that are really common in any house, I love them more! Are you ready to create the most easy rings that you have ever done?

diy easy and fast glitter ring

Materials for Glitter Rings:

Ring Base

– Nail Polish (one without color and one with glitter)

Seed Beads

how to use nail polish for rings

Ring 1: Let’s start with the first ring! All you have to do is to add your nail polish with glitter in your ring base. Just have in mind to cover it well. Let it dry and your ring is ready!

tutorial easy ring with tiny beads

Ring 2: For the second ring we are going to use a nail polish that has not color and the tiny seed beads we have in your favorite colors. Cover the base ring with the nail polish and add the beads in order to cover the whole tray. Let it dry for a few minutes and then pass it again with the same nail polish in order to make it more stable and shiny!

diy nail polish bead ring

The second ring is also ready! Aren’t they really easy to make and so adorable????

diy rings with nail polish

I have actually made a few of them as gifts to my daughter’s friends and they loved them!

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Collection of Pretty Earrings from Pandahall Customers

Hey, friends. Hope everything is going well with you guys. I picked up some pretty earrings designs from our Pandahall customer shows, so today I am happy to be able to share them with you. There are different kinds of earrings and you can try to make them if you like. Enjoy!
Dangle Drop Earrings
DIY dangle drop earrings
Designer: Ang Peterkin
Materials: transparent acrylic pendant, glass beads strands, Tibetan style spacer beads, headpins, eyepins, jump rings, earring hooks
I know that this pair of earrings must be great Valentine’s gift. Red acrylic pendant and red glass beads are matched well with this heart part. Actually, we just need to attach these parts together and it is almost finished. Do you like the drop earrings?
Chandelier Earrings
Chandlier Earrings
Designer: Veronica Malchevskaya
Materials: acrylic beads, glass beads, earring hooks, jump rings
We can see that several colored beads are included in the earrings. So we have to make some beaded dangles firstly and I believe it is a simple process. Chandelier earrings are always popular among girls, so why not make a pair of your own chandelier earrings?
Green Beaded Chandelier Earrings
Green Earrings
Designer: Jill McFee
Materials: chandelier alloy links, glass seed beads, crackle glass beads, headpins
It is also a pair of chandelier earrings just as last one, but they are different in types, right? And I think it is simpler to finish. Beaded chandelier earrings in different colors may show different charm. So which one do you prefer?
Handmade Flower Earrings
Handmade Flower Earrings
Designer: Familieshoppen Lis Oestergaard
Materials: transparent acrylic beads, Austrian glass beads, jewelry wire
The two different flower acrylic beads look special. You can change other colored acrylic beads to show different charm. And I think we can keep three beaded dangles with different lengths so that it can be more flexible.
Now we have appreciated four kinds of earrings, have you found your favorite one? If you are interested in them, just take an action and start your work now. Have fun~

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DIY Tiny Christmas Tree Necklace!!!!

Christmas tree necklace diy with buttons Do you love Christmas??? Well I do… and to be honest, who doesn’t?  So let’s start prepare tiny cute Christmas tree pendant necklace to welcome the coming festival…even with hour jewels!
materials free Christmas necklace diy

Materials for Tiny Christmas Tree Pendant Necklace:

  • Craft Buttons (we are going to use thee different sizes button with 2 or 4 wholes)
  • White wooden round beads
  • Tiny star bead
  • Tiny Turquoise bead
  • Crimps
  • Leather Cord
  • Jewelry Wire
  • Plier Set

tutorial button Christmas tree pendant
The procedure is really easy, it is funny and it is something you can do with your kids. First start with the jewelry wire and the larger craft button. Pass the wire from the two wholes of the button and
diy Christmas tiny tree necklace
use a white wooden bead to connect the wire edges. Continue with the second in size button and another wooden bead.
button Christmas tree necklace

End it with the smallest craft button, a white wooden bead, the turquoise bead and the acrylic star bead. The wire should be split only with the buttons. In order to create a small loop to connect it with the leather cord, just use a second crimp and close it with the relevant pliers just a cm after the 1st crimp. Close the end with a crimp and your tiny Christmas tree is ready to be used!

free jewelry making Christmas tree
Cut a piece of the leather cord (as long as you wish to have your necklace) and connect it with the tree pendant. Make a simple knot in both edges of the cord and your Christmas Necklace is ready!!!!!

Christmas tree necklace diy with buttons

Happy Crafting!!!!

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